Performer A TEENS

Dancing Queen – A*Teens

You can dance, You can jive, Having the time of your life Ooo.. see that girl, watch that scene, Digin’ […]

Firefly – A*Teens

You ought to know the freaky games we play could you forgive and learn how to forget hear me as […]

Upside Down – A*Teens

Upside Down Upside Down My grades are down from A’s to D’s I’m way behind in history I’ve lost myself […]

The Letter – A*Teens

Lonely days are gone, I’m a going home, my Baby just wrote me a letter I don’t care how much […]

Floorfiller – A*Teens

Floorfiller (techno music) Floorfiller (techno music) floorfiller (fast) Hey Mr. DJ, in case you forgot, I came to get down […]

Cross My Heart – A*Teens

Baby hold me tight Cause I’ve got something to say tonight Hear me oh Baby hear me through It’s only […]

Rockin’ – A*Teens

We’re comin’ out to watch the world pass us by And we’ll be stayin’ here for a while ‘Cause we’ll […]

Sugar Rush – A*Teens

Sweeping from head to my toes I, I gotta get my feet back on the ground ‘Cause you make me […]

Super Trouper – A*Teens

But I won’t feel blue Like I always do ‘Cause somewhere in the crowd there’s you I was sick and […]

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