Performer 3 DOORS-DOWN

Loser – 3 Doors Down

Nothing seems to fill this place I need this every time, Take your lies get off my case Someday I […]

Pages – 3 Doors Down

He spills his heart on a page and He watches words flow away then His feelings lie on the page […]

My World – 3 Doors Down

And your toeing a lie Seems like everytime that you catch up You only fall behind And your trapped inside […]

Here By Me – 3 Doors Down

‘Cause I’m not doing so good without you The things I thought you’d never know about me were the things […]

Down Poison – 3 Doors Down

Album: The Better Life Titolo: Down Poison I’ve dreamed about this, Sixteen days away Now you’re here, And my head […]

Sarah Yellin’ – 3 Doors Down

She knows what she says will change everything She’s laid through too many sleepless nights She’s cryin, She’s cryin’, She’s […]

That Smell – 3 Doors Down

Oak tree you’re in my way There’s too much coke and too much smoke Look what’s going on inside you […]

Life Of My Own – 3 Doors Down

Closer to the edge Nothing valued think no fear, Always wondering why you’re here All your purposes are gone, nothing’s […]

Let Me Go – 3 Doors Down

But one more lie could be the worst And all these thoughts are never resting And you’re not something I […]