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Yesterday’s Letter – 98 Degrees

Just trying to explain Couldn’t find the words to say Cause you are so far away So far away I wrote a letter yesterday It’s so hard for me to face That it had to end this way But my love will never change You can just walk away But I don’t feel the same […]

Hand In Hand – 98 Degrees

that we will always be Even though the road seems to get a little rough It’s for you I live I can do anything And it will never be too much In my darkest hour you are there to light the way And when I’m down you always lift me up again Oh, oh, oh, […]

Come & Get It – 98 Degrees

you watchin me Secretly sending, tender kisses casually Across a crowded room, your man doesn’t even notice you (you’re so bold) Mmm, I guess that’s how it goes Lady, lady it seems like he bores you to death You need to escape, you need to enjoy yourself Ignore his wondering eyes, he doesn’t realize You’re […]

Give It Up (Interlude) – 98 Degrees

Now here’s a story One we both know About two people When they lost their self control If we’re not careful It might be you and me When things are good You gotta let them be, oh Whey you wanna play me around Why you wanna mess with this love that we’ve found Whey you […]

Was It Something I Didn’t Say – 98 Degrees

Wondering when I’m gonna ever see you again Thinking what I would give to get you back baby I should have told you how I felt then Instead I kept it to myself, yea I let my love go unexpressed ‘Til it was too late You walked away Was it something I didn’t say When […]

My Everything – 98 Degrees

the search for strength to carry on my every hope had seemed to die my eyes had no more tears to cry then like the sun shining from up above you surrounded me with your endless love and all things I couldn’t see are now so clear to me You are my everything Nothing your […]

Completely – 98 Degrees

Do everything to make you see I gotta be with you tonight The thought of it’s consuming me Your body next to mine Let’s not waste any time Baby just give me a chance We could make some sweet romance tonight Completely into you Discretely I will prove That I can do What you need […]

Never Let Go – 98 Degrees

Until the day that you came in You open my eyes bright in all of my days You changed my life in so many ways Without you in my life everything’s just blue Now that you’re at my side I know there’s one thing’s true I’ll never let go of the one who loves me […]

Dizzy – 98 Degrees

No more admiring you from afar You walk by and I get weak in the knees I can get next to you and I get dizzy dizzy The way you look, the way that you move Your body’s tellin’ me that I can’t lose You and me, we’re meant to be I get next to […]

I Wanna Love You – 98 Degrees

I tell you over and over That you don’t know how you make me feel I wanna know if it’s alright If I let you know the deal Oh I, Oh I, Oh I wanna love you (I wanna love you in a very real way) Oh I, Oh I, Oh I wanna love you […]

Stay The Night – 98 Degrees

There’s a fire that burns my sole’s desire Touching me, like the sun here and now I give my love so faithfully that I will always be the one I wanna stay with you tonight I don’t wanna leave, cause I feel the time is right Don’t wanna go before I say, what I have […]

True To Your Heart – 98 Degrees

Baby, I knew at once That you were meant for me Deep in my soul I know That I’m your destiny Though you’re unsure Why fight the tide Don’t think so much Let your heart decide Baby, I see your future And it’s tied to mine I look in your eyes And see you searching […]

Fly With Me – 98 Degrees

I wanna make you feel alright Alright with me Let me mend your broken wings And set you free, girl it’s alright Girl can’t you see Let me take you to a place That you’ve never seen, Never been, only dreamed Where I can take away all of your pain Girl I promise that You’ll […]

Heaven’s Missing An Angel – 98 Degrees

isn’t mad at me Because I have one of his angels And she’s here with me When I see her precious smile And she spreads her wings It takes me to a place where love Meets eternity Oh no I’m not letting go I don’t want to be alone In this crazy world Oh Lord […]