Will They Bleed – Abomination

Focalize on their might Mobilize troops of race A war in the street formalized Weapons support wasteful efforts Deceptions appear in their eyes The battles of youthful expressions Countermine the surprise The battle rages on Professors of sinful exploits Neighborhoods fall to shame Graffiti the powerful voice Desecrating the way Violent crime investigators Seldom follow […]

Pull The Plug – Abomination

In the night they seem to fly Never ending road to death Neveer near the home stretch Lack of guidance, sudden trust Will they soon forget the loss Everyone’s refuse to drive Designit in charge of lives Will they cross the final bridge Will they parish in a ditch Pull the plug, the right to […]

Industrial Sickness – Abomination

Industrial sickness, industrial sickness Crude misgivings, ruthless burnings Industrial sickness, industrial sickness Demented prophets polluting nonstop Industrial sickness, industrial sickness Destroying creatures, misleading preachers Industrial sickness, industrial sickness Lacerating the fruits of earth Manipulating the people who serve Infuriating protectors of nature Destroying forests for trial and demand Jeopardize the fate of human kind Morbid […]

Blood For Oil – Abomination

Teachings of right, reasons of less Seekers of strenght, only they guess Will they proceed, or will they suppress Frequent, illusive, you have the power to follow the one Decisive, conclusive, the fall of the world has just begun Wasteful, astounding, violence and force is the only way Corrupted, misguided, we will lose thousands of […]

Soldier – Abomination

We’re angry and we’re fueled Commanding, they retreat Prisoners of the war Captured fallen peace Will they find the door On your knees soldier Die for peace soldier Aggrassive Upperhand Marching through the sand Will they take command Countless causualties Blood and gore to see Censored for the week Dumping oil at sea New victims […]