Performer AC DC

Come And Get It – AC/DC

Picking up the sleaze in my car Hell no distance too far Burning down the road in the night Don’t […]

Decibel – AC/DC

Kick up your heels, lookin’ fine, And you come riding blind, You come rollin’ back a while, Wind blowin’ on […]

House Of Jazz – AC/DC

Humdinger Bell ringer Got a nasty stinger To slow you down Mud slinger Gold digger Who point the finger And […]

Highway To Hell – AC/DC

Season ticket on a one-way ride Asking nothing, leave me be Taking everything in my stride Don’t need reason, don’t […]

Touch Too Much – AC/DC

It was one of those nights When you turned out the lights And everything comes into view She was taking […]

Spellbound – AC/DC

Blinded by a bright beam Shattered by the windscreen Stunned by the whiplash I’m a victim of a bad crash […]

Overdose – AC/DC

I never smoked me no cigarettes I never drank much booze But I’m only a man, don’t you understand And […]

Breaking The Rules – AC/DC

Black sheep and a renegade Hot feet in the cool of the shade Street shuffle and a tough childhoods Examinations […]

Satellite Blues – AC/DC

She makes the place a jumpin’ The way she moves around She like a rump and rollin’ That’s when she […]

Anything Goes – AC/DC

Standing there holding out your hand Better lock up all your doors She’s like a spinning dynamo You’re handing out […]

Boogie Man – AC/DC

Some people say, I’m only out at night Maybe those folks, might of got it right And some people say […]

Go Zone – AC/DC

Once I need relaxation Need to get some r ‘n’ r (That’s rest and recreation) Don’t need no vacation I […]

Love Bomb – AC/DC

Love bomb, love bomber It’s a comin’ on strong I can’t take it any longer Come a rockin’ through the […]

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