Bright Wings – Mortal

The world is charged with beauty It will flame out, like shining from Shook foil; It gathers to a greatness, […]

Gypsy – Moody Blues

Travelling in panic all direction blind Aching for the warmth of a burning sun Freezing in the emptiness of where […]

Liquidation – Sodom

No more vitalities Feeding your mind with fear Smell of death is coming near Squeezing out your blood Life dragging […]

Cathleen – Philip Lynott

A beautiful irish Girl A beautiful Girl Cathleen And if the song that I write is no good Won’t you […]

Rising Power – AC/DC

Dog day, it’s Tuesday Hope that girl she’ll come today Hard life, it’s a city life Sweat keep pourin’ down […]

Fall – Buckcherry

Tell me are you sick of it at all Tied down, tore up, threw up, held up, sinking You take […]

Crazy – R. E. M

You’re funny and you don’t know why You’re funny and you can’t even cry You’re funny and you don’t know […]

I feel bad – Rascal Flatts

Stoppin’ you Tears should be rollin’ down my cheek And I don’t know why I’m not fallin’ apart like I […]

Lesbian Show – Nightfall

Years are passing but nothing fades Idols shattered but she remains She’s the life, the life of me Though, for […]

Susana – Ricky Martin

con buen ambiente musical Aguardando el momento que te abrazara tu galan Todo temblor lleno tu cuerpo cuando llegue y […]

Pure Thought – Xentrix

Reflect on what you say. Connected indirectly, Perfect in every way. Aware of every movement. Commit to memory. Not easy […]

Fly Out – Lil Wayne

We here, I said we here, the back of Tha Carter, the back of Tha Carter, heheh, II. Ughh! Yeah! […]

All My Love – 112

Won’t you come with me I wanna know from you If ever you needed someone Could you call on me […]

Ghosts – Michael Jackson

There’s a ghoul upon the bed There’s something in the walls There’s blood up on the stairs And it’s floating […]

Hennessy & XTC – B. G

“…sexual relations with that woman.” < “Me and my wife, ya know” > (“Pour some of that.”) [Mannie] Oh, oh, […]

Livin’ In The Now – Poison

Got no time to think about indiscretions Don’t want to think about past reflections Don’t want to think about tomorrow […]

Smokin And Ridin – Ja Rule

[Ja Rule] Gangsta.. you know Huh, gangsta, c’mon, hehe Uhh.. got my nigga Vin Diesel in the house, y’know Number […]

April Lady – Queen

Is painting pictures for free When she was done she hung them up For all the children to see Goodbye […]

Daddy – Reba McEntire

My daddy is a rancher He’s wrangled cattle dang near all his life He also liked to rodeo He traveled […]