You Look At You – Rollins Band

Losin’ to myself again Livin’ in a dream again Livin’ on a lie again I’ve got do something and I’ve got to do it now I’ve gotta get to somethin’ but I know I don’t know how Always keepin’ busy takin’ other people’s change I know I’m not afraid to push it but I’m too […]

The Kid – Peter, Paul & Mary

Now I’m watering elephants But I sometimes lie awake in the sawdust Dreaming I’m in a suit of light Late at night in the empty big top I’m all alone on the high wire Look he’s working without a net this time He’s a real death defier I’m the kid who always looked out the […]

Real World – Matchbox 20

I wonder what it’s like to know that I made the rain I’d store it in boxes with little yellow tags on everyone And you can come and see them when I’m¡­done, when I’m done I wonder what it’s like to be a super hero I wonder where I’d go if I could fly around […]

Humble Mumble – OutKast

Ahhhh.. I stank I can, I stank I can The funky engine that could Oooo oooo yosky, wosky, pisky, wisky All aboard the Stankonia Express The underground smell road Everybody’s lookin’ for an excuse to let loose What’s your locomotive, the chatta nigga choo choo? [Hook 2X: Andre 3000 + Erykah Badu] Humble as a […]

Liquid Gang – T. Rex

when you take the hand of the liquid gang, oh yeah….. peter, really, peter he’s such a messy eater he’s got frogs in his eyes from telling those lies so Sunday’s almost Monday you got to understand its gonna be grand when you take the hand of the liquid gang, oh yeah….. shelly silver belly […]

Be Ya Self – Tarsha Vega

Hey Girl c’mon Sittin’ on the stoop watch the limo go by All the girls are corny but the guys are mad fly And u feelin’ kind of lonely so your head u hide Turn on the radio It kills ya as you die inside Now don’t wig out that u got no date U […]

Old Great Master – Adorned Brood

and the warcry sounds like beasts they fight for the gods with sword and shield for freedom high above in the sky Old great master how beautiful you are I saw your eye in the sky and touched the great star We did it all just for you oh god you sent us the virgins […]

Up In Flames – Coldplay

This time i know it’s gone Salt water You tasted it too long I put it on Once it starts Up in flames Up in flames Up in flames We have slowed way down So it’s over As time flying on This time I know your song Stop and slowed way down Stop and slowed […]

I’ll Be Alright Without You – Journey

There were moments I’d believe, you were there Do I miss you, or am I lying to myself again I do these things (it’s all because of you) I keep holding on, but I’ll try (try not to think of you) Love don’t leave me lonely I’ll be alright without you – there’ll be someone […]

Bittersweet [Featuring Ville Valo & Lauri Ylonen] – Apocalyptica

I’m giving up the ghost of love In the shadows cast on devotion. She’s the one that I adore Creed of my silent suffocation. Break this bittersweet spell on me, Lost in the arms of destiny. Bittersweet. I won’t give up; I’m possessed by her. I’m bearing the cross; she’s turned into my curse. Break […]

Parkdrive 31 – Liquido

I`m calling you my Baby please when we`re demanding our relationship ahead everybody knows one love must die the other grows and though I sometimes like the rain I seldom go against the grain distracting me I got to pass the test in me We`ll make it so leave your chance to break it and […]

Parkdrive 31 – Liquido

I`m calling you my Baby please when we`re demanding our relationship ahead everybody knows one love must die the other grows and though I sometimes like the rain I seldom go against the grain distracting me I got to pass the test in me We`ll make it so leave your chance to break it and […]

If You Fall – Steve Earle

I saw her too boy I know right where you’re at But you better be careful ‘Cause she ain’t the kind you’re gonna forget How much you wanna bet Chorus: If you fall in love Nothin’s gonna be the same You walk around callin’ out her name Throw your heart down like a glove Push […]

City Hall – Fray

Rumors of reelection started to fly It’s my funeral today, my funeral today I laid it down Underneath the sound It’s my principle concern, my principle concern is what you say But I wanted it this way. Cause I’m throwin down without a fight You’re more than welcome to look around Consult your checklist go […]

Fire And Thunder – Running Wild

Enchanted times, the decade of falling But no one thinks of catastrophe Seductive voice of death is calling The fall of man is just plain to see The mighty reign of devastation Is raging wild alltrough the land Sowing the winds of desperation A deadly breeze by the Serpents hand Darkest night, pride and hate […]

Bullet The Blue Sky – U2

See it driving nails into the souls on the tree of pain From the firefly, a red orange glow See the face of fear running scared in the valley below Bullet the blue sky Bullet the blue sky Bullet the blue Bullet the blue In the locust wind comes a rattle and hum Jacob wrestled […]

Endlessly – Muse

You’ll never know The only thing I’ll never show Hopelessly, I’ll love you endlessly Hopelessly, I’ll give you everything But I won’t give you up. I won’t let you down I won’t leave you falling If the moment ever comes It’s plain to see, It’s trying to speak Cherished dreams Forever asleep Hopelessly, I’ll love […]

The Swarm – At The Gates

Unholy desire – a world on it’s knees Our burning minds they are ridden of hope In a dreaming utopia – dead on dope A generation of obscenities We have lost our faith in our own creativity What is evil, but good Tortured by it’s own hunger and thirst? The living end The dwarfed soul […]

Heaven Sent – INXS

Once in your arms I’m on fire You were sent girl so perfectly true Changing my life Now I’m a survivor Heaven sent That’s what I call you Late at night when the evening fire has died There’s a look in your eye Seductive images fly One day you’ll see what angels can see Dressed […]

LOTM – Soulfly

We know you are too fake The song remains insane And we are here to stay Against all odds we go Follow out hearts and sould We’ll take you to the unknown Our message to the world… Last of the Mohicans Out tribe spreads everywhere “Sell-Out” I say fuck that You better show respect ‘Cause […]

Getting Over It – Shades Apart

things seem to come up short of everything you ever wanted in your life meeting at the cemetery gates go through the motions what’s the difference when your hiding everything you need i remember times when you were so scared of getting old i remember lies that you were so scared of being told it’s […]

It’s A Fact – Sparkle

All the wrong you’ve done Making like everything is good And I’m the only one Did you think that I wouldn’t see Guess you thought that I wouldn’t know Old girl knocked at my door And this is what she told me Yes it’s a fact I love him so But I ain’t gonna put […]

Scarred – Iced Earth

Darkness calls down to me Sweat pours from my body like rain Growing wiser with each touch A pawn in lucifers game, am I? It attacks me in the black abyss The entity formless yet full of rage The mark of the beast my body Scarring me for eternal life Chorus I brought this all […]

Casuality Of The Times – Agnostic Front

This world has washed your dignity away A shell of a person, a wayward soul Your heart barely beats as your blood runs cold Alone you spend your days of apathy You see your life through eyes of misery You’re another casualty of the times we live in! I feel no pity for people like […]

Calhoun Square – Prince

I was there I know right now it’s hard 2 think I don’t care But it’s time 4 U and me 2 wonder Why we’re here Maybe we should roll 2 the rock and rumble Calhoun Square (Let’s roll) CHORUS: Meet me there If U dare Calhoun Square! It don’t matter clothes U’re wearin’ Or […]

Hold On – Sarah McLachlan

Hold on to yourself For this is gonna hurt like hell Hold on Hold on to yourself You know that only time will tell What is it in me that refuses to believe This isn’t easier than the real thing My love You know that you’re my best friend You know I’d do anything for […]

She’s Got Issues – Offspring

Well she’s got baggage and it’s all the emotional kind She talks about closure and that validation bit I don’t mean to be insensitive, but I really hate that shit Oh man she’s got issues And I’m gonna pay She thinks she’s the victim Yeah Now I know she’ll feel abandoned If I don’t stay […]

Yet – Toby Keith

So I lay here and just listen to you breathe Girl you know it’s only been a week since our first date Back when you were just a stranger to me I’ve never let another in so soon I’ve never been caught talking to the man in the moon And yet this is farther than […]

Man Undercover – Timbaland

say what you look good (say it two times) you look good good (say it three times) you look good good good (say it four times) oh oh oh oh good [verse 1] i, i, like the way, way you get down, down (thats the way i like it) you’re the kinda guy that makes […]

Don’t U Know – Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Girl 2: Cute? What? That dirty motherfucker? Girl 1: You buggin’! Girl 2: Ain’t no buggin’, he’s some ugly motherfucker. Girl 1: You buggin’, no — look at his disposition, shorty gotta stride! Girl 2: What stride? Ugly motherfucker, he ain’t shit. Girl 1: See, that’s my plate, brother may kill me like that. Girl […]