Performer A HA

A Little Bit – A-Ha

To make it shine, to make it shine And it will take a little bit of extra care To bring […]

Hurry Home – A-Ha

Freight train running I’ve been gone Too long, honey Why did I waste away The only good thing left to […]

Move To Memphis – A-Ha

You were the one who taught me better This old town brings me down You were the one who told […]

I Call Your Name – A-Ha

We said our lines Then kissed And it was over Those pronouncements had such weight I guess they made us […]

Train Of Thought – A-Ha

Crossword solved Words go up words come down Forwards backwards twisted round He grabs a pile of letters from a […]

I Wish I Cared – A-Ha

To trust completely or let it be You don’t know my destiny You can’t see what i can see Hey […]

Early Morning – A-Ha

Eight o’clock precise I see the lonely August sun arise Say you know You will Move me like you do […]

Cannot Hide – A-Ha

Standing in the light I feel your cat’s eyes on me Faster in the night I move inside Got those […]

Time & Again – A-Ha

The moon caught me The wind fought me The rain got me The road sent me The years bent me […]

You Wanted More – A-Ha

You’ve been before I’ve seen the signs Outside your door You set the rules The bitter days Can’t be ignored […]

Rolling Thunder – A-Ha

And our fate before us Like a rolling thunder Rolling up from under Don’t ever leave this way I know […]

Manhattan Skyline – A-Ha

I’m trying to keep my newspaper dry I hear myself say, “My boat’s leaving now” …so we shake hands and […]

Hunting High And Low – A-Ha

And within the reach of my hands She’s sound asleep and she’s sweeter now Than the wildest dream could have […]

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