Performer 999

Pick It Up – 999

Get your cheap free advice on radio calls I wanna wear clothes that I care about The shirts that I […]

No Pity – 999

Try the hard way take a dive Got a new one call it sue Wont be long now coming through […]

Me And My Desire – 999

Taking all that I require Such a pretty sight to see And there’s nothing left for me Well you know […]

Chicane Destination – 999

Chaos or automation Gathering forces coast to coast Trusting allies watching hosts Mark them early see them young Modern clear […]

I’m Alive – 999

This isn’t what I wanted to do I just cant belive it I would like to leave it And get […]

Nobody Knows – 999

You always give as what you get And never think of what you must forget Your back street semi sweet […]

Hit Me – 999

Whatever I do You have to devastate my race It’s such a disgrace Come on, give me sympathy Come on […]

Emergency – 999

We’ve learning to ignore You must confess this awful mess Isn’t just a bore It’s more than we could bear […]

Crazy – 999

You don’t make it easy Don’t you give a beggar a chance Dry on the outside Wetter on the inside […]