A Million Gods – Conception

don’t hesitate to hope, they said come close,
don’t be afraid love
don’t seem to find it’s way to where you stay
you have to feel the light,
they said it’s easy to forget
love is really far away
for a dying of today
mother mary comfort in a cross of silver
hard to pick a saviour from a million gods
’cause when you settle for a new dimension
you’ll never find the one your dying for
last temptation; touch me before you close your eyes
die a martyr to your principles
’cause you’re the only god who’s visible tonight
once you have crossed the course
you seek when your resistance’
weak when your goal is left behind you
soon recline eyes of the source
you’re searching for can’t see you anymore
and salvation’s far away for a dying led astray
make another mountain
move before it’s over try to pick a saviour

Lyric A Million Gods – Conception