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Dizzy – 98 Degrees

No more admiring you from afar You walk by and I get weak in the knees I can get next to you and I get dizzy dizzy The way you look, the way that you move Your body’s tellin’ me that I can’t lose You and me, we’re meant to be I get next to […]

I Wanna Love You – 98 Degrees

I tell you over and over That you don’t know how you make me feel I wanna know if it’s alright If I let you know the deal Oh I, Oh I, Oh I wanna love you (I wanna love you in a very real way) Oh I, Oh I, Oh I wanna love you […]

Stay The Night – 98 Degrees

There’s a fire that burns my sole’s desire Touching me, like the sun here and now I give my love so faithfully that I will always be the one I wanna stay with you tonight I don’t wanna leave, cause I feel the time is right Don’t wanna go before I say, what I have […]

True To Your Heart – 98 Degrees

Baby, I knew at once That you were meant for me Deep in my soul I know That I’m your destiny Though you’re unsure Why fight the tide Don’t think so much Let your heart decide Baby, I see your future And it’s tied to mine I look in your eyes And see you searching […]

Fly With Me – 98 Degrees

I wanna make you feel alright Alright with me Let me mend your broken wings And set you free, girl it’s alright Girl can’t you see Let me take you to a place That you’ve never seen, Never been, only dreamed Where I can take away all of your pain Girl I promise that You’ll […]

Heaven’s Missing An Angel – 98 Degrees

isn’t mad at me Because I have one of his angels And she’s here with me When I see her precious smile And she spreads her wings It takes me to a place where love Meets eternity Oh no I’m not letting go I don’t want to be alone In this crazy world Oh Lord […]