Time – Merciful Fate

Minutes and seconds are passing us by Minutes and seconds are passing us by Time… Time Minutes and seconds are […]

Octopus – Syd Barret

you have no word trip, trip to a dream dragon hide your wings in a ghost tower sails crackiling at […]

Cloudbusting – Kate Bush

I wake up crying. You’re making rain, And you’re just in reach, When you and sleep escape me. You’re like […]

Fake Healer – Metal Church

I prey upon your morbid fear Of terminal disease You won’t know the difference Now it’s time for surgery Another […]

Run Around – Chuck Berry

Lord knows that I love you, why can’t we get along? You don’t have to run around, doin’ things you […]

Can’t Stop Now – Keane

While I’ve been stuck here dithering around Well I know I said I’d wait around till you need me But […]