Above The Clouds – Paul Weller

Threatening winter as I walked.
Summer always goes so quick, Barely stopping like my thoughts.
Which dip and spin and change so fast
I have to wonder – Will I last.

Through the windows of the train,
I caught reflections of a paper cup,
Hanging small in a pale blue sky,
Never knowing which way’s up.

Above the clouds, what’s to be found,
I have to wonder – Will I be around.
As my anger shouts – At my own self doubt,
So a madness creeps – Into my dreams
When you’re scared of living – But afraid to die
I get scared of giving – And I must find the faith to beat it

I must be me that’s rushing by,
Time just lingers on the wind.
Bristlin’ through my open fears,
I wonder what it’s going to bring.

Lyric Above The Clouds – Paul Weller