The Witch – Abhorrent

Hides that beautiful figure Gloomy and mysterious woman Attracting the most close wishes As the weak as the powerful Enchant themselves with her hypnotic look But, don’t live who dare To discover her secrets Chorus Oh, mystic and immortal witch Spreading the death of men Her white veil inspire wishes To suck the life from […]

No Chance – Abhorrent

And tried to tread and smash the other ones The time for regret has gone As the life that was given to him CHORUS Only shadows you can see And from them, voices accuse you There’ll be no chance for regret During his whole life, he didn’t trust in nobody As suicidal your surrender yourself […]

Prelude Of The EndM – Abhorrent

The whole thing comes like a dream That don’t bring me laughs And something might be reality CHORUS The nothing, the empty Without light Without a way I still have regards From what I’ve been but, who am I? Prisoner of one life that I don’t know the past (CHORUS) Due to scare of what […]