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Intro – 112

Let Me Show You That I Care Girl You Feel So Good You And Me Tonight Tell Me I Wanna Know If You Can Come With Me Baby I’m Ready I’m Ready For Your Love I Wanna Know If You Can Come With Me Baby I’m Ready You Know The Time Is Now Time Is […]

Sweet Love – 112

You on top of me Can you feel it I’m gonna make your body drip all over me Baby me inside of you Soooo take off all your clothes and throw them on the floor You won’t need them Cause I’m gonna give you every little thing you need and more Let me tell you […]

Knock U Down – 112

Ooooh…The way I wanna knock you… Verse 1: Girl you got just what I need Bring it here to me You can stand in front of me Or get on top of me Cuz’ I’m gonna do to you What’s never been done to you Gonna give my all to you… Chorus: It just ain’t […]

Player – 112

When you started messin around with me, knew I wouldn’t commit to you Cause I’m a player…… and I know you can’t see it in my eyes…… Everyone says that I’m innocent, and it should come as no surprise…. That I’m a player……….. and I really think you need to know That I can’t love […]

Last To Know – 112

Lately I have been questioning if what we have is lost I heard it in your voice when we were fighting Tell me where it’s gone? Girl I thought that we could talk about whatever Any problem that we had we’d always work it together Did I say or is there something I’ve done wrong […]

112 Intro – 112

Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin about Sounds real dramatic, like somethin’s comin Got that real intro type vibe to it Yeah Enough of this smooth…. Its Bad Boy, baby We go by the name of Q, Mike, Slim, Daron And this is Part Three You know, like the third album Like the third time we […]