Above The Edge Of Doom – Darkseed

this torrent could be thine
turbid water cannot gleam
your amity to truth departs

The moonlit sky is lighting up in lands
where shadows dream my thoughts

I want to deny my frown
this war starves out my faith,
it naughts my peace
weed stamps on it’s guilt,
it crumbles off
ere you were born was
beauty’s summer dead

Find the first conceit of love there bred
faith falling…
no bitterness that i will bitter think
doom’s calling…

Whatever midnight has been here
the flames of love i cannot view
so gild my path with thine eyes
winter’s cold falling deep
make glad seasons as thou fleet

Through crystal brooks where silence heats
winning when i saw myself to lose
ruined love is built anew

On thorns roses stand
two mourning eyes thy face
bashful dreams, my soul is fled
where late sweet birds sang

Solicit your evil mind

Lyric Above The Edge Of Doom – Darkseed