Seasons – UB40

It seems like loving you is a crime. I remember those days Oh, so long ago Like the first time I took you To a picture show Or the first time I kissed you Beneath the moonlit sky I put my hand on my heart I thought I`d die Like the seasons, etc… Yes, you […]

Pretty Boy – Danity Kane

Pretty Boy listen up I can put you on To the ne-next level that you should be on Pretty boy listen up for a night in town It’s soakin over here come and wipe me down Verse (DAWN) Boy you so trendy got your fendi glasses your paper right Fresh out the barbar hate to […]

Trouble In The Mind – Nina Simone

Trouble in mind, I’m blue But I won’t be blue always, ‘Cause the sun’s gonna shine In my backdoor some day. I’m all alone at midnight And my lamp is burnin’ low Ain’t never had so much Trouble in my life before. Trouble in mind, that’s true I have almost lost my mind, Life ain’t […]

Remedy – Seether

And speak but don’t pretend I won’t defend you anymore you see It aches in every bone, I’ll die alone, but not for you My eyes don’t need to see that ugly thing, I know it’s me you fear If you want me hold me back frail, the skin is dry and pale, the pain […]

Sentinels Of Darkness – Aeternus

there, on the tranquil traces of my white, clear land. No need to fear opening the gates to travel, it comes so nearly to make you feel the glorious side Feeling free, diving into times you’ll never forget, hunger for freedom, in the silence of wintery nights, spirits herald. The wind comes The light looses […]

St. Ignatius – Old 97’s

You walk by so gracefully, I just stand in awe. You’re a goddess. You’re the hottest oddity I’ve found. We can go swimmin’ in our skin and hope that we don’t drown. I could save the water just by drinking it tonight. I can’t find the words to make it right, to make it right. […]

Question – Old 97’s

Her head was on fire Why was he so nervous? He took her to the park She crossed her arms And lowered her eyelids Some day somebody’s gonna ask you A question that you should say yes to Once in your life Maybe tonight I’ve got a question for you She’d had no idea She […]

Made My World – Jaci Velasquez

I never thought of what I could be Where I’d go What I’d do I never thought of what I should be Until You You came into my life When I was all alone You came down And saved my soul CHORUS: When I found my world was crashing And I thought I’d lost my […]

Hey Jude – Beatles

Take a sad song And make it better Remember, to let her into your heart Then you can start to make it better Hey Jude, don’t be afraid You were made to go out and get her The minute You let her under your skin Then you begin To make it better And anytime you […]

Love On The Rocks – Neil Diamond

Love on the rocks Ain’t no surprise Pour me a drink And I’ll tell you some lies Got nothing to lose So you just sing the blues all the time Gave you my heart Gave you my soul You left me alone here With nothing to hold Yesterday’s gone Now all I want is a […]

When Heroes Fall – Iron Fire

When the men fall to the ground Their rebel parts begin to pound The brothers of the ancient clan Servants of sacred land At dusk they will raise their swords To honour the fallen ones They will drink around the fire In the forest of immortality Their freedom has been taken away But they will […]

Stronger Than Hell – Gandalf

As you sneer at our beliefs, We will know who stood behind, And who did not, Feed us with your contempt, As you underrate our power, Soon it’s time to even the accounts, Once and for all, Let the talk flow, Behind our backs, You will never know, Where our ears are at, Now we […]

Im Comin – Will Smith

Will: Ugh, Ugh, I’m comin’ (echoes)… …Watch ya back, I’m comin… [Man (singing):] Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh (echoes)… Will: Big Will for the Y2K, ugh Verse One: Feel the Earth tremble, see the skies turn red Eclipses, shooting stars, turn ya head Volcanoes erupted, rage in the sea Ain’t the second coming of Christ The […]

Tosspint – Pogues

Sprung from a nightmare’s claw Thrice crows the dawn cock The mist is on the moor Tosspint cries from croaking gills Thank God I’m not forsaken From the hellish depths of sleep At last I am awaken Tosspint flushed his kidneys And rained a golden shower Pleased to piss a good pot full He shat […]

Faceless Man – Creed

It was quiet and the wind stood still I spent some time with nature To remind me of all that’s real It’s funny how silence speaks sometimes when you’re alone And remember that you feel Again I stand against the Faceless Man Now I saw a face on the water It looked humble but willing […]

Lost Paraguayos – Rod Stewart

Darling I hate to tell you but I think I’m catching a cold Put another chair on the fire bring the bottle over here I feel I’m getting old I like your laugh and a hot romance and your orn’ry sense of humor but if it rains again like it did today I’m gonna have […]

Umbabarumba – Soulfly

Umbabarauma homen gol Umbabarauma homen gol Joga bola joga bola jogador Joga bola quero jogar bola jogador Pula, pula, cai, levanta, sobe e desce Corre, chuta, abre espaco, vibra e agradece Olha que a cidade toda ficou vazia Nessa tarde bonita pra te ver jogar Joga bola jogador Joga bola corocondo Favela Pelada Favela Pelada […]

Loaded – Venom

You pray for salvation Your soul you would sell Avoiding damnation And those who reign in hell A game for the liar But who pays the price The stakes getting higher Take your chance & roll the dice Loaded – loaded – you lose! The shade can’t disguise The lies in your eyes Give it […]

J’veux Du Cuir – Alain Souchon

Nouvel Homme, Tweed et fiches cuisines. Am’nez les jartelles, les bas résilles, Les sexy dentelles, les talons aiguilles. {Refrain:} Mais si j’dis ça, je casse mon image. Ce s’rait dommage. {2x} Mais si j’dis ça, je casse mon image. Ce s’rait dommage d’être au chômage à mon âge. J’veux du cuir : pas du peep […]

Officer – Pharcyde

yo man they tryin’ to run a 5-0 move on us man yo man you got to tell the suckers what’s up boy yeah ha-ha I got a letter from the dmv the other day I opened and read it it said they were suckers they tried to tell me that my license was suspended […]

Get It Shawty – Lil Wayne

Lloyd I got you Yeah [Lil Wayne:] Ok, Im Weezy baby And I am from the south where we call all our women baby Hey baby, hey baby, all day i say hey, hey, hey I ballin like Fade-A-Way, 3 letter credit A OK Black car, black car, girl I got a black car Can […]

Divine Idylle – Vanessa Paradis

Tes ailes fragiles Je te devine Divine idylle L’amour qui sommeille Dans un souffle irréel Ma folie, mon envie, ma lubie, mon idylle Je te vole une plume Pour écrire une rime Au clair de la lune Mon amie l’idylle Mon âme idéale À la larme fatale Ma folie, mon envie, ma lubie, mon idylle […]

Call On The Beast – Desaster

Out where the oldest aoks stand We praise the unholy lord The ultimate sin we command “We will fight – we will win” The warriors around the stone altar speak CHORUS: Night shines in our eyes We call on the beast Hells raging hordes Call on the beast Blessed in the ring of stones Flames […]

Anger In Harmony – Wishbone Ash

When will you ever learn That’s what you said to me Bigger the head that turns, I say, maybe he’s happy So quick to fire, never a liar in honesty It’s hinged on a stranger thing Than friends or enemies From where comes the song I sing Anger in harmony Could he be in love […]

You Don’t Know Where Your Interest Lies – Simon And Garfunkel

You don’t know but I know that you do You may think that you’re above me, yeah What you think isn’t always true Don’t try to debate me, You should know that I’m womanly wise Still you try to manipulate me You don’t know where your interest lies No, you don’t know where your interest […]

Never Say Never – Overkill

I climb the mountian, for all to see. Systematic ascention! is a part of me. I’ve felt the fire! been taken over. I’m pushin’ forward and getting closer. From the fire to the streets. I’ve seen it all.. I’ve melted in the heat, An’ I heard the call. And then a brand new day! A […]

Come Out To Play – UB40

When he hung out on the street Now that it’s his daily beat, he’s not so sure Cause he’s come to depend On a street with a dead end And he’ll sell you his best friend, so he can score (CHORUS Boys and girls come out to play The junk mans on the streets to […]

Fireplace – R. E. M

Crazy, crazy world, crazy, crazy times Crazy, crazy world, crazy, crazy times Hang up your chairs to better sweep Clear the floor to dance Shake the rug into the fireplace Crazy, crazy world, crazy, crazy times Crazy, crazy world, crazy, crazy times Hang up your chairs to better sweep Clear the floor to dance Sweep […]

The Streetz R Deathrow – 2Pac

where every other had a pops and a motha I was tha product of a heated lover Nobody knew how deep it screwed me and since my pops never knew me my family didn’t know what ta do with me was I somebody they despise curious look in they eyes as if they wonder if […]

80’s Stars – Eiffel 65

Vocals by franco battiato & jeffrey jay Mixed by:mauro di deco All the music around me don’t touch me no more, I can’t feel the vibe Two thousand new songs and they sound all the same, I need something more But i heard the radio playing that song I’m wondering why o-ho I wonder what […]