Category: A HA

Solace – A-Ha

Some form of release Is all that she asks for Is all that she needs She waits for the day when She feels more at ease Some time to be careful Some time left in peace Cold stars of the future Burn bright in the past These moments of solace They won’t last They don’t […]

Touchy! – A-Ha

I can’t hear a word the waiter says She’s looking older now…the color of her hair She walks into the room too pleased to find me there Me I’m touchy Touchy you Me I’m touchy And you know what to do Me I’m touchy Touchy, touchy you Me I’m touchy and you know what to […]

Cry Wolf – A-Ha

I dreamt of a wolf…” He came from where the winds are cold And truth is seen through keyholes …strange longings never sleep Now he’s come where no hearts beat Cry wolf Time to worry Cry wolf Time to worry You can start, but you cannot stop You give in, but you can’t give up […]

Waiting For Her – A-Ha

That’s all I ever do Waiting for her So why didn’t I Take the measures justified Our love has always been the same She comes, then goes away again Oh yeah She used to say We didn’t have the breaks we should’ve had Coming our way But why didn’t I take that time and put […]

The Swing Of Things – A-Ha

You give me news I don’t want to know You say that I should care That I should speak my mind Oh, but how can I speak of the world Rushing by With a lump in my throat And tears in my eyes Have we come to the point of no turning back Or is […]