Old Moon Madness – Thin Lizzy

He comes creeping up And before you get him sussed He’s gone before dusk And when you arise Red ruby rings circle your eyes If it’s later than you realized Check with the stars and the skies Old moon madness has struck again A howl in the dark light A flash of teeth bright white […]

Song For Bob Dylan – David Bowie

I wrote a song for you About a strange young man called Dylan With a voice like sand and glue Some words of truthful vengeance They could pin us to the floor Brought a few more people on And put the fear in a whole lot more Ah, Here she comes Here she comes Here […]

This Is The Story – Elvis Presley

I play the song, it was our own Your photograph’s by my side I know I can’t forget you So I don’t even try The note you left is in my hand I read again what you say You’re sorry but you love him And you’ve both gone away This is the story of a […]

Can You Help Me – Usher

1 – Will you help me Tell me what you want from me Can you help me Tell me why you wanna leave Baby help me Without you my whole world is fallin’ apart And I’m going crazy Life’s so crazy when you’re in love for long (Ooh girl I love you) I need you […]

Reno – Bruce Springsteen

I held ’em to my face She had your ankles I felt filled with grace “Two hundred dollars straight in Two-fifty up the ass” she smiled and said She unbuckled my belt, pulled back her hair And sat in front of me on the bed She said, “Honey, how’s that feel Do you want me […]

She’s Gonna Get It – Toby Keith

Or that she’s so easy to please She showed me what love’s about That’s for sure and I don’t mean maybe Absolutely, there’s no doubt, boys Nothin’s too good for my baby She’s gotta have it, she’s gonna get it That’s what she wants, that’s what I’m gonna do No matter what it takes, the […]

Privacy – Blue

How someone like that could get a girl so fly, I could see it if he’d only treat you right, But he don’t, so let’s not trip on him tonight. I don’t really need the time to think about it, All I know is that you’re here for me and that’s it, In a minute […]

Girl Of My Dreams – All-American Rejects

Yeah, you I choose I look to the stars For a girl like you And what I lost I have found And, yeah, we’ll wait around For the girl that is you Yeah Maybe a chance I could have with her We shared a glance At least I thought we were And what I have […]

Es Por Ti – Juanes

me siento renovado y me siento aniquilado aniquilado si no estás Tu controlas toda mi verdad y todo lo que está de más Tus ojos me llevan lentamente al sol Y tu boca me habla del amor y el corazón Tu piel tiene el color de un rojo atardecer Y es por ti… Que late […]

Goldnigga Pt. 2 – Prince

Tony, I’ll spend the night with U on one condition What’s that? U gotta have me home before dawn Uh oh My papa’s a preacher Well… He despises sweet-talkin’ fine-dressin’ dudes like U Then that could be a problem Why if he knew I missed Sunday church On account of keepin’ company with a brother […]

Powertool – Gardenian

Play the game of your life It’s starting to shake It’s ready for you to control Your flesh starts to sweat The feeling you need to let go Just do your thing lose all the tension and flow Powertool forever young forever, forever young Powertool when we’re in bloom when we’re in bloom Feeling the […]

Bridle You – Powderfinger

Wash me white Leave the spots in my eyes Novelty Wearing thin Overload of truth and advice Narrow minds Move hollow mouths To taste the foot that they bite To make you vague but polite And I see you don’t lose so well Viscous (I’ve never seen) Blood (Flowing and free) Savage (I’ll bridle you) […]

Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine

Some of those that were forces are the same that bore crosses Some of those that were forces are the same that bore crosses Some of those that were forces are the same that bore crosses Some of those that were forces are the same that bore crosses Huh! Killing in the name of! Killing […]

Balloon Ride – Relient K

There were things between me and God that were blocking my view. So I prayed, “;Oh dear Lord, take these things away so I can see.”; He answered my prayer and at the sight of Him I fell to my knees. And until I went onto that fateful trip. I thought I was on a […]

Pick Up The Bones – Alice Cooper

Collecting pieces of my family In an old pillow case This one has a skull But it don’t have a face These look like the arms of father so strong And the ring on this finger Means my Grandma is gone Here’s some legs in a cloud Where my sister once played Here’s some mud […]

3 A. m. – Matchbox 20

she’s always woried about things like that she says it’s all gonna end and it might as well be my fault and she only sleeps when its raining and she screams and her voice is straining (chorus) and she says baby it’s 3am I must be lonely when she says baby well I can’t help […]

Roll ’em Up – Vanilla Ice

Allamby Produced by: Vanilla Ice & Zero. Published by: Ice Baby Music, DJ Zero Music, BMI Mix by: Vanilla Ice Lead guitar: Andy Timmons Synchclavier engineer: Robert Wechsler Recorded & Mixed at Luminous Studios, Inc. Roll ’em up roll up the hooty mac, rollem up Rol ’em up, rollem up rollem up….. I need some […]

Angels Country – E-type

I should be far down the road but i’m not Something’s holding me back like a wild horse attack And i’ve got you by my side but you’re not Do you remember when we thought there was no end A shooting star around the sky Do you remember when you were from heaven sent How […]

Power Of Love – Impellitteri

It give me strength to carry on It’s the only hope that keeps me alive, When I feel I can’t go on Out in the streets I’ve seen a thousand empty eyes Never surrender, no, take the power of love When you’re down so low, the only way is up, Just try reaching for the […]

Goodbye – Everlast

Goodbye, Goodbyeit’s over we’re through it’s done our relationship is no longer one on one so I guit girl I don’t need this I’m disgraced ’cause in my face you spin I quit stepin’ out wit another guy after givin’ you my love I deserve to know why how long has this been going on […]

Lovers Of Today – Pretenders


Love Isn’t Love (til You Give It Away) – Reba McEntire

Smile’s not a smile until it wrinkles your face Bell’s not a bell without ringing A home’s not a home when there’s nobody there A song’s not a song without singing Chorus: Love isn’t love till you give it away Love isn’t love till it’s free The love in your heart Wasn’t put there to […]

Seed Of Revival – Mourning Sign

Kiss me my little serpant, I descendent of Kain My viper your my servant, Your venom intoxicates me Let all the cowards go, Let heroes lead their way, Lets make the desert bloom Desertbloom Wriggle around my heart, Squeeze me until I come Let all the cowards go… Erase these dark thoughts, Fertilize these lands, […]

If I Was A Drinkin’ Man – Neal McCoy

If I was a drinkin’ man like I used to be I’d get myself a bottle and you’d be history You made me a thinkin’ man when you walked out If I was a drinkin’ man, I wouldn’t need you now I’ve learned to live without you, one day at a time Even though you’re […]

For Baby (For Bobbie) – Peter, Paul & Mary

I’ll cling to the warmth of your tiny hand. I’ll do anything to help you understand, I’ll love you more than anybody can. And the wind will whisper your name to me, Little birds will sing along in time, The leaves will bow down when you walk by, And morning bells will chime. I’ll be […]

You Made It That Way – Perry Como

your sweet love made it that way, yeah, yeah! You made it that way, your sweet love made it that way! ) It was a watermelon summer, A hummin’ bird hummer, Every day was a slumber in the shade, It was a tale-tellin’ whopper, Banana-split topper, A tall, cool, glass of lemonade! You made it […]

Time Will Pass You By – Kylie Minogue

1: Passing seasons over fade away Into misty clouds of autumn grey As i sit here looking at the street Little figures quickly moving feet I’m just a pebble on the beach and i Sit and wonder why Little people running around Never knowing why Chorus: Life is just a precious minute baby Open up […]

Closer To Perfection – A*Teens

Putting everything aside Hooked onto you And my life was passing by I stood in a cloud of dust Blinded, ’til you cut me off I’m back and alive getting over you Now I got it together, I’m stronger than ever Back on a track with a better view And I’m getting closer to perfection […]

This Nigga Die – B. G

[B. G.] Ain’t this a bitch (Hook-2x) If this nigga die, then a lot of niggas gon’ die If my momma cry, then a lot of mommas gon’ cry [B. G. {talking underneath hook}] (?????) – fuck it Someone gotta handle that Checkmate, nigga [B. G.] Nigga done crept down and pretend he my dog […]

Who Do You Love – Whitney Houston

Who do you love? (X4) I got a feeling you’re the boy for me I bet your love can set me free I feel a love thing coming on It started week then got oh so strong Strong enough to rock the world Straight up I want to be your girl So I keep praying […]