Performer ABBA

Mamma Mia – ABBA

So I made up my mind, it must come to an end Look at me now, will I ever learn? […]

Summer Night City – ABBA

Summer night city… Waiting for the sunrise, soul dancing in the dark Summer night city Walking in the moonlight, love-making […]

Under Attack – ABBA

My resistance running low And every day the hold is getting tighter and it troubles me so (You know that […]

That’s Me – ABBA

What if I ain’t worth the while Not the style you’d be looking for If I’m sweet tonight Things look […]

Voulez-Vous – ABBA

A sense of expectation hanging in the air Giving out a spark Across the room your eyes are glowing in […]

One Of Us – ABBA

You were, I felt, robbing me of my rightful chances My picture clear, everything seemed so easy And so I […]

I Am The City – ABBA

And I’m a revelation spreading out before your eyes And you find me beautiful and irresistible A giant creature that […]

The Visitors – ABBA

The sound so ominously tearing through the silence I cannot move, I’m standing Numb and frozen Among the things I […]

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