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Heatseeker – AC/DC

(Oooh, we’re gettin’ ready Ow Here we go hahaha I’m ready Oooh) Getting ready to rock Getting ready to roll I’m gonna turn up the heat I’m gonna fire up the coal I gotta keep that motor turning I gotta keep that engine clean I gotta keep those tires burning I’ve got the best you’ve […]

Hold Me Back – AC/DC

I got a big fat Cadillac built for you I got a honk that’ll blow the avenue Got a hot dog kickin’ all bend my thing Got a a sugar looking woman with a bald headed man Give me five o here boy, that’s what I’ll do Got a big fat momma who can hold […]

Whole Lotta Rosie – AC/DC

Wanna tell you a story ‘Bout a woman I know When it comes to lovin’ Oh she steals the show She ain’t exactly pretty Ain’t exactly small Forty-two, thirty-nine, fifty-six You could say she’s got it all Never had a woman Never had a woman like you Doing all the things Doing all the things […]

Show Business – AC/DC

You learn to play Why don’t the businessman Ever learn to pay CHORUS: That’s show business Show bizness Show bizness That’s the way it goes You play in halls You play in bars You’re climbin’ walls Chasin’ stars CHORUS You pay the men You pay your dues When it’s all gone You sing the blues […]

Burnin’ Alive – AC/DC

[Oooh yeah] Burnin’ alive, set my soul on fire Runnin’ with a gun, this place is gonna burn No firewater, or novacaine No thunderstorm, no John Wayne No kids to rock, nowhere to run So watch out ’cause this place is gonna burn Burnin’ alive, Burnin’ alive Burnin’ alive, Burnin’ alive [Burnin’ alive, Burnin’ alive] […]

Beating Around The Bush – AC/DC

Smiling face and laughing eyes But you keep on telling me all those lies How do you expect me to believe Honey I ain’t on my knees Baby I got my eye on you But you do all the things that I want you to Stop your crying and dry your tears I ain’t that […]

Big Balls – AC/DC

I’m ever upper class high society God’s gift to ballroom notoriety I always fill my ballroom The event is never small The social pages say I’ve got The biggest balls of all CHORUS: I’ve got big balls I’ve got big balls And they’re such big balls Dirty big balls And he’s got big balls And […]

Back In Business – AC/DC

Breakin’ out, about to shout Feel the need for one more round Don’t you struggle, don’t try to bite You want some trouble, I’m the king of vice I’m a wreckin’ ball, I’m a stingin’ knife Steal your money, gonna take your life You got screamin’ murder, lock up your door Double dealin’ gotta have […]

Damned – AC/DC

Don’t smoke don’t fight don’t light no cigarettes Or else you’ll wind up in the can No jokes no rights sit tight don’t fool around You are a guest of Uncle Sam Stand up look right don’t slouch and stand at ease Allow no sex above the knees When I snap you jump into the […]

Badlands – AC/DC

I am a pistol packin’ man with a gun in my hand Looking for a woman that will understand You like to roll and I like to ride I’ll stop at nothing, never take me alive I’m a man with a fast hand Loving on a last stand Outlaw, quick draw Evil talking bandit man […]

Shoot To Thrill – AC/DC

But you don’t know which way you wanna turn Just keep a coming and put your hand out to me ‘Cause I’m the one who’s gonna make you burn I’m gonna take you down – down, down, down So don’t you fool around I’m gonna pull it, pull it, pull the trigger Shoot to thrill, […]

Money Talks – AC/DC

Tailored suits, chauffered cars Fine hotels and big cigars Up for grabs, up for a price Where the red hot girls keep on dancing through the night The claim is on you The sights are on me So what do you do That’s guaranteed Hey little girl, you want it all The furs, the diamonds, […]

Walk All Over You – AC/DC

Out of my way I’m running high Take your chance with me and I’ll give it a try Ain’t no woman in the world I know ‘Cause I ain’t looking for (an overflow?) Oh baby I ain’t got much Resistance to your touch Take off the high heels, let down your hair Paradise ain’t far […]

Back In Black – AC/DC

I hit the sack I’ve been too long I’m glad to be back Yes I’m, let loose From the noose That’s kept me hanging about I keep looking at the sky ‘Cause it’s gettin’ me high Forget the herse ’cause I’ll never die I got nine lives Cat’s eyes Usin’ every one of them and […]

Rock Your Heart Out – AC/DC

(Ooh yeah Ooooooh yeah, yeah Yeah) Got the devil in you Got the devil in me Play a dangerous tune Come on and dance with thee You got to throw your fists up Shout your mouth out Beat the walls down Got to freak out Rock your little Rock your little Rock your little heart […]

Fire Your Guns – AC/DC

Wild beast, I’ll make you mine Taste your kiss, sweet lips devine She got moves, drips of sweat She got eyes of blue, body curves ‘n Legs that’ll break your nerves CHORUS: Fire – when she’s going down Fire – then she make you drown Fire – then she blow you round Yeah, You want […]

Two’s Up – AC/DC

Three is company Come on, Last stand Down to my last dime I ain’t got the sense to leave The dealers cutting fine Last draw Back against the wall Depending where the money is Is where I’m gonna fall Ace high Hide your poker eyes I didn’t want to laugh too much When I picked […]

Cold Hearted Man – AC/DC

Where he came from He never knew himself Call her Ma Call him Pa But he was born to someone else No one fooled Or messed him around Cause they were all afraid Ain’t no lies Ice in the eyes Of Leeroy Kincaid CHORUS: Cold hearted man One time lover heart in his hand Cold […]

Put The Finger On You – AC/DC

I put the finger on you yea My hands all out of control I can’t stop it getting down on you It’s moving on it’s own accord Yes, I’ve got fire in my finger tips Radiating onto you I can’t control it, can’t even hold it It’s knocking on your door And you know what […]

Riddance To Bad Luck – AC/DC

Getting (bombed | bummed) out on booze Got nothing to lose Run out of money Disposable blues Sleazy hotels Like living in hell The girls on the hustle With nothing to sell Want something for nothing It’s always the same Keep pushing and shoving And I’m down on the game Always in trouble Forever detained […]

Riddance To Bad Luck – AC/DC

Getting (bombed | bummed) out on booze Got nothing to lose Run out of money Disposable blues Sleazy hotels Like living in hell The girls on the hustle With nothing to sell Want something for nothing It’s always the same Keep pushing and shoving And I’m down on the game Always in trouble Forever detained […]

Deep In The Hole – AC/DC

I’ve been enchained She got shackles on me That woman to blame For the hell and misery Can’t find my way outta here Shoot me down in a burnin’ fear Goin’ down for a stretch of years Way down below CHORUS: I’m deep in, deep in, deep in the hole Deep in, deep in, deep […]

Flick Of The Switch – AC/DC

Well there’s a love gone down on mine Suicidal voltage line She sends signals outta distress She devil, she evil She got you reelin’ on a rockin’ machine CHORUS: With a flick of the switch With a flick of the switch she’ll blow you sky high With a flick of the switch With a flick […]

Stick Around – AC/DC

You’ve been singing in the bath You’ve been acting like a lady Not a dirty photograph Then tonight you came home early Packed a bag or two It’s been worrying me honey Just what you’re gonna do Stick around, yeah, stick around Stick around, babe, stick around Well you came on like a hurricane About […]

Thunderstruck – AC/DC

I was Caught In the middle of a railroad track (Thunder) I looked round And I knew there was no turning back (Thunder) My mind raced And I thought what could I do (Thunder) And I knew There was no help, no help from you (Thunder) Sound of the guns Beatin’ in my heart The […]

Kissin’ Dynamite – AC/DC

Here she come, here she come Eating up the thrill Sugar cane, sugar cane Dressin’ up to kill Like a fireball in the shadow Like a storm that’s gonna show Like an overwhelmed volcano Getting set to blow, set to blow She got a nasty reputation She got a healthy apetite When she needs some […]

Sink The Pink – AC/DC

Put your gear into fire Lay your bullets on the ground Turn your head to desire There’s a woman going down She said she’ll rough you up, all the way And she gonna spit you out, count your days She says choice is yours, casually So why don’t you do what comes naturally CHORUS: Sink […]

Give It Up – AC/DC

Oh yeah Well there be no words of fighting around here ‘Cause nothin’ don’t matter ’cause it ain’t clear Well it could be on a Monday Or it could be even Sunday So if you can’t stand the distance You better disappear Do I make myself clear I’m ready to rock I’m gonna rip it […]

Nervous Shakedown – AC/DC

“Freeze”, said the man cruisin’ the beat “You get your hands up and spread your feet” “Don’t you move an inch”, I heard him say “Or you’ll be doin’ time until the judgement day” And he said, “Don’t tell me no lies, give me alibis ‘Cause if you cross my path, you’ll be doin’ life” […]

Playing With Girls – AC/DC

Highball women that are hot to touch Legs do the talkin’ spellin’ out lust See the Sugar Daddies with a sweet tooth and a smile See what’s hangin’ off him like a want’n child That’s where you’ll find me standing proud CHORUS: Playing with girls gonna get you hot Playing with guns gonna get you […]

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