Performer 112

Dance With Me – 112

I can tell by your eyes that your feeling me and I really want you to get close with me. […]

Funny Feelings – 112

Girl I, girl I, Got “that” funny feeling, Oh yeah, yes I do. “112 yeah, Q” Everytime I try to […]

Throw It All Away – 112

Just hurt me And leave me (Leave me all alone) How could you destroy my life How could you throw […]

Whatcha Gonna Do – 112

You tell me that I’m the only one You say you’ll never leave me lonely, girl That was a lie […]

Your Letter – 112

I couldnt help but look inside thought it was something that you must have left left there for me to […]

I Think – 112

he said that you were losin your mind and that you dont know how to treat a man but baby […]

Man’s World – 112

Oh Babe Ah Darlin Oh Babe My My Sweet Babe (Repeat 2X) Verse 1 A man is important/ In a […]

God Knows – 112

Baby tell me why, why do you question All this love that I have for you If you look into […]

Never Mind – 112

Never mind that he don’t care I’ll give you love the way you want it Say it’s alright and I’ll […]

Love You Like I Did – 112

And love you for the person you are Tell me whos gonna understand That sometimes you can take things too […]

U Already Know – 112

From the kitchen floor down to the fire place Insense burning, your body’s talking that shit to me. Just so […]

Keep It Real – 112

don’t know the way you make us feel through your work and through your visions so young, black, and gifted, […]

Can I Touch You – 112

Come here baby, yeah Can I… Can I touch you Make you feel so good I know you want me […]

Unbelievable – 112

so unbelievable your love is incredible if u are available then baby just let me no. so so unbelievable your […]

Love Me – 112

[Mase] Do that Puff Daddy shit, son! Yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, what, what, what… ATL, Harlem World, ATL […]

Come See Me – 112

Baby you can come see me, Cuz I need you here with me, And I’ll show you what love is […]

It’s Over Now – 112

Numbers in your pocket I remember when you Used to throw those things away Why do you wanna keep in […]

Call My Name – 112

Whenever you need my love Whoa, baby call my name Whenever you need my love The time has come Baby, […]

I’ll Be There – 112

To get over someone And try to start a new A new relationship No need to rush cuz you Have […]

Damn – 112

Damn why’d you have to look so good? Damn why’d you have to be so sexy? Ohh ohhh Damn why’d […]

Don’t Hate Me – 112

Don’t be mad if your girl wants to leave with me It’s not my fault your girls really feelin’ me […]

For Awhile – 112

[Faith] Living my life without you Something I don’t wanna do So please don’t walk away And leave me all […]

Still In Love – 112

As I take the time, To tell you how I feel, yeah yeah. In spite of what you feel, You […]

Caught Up – 112

She was so fine, oh yea I told her I had a girl But she didn’t mind Now were gettin […]

Let This Go – 112

What did I do, tell me what the problem is I don’t wana see, wana see you leave wana let […]

Just A Little While – 112

My flight’s not far away You think your love has strength But it’s just your mind, oh yeah My heart […]

Say Yes – 112

I wanna show you how I feel Don’t hold back Heres my love Baby you’re the one for me How […]

Give It To Me – 112

(3x) Give it to me Every time I think about The way you make me feel I get Excited, so […]

All My Love – 112

Won’t you come with me I wanna know from you If ever you needed someone Could you call on me […]

Why Does – 112

So special seems to be no limit I’ll do anything There’s no boundries to how we can grow How can […]

Cupid – 112

Whooo, mmmm, yeah Girl I love you so 112, listen Girl if I told you I love you That doesn’t […]

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