Performer A HA

Hunting High And Low – A-Ha

And within the reach of my hands She’s sound asleep and she’s sweeter now Than the wildest dream could have […]

White Dwarf – A-Ha

With stars and all the planets, the milky way and all. And in the left hand corner, perhaps a small […]

Take On Me – A-Ha

I don’t know what I’m to say I’ll say it anyway Today’s another day to find you Shying away I’ll […]

Maybe Maybe – A-Ha

When you said that you were walking out on me Maybe, maybe Maybe I was joking When I said that […]

Cold River – A-Ha

Pushed my hands out against the wheel Asked a girl if she needed a ride She said, “Sure, babe, but […]

Cosy Prisons – A-Ha

Catch yourself a breath of air There’s another life out there And you should try it Dead ends hide on […]

Dragonfly – A-Ha

I will always be around In the time we are here We’ll see love disappear Don’t ask how Don’t ask […]

The Company Man – A-Ha

Responsible for signing the band Songs came out of our mouths And into his hands Oh yeah Legal help, yes […]

Make It Soon – A-Ha

The air around her deepened Tomorrow she will smile again Tomorrow she’ll get wild again My love And the moon […]

Cold As Stone – A-Ha

You roam the streets And crack again You’re back again You’re travel-worn Standing here in the town Where you were […]

Barely Hanging On – A-Ha

Now i’m so sensitive it’s a joke I’m getting by on decibels like a drug And greet every brand New […]

Memorial Beach – A-Ha

In times of change My bags are packed, guess I’m leaving the womb Into the rain We never found A […]

Afternoon High – A-Ha

As it bounces off the morning sky The summer in the 70s fly by Bye Daylight hits the corners of […]

Slender Frame – A-Ha

On your slender frame There’s many roads to lave by But few come back again I don’t believe it I […]

Time And Again – A-Ha

The moon caught me The wind fought me The rain got me The road sent me For years bent me […]

Analogue – A-Ha

I’m calling on you The road ahead is long And I must warn you I wonder Where did she go? […]

Lifelines – A-Ha

One time to know how it feels That’s all One call – your voice on the phone One place – […]

The Blue Sky – A-Ha

As life just eats away At the faces that surround me They look tired today The lady at my table […]

Birthright – A-Ha

Said you were leaving town for the summer At least till sundown Cuz time ain’t gonna grind you down, ain’t […]

Holyground – A-Ha

and lift it high I’ve come to say goodbye You’ve got your live And I’ve got mine Sometimes hard to […]

Scoundrel Days – A-Ha

It wasn’t me for sure I lift my head up from uneasy pillows Put my feet on the floor Cut […]

A Fine Blue Line – A-Ha

What’s become of me Remember how it used to be People that we’d meet Were falling at your feet You […]

You Are The One – A-Ha

Guess you knew from the start I call again, but there’s no one in Don’t know where, with whom you’ve […]

Solace – A-Ha

Some form of release Is all that she asks for Is all that she needs She waits for the day […]

Touchy! – A-Ha

I can’t hear a word the waiter says She’s looking older now…the color of her hair She walks into the […]

Cry Wolf – A-Ha

I dreamt of a wolf…” He came from where the winds are cold And truth is seen through keyholes …strange […]

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