Performer 50 CENT

Funk Flex – 50 Cent

Yeah, G-Unit You understand whats about to happen? huh.. huh? (do you understand?) Nigga guess who’s bizzack It’s not Beanie […]

Gunz Come Out – 50 Cent

So Cold (So Cold) [Chorus x2] Ya’niggas know (wut wut ya’ll niggas know what I’m about Ya’ niggas know, front […]

Candy Shop – 50 Cent

Yeah… Uh huh So seductive Chorus: [50 Cent] I take you to the candy shop I’ll let you lick the […]

Straight To The Bank – 50 Cent

Hahahaha…Yeah… When I’m Out In NY Boys, Blunts And Phillies… When I’m Out In LA Boys, Wraps And Switches… (2x) […]

Bad News – 50 Cent

Tony Yayo in the house, bad news 50 cent in the house, bad news whenever 50 around its bad news […]

Doo Wop Freestyle – 50 Cent

It’s Murda Mix Tape Vol. 3 Whoo Kid, Stretch Armstrong nigga Take that, yo, aiyyo Niggas don’t wanna see 50 […]

Clue Shit! – 50 Cent

You know Clue man, I’m tryin’ to holler at this bitch right and I’m like yeah, I told her I […]

Slow Dough – 50 Cent

Huh uh, huh uh, yea [Chorus] Slow dough, is better than no dough (fa sho) Get caught talking to popo […]

E. M. S – 50 Cent

I need no introduction, everybody (body) Heard of 50 Cent, and heard of G-Unit I’m not hi-tek and I’m not […]

Elementry – 50 Cent

G Unit! [50 Cent] A, B [Scarlett] You can’t fuck with me [50 Cent] C, D [Scarlett] We from the […]

Ayo Technology – 50 Cent

Unforgetable, 50 Cent (cent), Justin (tin), Timbaland (land), god damn (damn) She she, she want it, I want to give […]

I’ll Still Kill – 50 Cent

[Chorus – Akon] Ohhh Don’t even look at me wrong when I come through the ‘hood Ain’t nothin’ changed, still […]

Blood Hound – 50 Cent

G-Unit, UTP Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha G-Unit, UTP, G-Unit, UTP G-Unit, UTP, 50 Cent, get ’em Buck [50 Cent] 50 Cent, that’s my […]

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