A Last Lament – Deinonychius

Yet nothing can bring me back what was taken away
For my heart is still burning with her flame
I hope i can still join her, whatever the pain
Why not? I was the one who forced her from me
I murdered myself a hundred times, you can see the lines
Oh, when i realised what i had done to her
I thought of every way to undo the crime
That we could make it how it used to be
No… Why?

You cannot imagine how desperate i feel
This all seems so dream-like and unreal
Time1 What is time to someone in grief
I can’t even shed tears, just this blank disbelief
Perhaps i cried once a century ago
Here i stand shadowed by the trees and the midnight moon
Commiting this sad tale onto paper
And to tell you, please think of me!

Lyric A Last Lament – Deinonychius