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Peaches And Cream – 112

Let me tell you what I wanna do, Let me show you that I’m feelin’ you Wanna sex, wanna ride with you Wanna taste, wanna put my lips all over you Can’t get enough of you Always take care of you So sweet, so very wet So good, girl you make me sweat Girl I’m […]

That’s How Close We Are – 112

Na na na na na Na na na na na na Without the root, you ain’t got no tree And without the branches, you aint got no leaves To understand her is to understand me Cause thats how close we are Without a sea you ain’t got no air And it ain’t no walkin if […]

You Said – 112

It was you, it was me It was love, it was real We would touch, we would kiss And we’d love the way it feel It was time spent together Leaving all the world behind And I thought it would last But only time would tell, so I waited on time Pre-Hook How could you […]

Do What You Gotta Do – 112

Sorry I lied to u But I’m not sorry That I fell deep In love with her So baby Do what u gotta do I said I’m sorry I Lied to u But I’m not sorry That I fell deep In love with her So baby Do what u gotta do I was always on […]

Nowhere – 112

If ever you were nervous about it You gotta know, I aint never, Lemme say that again, I aint never, goin nowhere Listen to me Last night I allmost cried when you told me That you think you love me more than I love you Sometimes it hurts to carry that burden alone Lets be […]

Missing You – 112

And all the things we used to do I never thought that I would lose you Cause you were always my boo Sitting here wondering where we Wonderin where we went wrong Cause now I’m here all alone Wishing you’d come back home, So tell me Why, why, why’d you have to go away Got […]

My Mistakes – 112

If I could erase, everyone of my mistakes Tell me would it make you wanna come over And work this out with me And now I’ll do whatever it takes Just meet me halfway All I want is for you to come over And work this out, work this out with me [Verse 1] Whats […]

Only You (Clean Radio Mix) – 112

Where we stand Do we share the special thing called love I know I do, what about you I just can’t get enough of your time 1 – Where do I go What do I do I can’t live without your love Thinking of you Makes me feel Like I’m the only one for you […]

Crazy Over You – 112

It was like a dream come true And my love for you will never end oh no Was such a special night You lay right by my side And I told you things I’d never tell a soul And now that I have you babe I promise I’ll never leave Cuz you are the only […]

Anywhere – 112

You and me, Privacy And we can do anything Your fantasy I wanna make your dreams come true Can you hear? She’s calling me Between your legs Loud and clear I wanna talk back to her Make love to her I wanna hear you scream my name We can make love in the bedroom floating […]

Na Na Na Na – 112

This is the? Long Long He Love? fe the gal dem, Na, Na, Na Na, The Rapper Don and 112 he nah gon stay pon the shelf. I wanna see you rock that ass Rock that ass Rock that ass Rock that ass Rock that ass Work your body body Work your body body Work […]

What If – 112

(What if) what if I never slept around, never cheated on you girl (What if) what if didn’t break your heart and never ever ruined you world (What if) what if I always was a real man, face to face to face told you the truth? (What if) what If I never ever took when […]

Slip Away – 112

Baby, I wish you would have recognized the love I had for you when it was in my heart and, when it was there for you, because now your coming back to me, and you recognize the love that was once there, but I found somebody else, it’s to late, I’m sorry. You should’ve known […]

Pleasure And Pain – 112

Though my mind’s right now not sure You’ve always been there for me Though my heart never feels secure Why can’t you take a further step To let me know you really care Cuz now I’m feeling driven Into a love that’s not right there [Chorus:] Why do you make me feel this way Feeling […]

It’s Going Down Tonight – 112

Baby i love the way you lookin’ at me, lookin’ at me you’re so amazing you gotta give it to me, give it to me you touched every single part of me i’ll touch every single part of you i’m gonna make sure that you gonna wanna come back for more baby i can tell […]

To The Crib – 112

la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la me and 112 we off in the club representing A-T-L in the club hollaing at every girl off in the club shorty gonna be witt […]

Someone To Hold – 112

Knowing that no one’s there Something is telling me That you feel the way I do I dream of you all the time Wishing that you were mine I’m feeling so empty Hoping you’ll think of me I need ya here tonight [Chorus:] If I’m all alone And you’re all alone Ain’t nothing wrong Having […]

Everyday – 112

things ain’t always what they seem check it people look at us and say “man they got it made” they signed a record deal and now them boys is paid? but they don’t know what comes along with this with all the fame and fortune is still b… cause even though we strugglin hard and […]

Smile – 112

He made you cry yourself to sleep Reminiscing on how it began You found pleasure in this man And you fell like an autumn leaf For his lines now you wanna leave Give me just one chance Cause I believe that I can make you smile I know a thousand times You sit alone and […]

The Only One (feat. Lil’ Kim) – 112

[Lil Kim] Catch me in the spot, low C’s in the drop About half and ounce, the size of Zip-lock Knockin’ the new One-one-deuce I wanna (intro)deuce me and my old flame And his name is Bruce But blew my eye when his girl drove by Told me bye then he winked his eye I’m […]

Right Here For You – 112

You already got a man..ooh (112) right here for you But I see the way he treats you and baby I know I can treat you alot better..ooh (112) be right here for you Whenever you need me, Im right right here for you Verse 1 Listen, Baby you dont have to cry So why […]

Why Can’t We Get Along – 112

[Verse One:] Is it me, Who never compromise, I only see things through my eyes, Which means is my way? Or is it you Who’s always shutting down, Never wanting to talk about the problems we got? [Pre-Chorus:] Or is it we to blame for all that’s going down? I say that I love you […]

Now That We’re Done – 112

To a place where no one goes If you let me taste your soul I’d let you taste my funky emotions And I’ll cover you with me In a pool of ecstasy There’s no place I’d rather be Then with you Please let me do you again [Chorus:] Now that we’re done, what are you […]

Be With You – 112

Used to go from club to club Looking for true love But now I found that love in you No longer have to sleep around Cuz I have you, baby [1] – Girl, I’m always thinking about you And all the things you do for me Makes me so happy And girl, when ever you […]

In Love With You – 112

All the love you’ve given me All the ways you show your love and Girl it drives me crazy Every day our love grows stronger Everytime I see you Thinking about this love you give me Girl I can’t get over you [1] – Just how I feel for you Tell me your love will […]

Intro – 112

Let Me Show You That I Care Girl You Feel So Good You And Me Tonight Tell Me I Wanna Know If You Can Come With Me Baby I’m Ready I’m Ready For Your Love I Wanna Know If You Can Come With Me Baby I’m Ready You Know The Time Is Now Time Is […]

Sweet Love – 112

You on top of me Can you feel it I’m gonna make your body drip all over me Baby me inside of you Soooo take off all your clothes and throw them on the floor You won’t need them Cause I’m gonna give you every little thing you need and more Let me tell you […]

Knock U Down – 112

Ooooh…The way I wanna knock you… Verse 1: Girl you got just what I need Bring it here to me You can stand in front of me Or get on top of me Cuz’ I’m gonna do to you What’s never been done to you Gonna give my all to you… Chorus: It just ain’t […]

Player – 112

When you started messin around with me, knew I wouldn’t commit to you Cause I’m a player…… and I know you can’t see it in my eyes…… Everyone says that I’m innocent, and it should come as no surprise…. That I’m a player……….. and I really think you need to know That I can’t love […]

Last To Know – 112

Lately I have been questioning if what we have is lost I heard it in your voice when we were fighting Tell me where it’s gone? Girl I thought that we could talk about whatever Any problem that we had we’d always work it together Did I say or is there something I’ve done wrong […]

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