Your Way With Words Is Through Silence – A Day To Remember

You make it seem so easy to love me for who I really am It’d break my heart, if we fell apart. It’d be so hard to let you go It’d break my heart, if we fell apart. It’d be so hard to watch you go So let’s not dwell on all those things we […]

Here’s To The Past – A Day To Remember

Let’s all think back on what brought us here This is my grasp on what is real Don’t tell me how I feel With all that’s passed I can’t relate With myself from day to day why does everything seem so far away to me There’s no turning back from here I’ve got to get […]

Holdin’ It Down For The Underground – A Day To Remember

Like everything I love is slipping away And every time I come home Somebody it isn’t there I got to get it together I got to do things for myself I’ve giving everything Plus you take some from me I need some room to breath Come on come on You know this isn’t what we […]

A Second Glance – A Day To Remember

You’re the one worth waiting for. You’re all I ever needed in this life. Lets sneak out the back, so we can see What it took to bring us here and be here. So reminded of better days, When we were both happy. This is for you (this is for you). You’re the one worth […]

My Life For Hire – A Day To Remember

And that everything floats away, into the darkness of this shallow place. The detail is striking. The room’s cold and foggy. You’ll kick and you’ll scream, you’ll try everything to survive. But you should know your fate by now. Bridge: They told me, how I should be. (chant) Chorus: Too late, Too late, you can’t […]

Monument – A Day To Remember

And I would kill for a chance to drive Get so far away from here with you my dear That I’ll never leave your side Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen In a van, on a soapbox for the world to see Miles away, and I wish this didn’t mean so much to me To […]

Casablanca Sucked Anyway – A Day To Remember

This time I’m putting my foot straight through the floor. You wont be walking through any of my doors anymore. So tell me what’s so wrong with me that you could leave so easily. You threw this all away for the chance to leave me. She makes me happy. She sparks a light inside you’ve […]