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Make It Soon – A-Ha

The air around her deepened Tomorrow she will smile again Tomorrow she’ll get wild again My love And the moon Take your time Make it soon I didn’t mean to hurt you It’s what I use the words to Every time we loose our way Get so many things to say My love And the […]

Cold As Stone – A-Ha

You roam the streets And crack again You’re back again You’re travel-worn Standing here in the town Where you were born It’s not your home The mirror sees you So alone …Cold as stone Yeah You’re not your own You feel a chill Go through your bones You’re not your own There’s something wrong You […]

Barely Hanging On – A-Ha

Now i’m so sensitive it’s a joke I’m getting by on decibels like a drug And greet every brand New day with a shrug I’m barely hanging on I used to be so comfortable in a suit Almost presentable next to you I used to be so confident in a crowd Now i can’t say […]

Memorial Beach – A-Ha

In times of change My bags are packed, guess I’m leaving the womb Into the rain We never found A place to hide Some peace of mind God knows we tried Toes in the sand, the seductive sway Ooh…nothing better, babe Across the bay–Sarasota Way We held together We never found A place to hide […]

Afternoon High – A-Ha

As it bounces off the morning sky The summer in the 70s fly by Bye Daylight hits the corners of your mind Steals the thought you thought no one could find Close your eyes and it will rob you blind Blind Incidental memories collide Sentimental reveries abide Afternoon high Daylight hits the corners of your […]

There’s A Reason For It – A-Ha

Don’t know how I let things go, you see Don’t know why it took a sudden turn Didn’t seem to be a big concern And everything is all too much Hot and bothered, you’re cool to the touch And everyone is worlds apart It must have been this way from the start When there’s nothing […]

The Living Daylights – A-Ha

I swear my nerves are showing Set your hopes up way too high The living’s in the way we die Comes the morning and the headlights fade away Hundred thousand people…I’m the one they blame I’ve been waiting long for one of us to say Save the darkness, let it never fade away In the […]

Slender Frame – A-Ha

On your slender frame There’s many roads to lave by But few come back again I don’t believe it I believe it Take a look around and see What’s stopping you is stopping me One moonless night and we’ll make it right And vanish in the dark of night Pack up your things and go […]

Time And Again – A-Ha

The moon caught me The wind fought me The rain got me The road sent me For years bent me The stars overwhelmed me Time and again But now I can’t see the stars The star is a thing I can’t see And now I don’t feel the same To feel is a thing I […]

Analogue – A-Ha

I’m calling on you The road ahead is long And I must warn you I wonder Where did she go? If I failed you I tell you right now All I want you to know; I love you All I need is the time to show you Come back, my fallen son Don’t let them […]

How Sweet It Was – A-Ha

Lend us a voice In this howling night Just about a month ago You made a promise, babe Not to go Yes, you did now You were the heart and soul One to the nightfall One to the stars One to the haunted fools we are One to remember One to recall One to acknowledge […]

Lifelines – A-Ha

One time to know how it feels That’s all One call – your voice on the phone One place – a moment alone That’s all What do you see? What do you know? What are the signs? What do I do? Just follow your lifelines through What if it hurts? What do I do? What […]

Love Is Reason – A-Ha

And as i make a start You turn to go oh, oh I’ll do what you want me to I’ll cry at the thought of the loss of a heart Love is reason Love is reason Love is reason Love is reason enough My morals are changing fast I told you it wouldn’t last You […]

The Blue Sky – A-Ha

As life just eats away At the faces that surround me They look tired today The lady at my table Doesn’t want me here I just want to talk to her But would she laugh at my accent And make fun of me It doesn’t seem like this blue sky’s here for me There are […]

Birthright – A-Ha

Said you were leaving town for the summer At least till sundown Cuz time ain’t gonna grind you down, ain’t gonna waste your life chasing rainbows like some clown But who’s gonna come with you tonight Who’s gonna to tell you it’s alright? Everything changes over time Just like wine Time ain’t gonna hold you […]

Holyground – A-Ha

and lift it high I’ve come to say goodbye You’ve got your live And I’ve got mine Sometimes hard to draw that line I like to walk And my way is my own You taught me how Don’t you know And there must be some place to meet I take off my shoes I’ll walk […]

Scoundrel Days – A-Ha

It wasn’t me for sure I lift my head up from uneasy pillows Put my feet on the floor Cut my wrist on a bad thought And head for the door Outside on the pavement The dark makes no noise I can feel the sweat on my lips Leaking into my mouth I’m heading out […]

Little Black Heart – A-Ha

Burn as bright I never felt darkness The way i feel it tonight You say it’s getting better You say it’s allright But i never felt darkness Like i feel it tonight Little black heart Raindrops on my window I can’t tell them apart Like the few things forgiven In my little black heart You […]

Out Of Blue Comes Green – A-Ha

My wings are clipped See the steps that made me trip Now I’m so lonely Mother Time’s frozen flame Seem to linger in the rain Holding me only Like a river I’m flowing And there’s no way of knowing If I’m coming or going I need something to chain me down But it don’t matter […]

A Fine Blue Line – A-Ha

What’s become of me Remember how it used to be People that we’d meet Were falling at your feet You didn’t eve see it Time marches on ahead – enough said There’s only one way through it Time marches on ahead – one day we’ll see it How there’s a fine blue line Running through […]

Between Your Mama And Yourself – A-Ha

This can’t wait I’ve been meaning to tell you a long time ago And today’s that day I’ll put it straight No, it just can’t wait Oh sure, it took a little time I know that’s true But this business been preying on my mind Since I met you The thing is babe, Between your […]

The Sun Always Shines On T. V. – A-Ha

How can it be Believe me The sun always shines on T. V Hold me Close to your heart Touch me And give all your love to me To me… I Reached inside myself And found nothing there To ease the pressure off My ever worrying mind All my powers waste away I fear the […]

I’ve Been Losing You – A-Ha

Rinsed out the colours of your eyes Putting the gun down on the bedside table I must have realized It wasn’t the rain That made no difference And I could have sworn it wasn’t me Yet I did it all so coldly …almost slowly Plain for all to see Oh c’mon please now Talk to […]

You Are The One – A-Ha

Guess you knew from the start I call again, but there’s no one in Don’t know where, with whom you’ve been But I do Love you Anyway you want me to You are the one…now the state I’m in! Catching you was so hard I fought for you, did you let me win!? You don’t […]

The Blood That Moves The Body – A-Ha

Tonight As if it’s all unreal All right My love, won’t you come back to Our love, you know I’ll react to The blood that moves my body Now covers the ground The blood that moves the body The blood that moves the body There’s nowhere to go Tonight Lend some warmth to our cold […]

Solace – A-Ha

Some form of release Is all that she asks for Is all that she needs She waits for the day when She feels more at ease Some time to be careful Some time left in peace Cold stars of the future Burn bright in the past These moments of solace They won’t last They don’t […]

Touchy! – A-Ha

I can’t hear a word the waiter says She’s looking older now…the color of her hair She walks into the room too pleased to find me there Me I’m touchy Touchy you Me I’m touchy And you know what to do Me I’m touchy Touchy, touchy you Me I’m touchy and you know what to […]

Cry Wolf – A-Ha

I dreamt of a wolf…” He came from where the winds are cold And truth is seen through keyholes …strange longings never sleep Now he’s come where no hearts beat Cry wolf Time to worry Cry wolf Time to worry You can start, but you cannot stop You give in, but you can’t give up […]

Waiting For Her – A-Ha

That’s all I ever do Waiting for her So why didn’t I Take the measures justified Our love has always been the same She comes, then goes away again Oh yeah She used to say We didn’t have the breaks we should’ve had Coming our way But why didn’t I take that time and put […]

The Swing Of Things – A-Ha

You give me news I don’t want to know You say that I should care That I should speak my mind Oh, but how can I speak of the world Rushing by With a lump in my throat And tears in my eyes Have we come to the point of no turning back Or is […]