Ethereal – Nightrage

selling values and frightening spirits which had nothing to give you. I want to know if you live or if […]

Get Right – Fabolous

It’s like Bugs up in here Like Thugs up in here Throw ya fingas up like you gon’ snipe slugs […]

The Jack Back – Sir Mix-A-Lot

“;In this country a man’s home is his castle..”; [Sir Mix-a-Lot] I’ve been jacked by the racist scum, and here […]

Glow – Kelis

[verse 1:] There’s a wild streak in me But it’s only for u to see Look to my heart, cause […]

Waiting For Love – Pink

help her to carry on breaking down all the years wondering how she got here she drifts through the sky […]

Corner Soul – Clash

Soaked in the diesel of was boys war? Blood, black gold and the face of a judge Is the music […]

A Winter’s Tale – Queen

Red skies are gleaming – oh – Sea-gulls are flyin’ over Swans are floatin’ by Smoking chimney-tops Am I dreaming… […]