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Nervous Shakedown – AC/DC

“Freeze”, said the man cruisin’ the beat “You get your hands up and spread your feet” “Don’t you move an inch”, I heard him say “Or you’ll be doin’ time until the judgement day” And he said, “Don’t tell me no lies, give me alibis ‘Cause if you cross my path, you’ll be doin’ life” […]

Playing With Girls – AC/DC

Highball women that are hot to touch Legs do the talkin’ spellin’ out lust See the Sugar Daddies with a sweet tooth and a smile See what’s hangin’ off him like a want’n child That’s where you’ll find me standing proud CHORUS: Playing with girls gonna get you hot Playing with guns gonna get you […]

Fly On The Wall – AC/DC

You can dance through the night Rock ‘n’ roll music [itchin’ to fight] Makin’ love drunk or stoned Lookin’ for dollars, get broken-boned It’s a game too tough to tame Ends up the same, sweatin’ out rain CHORUS: I was trapped like a fly on the wall I was caged like a zoo animal No […]

Meanstreak – AC/DC

(Ooh yeah)I’ve been to the left, I’ve been to the right I’ve found myself in Abudhabi, just a mirage in the night Been to the high, I’ve been to the low And I’ve been to lots of places that I didn’t wanna go But I ain’t see nothing to get me off my ass And […]

What’s Next To The Moon – AC/DC

Well I tied my baby to the railroad track Cannonball down the line Giving that woman just a one more chance To give it to me one more time Engineer wishing he was home in bed Dreaming about Casey Jones Wide-eyed woman heading a mile ahead Thinking about broken bones CHORUS: It’s her love that […]

Given The Dog A Bone – AC/DC

She take you down easy Going down to her knees Going down to the devil Down down to ninety degrees Oh, She’s blowing me crazy Till my ammunition is dry Oh, She’s using her head again She’s using her head Oh, She’s using her head again CHORUS: I’m just a givin’ the dog a bone […]

The Honey Roll – AC/DC

Honey roll over, and lettuce on top Strap you to the bed, and make you rock Run it up the flag, send it on home Push you to the wall, and make you moan She’s mine, take what I want Get what I need, don’t take it all [So] Don’t you hide, gonna blow my […]

Big Gun – AC/DC

Pictures on the TV Invader man take what he can Shootout on the silver screen Sticking ’em up and knocking ’em down Living out a fantasy There’s a bad man cruising around In a big black limousine Don’t let it be wrong Don’t let it be right Get in his way You’re dead in his […]

Stormy May Day – AC/DC

The winds are howlin; The water’s calling – Rescue You. A flash of lightning, And all look frightenin; Horror is comin’ And the sun don’t shine. CHORUS Baby. baby Make it, Stormy May Day x2 Stormy May Day Ahhw! The sky is darkening, The dogs are barkin’, I go for help You hope will get […]

Down Payment Blues – AC/DC

I know that it’s evil I know that it’s got to be I know I ain’t doing much Doing nothing means a lot to me Living on a shoe string A fifty cent millionaire Open to charity Rock ‘n’ roller welfare Sitting in my Cadillac Listening to my radio Suzy baby get on in Tell […]

Stand Up – AC/DC

Put on the headset, get on the stage Out on a midnight escapade Didn’t want to steal your thunder Wouldn’t want to play your game Makin’ all the headlines Gettin’ on the front page Didn’t even know her number I didn’t even know her name CHORUS: Stand up, stand up and take it Stand up, […]

Jailbreak – AC/DC

There was a friend of mine on murder And the judge’s gavel fell Jury found him guilty Gave him sixteen years in hell He said “I ain’t spending my life here I ain’t living alone Ain’t breaking no rocks on the chain gang I’m breakin’ out and headin’ home Gonna make a jailbreak And I’m […]

Spoilin’ For A Fight – AC/DC

Well I’m coming back to a fork, Sliding down a road, Gonna lick Â’em on down, We’re gonna run right out, I’m a fighting fool, And I’m hungry for you, Well I’m living on a line, I’m protecting my life, Rock with me, come on come one, You’re only spoilin’ for a fight, Spoilin’ for […]

Can I Sit Next To You Girl – AC/DC

Standing in the queue at the Odeon alright Oh I took her by surprise When I gave her one of my lines She started smiling at me real fine (ha ha) That’s when I said Can I sit next to you, girl Can I sit next to you, girl Can I sit next to you, […]

Evil Walks – AC/DC

Black mark up against your name Your green eyes couldn’t get any colder There’s bad poison runnin’ thru your veins Evil walks behind you Evil sleeps beside you Evil talks arouse you Evil walks behind you Black widow weavin’ evil notion Dark secret’s bein’ spun in your web Good men goin’ down in your ocean […]

Wheels – AC/DC

Aint no stranger, You give me rock ‘n’ roll, around the town, Just foolin’ around, She’s gonna break ya, Wanna make ya, Gonna make it, Wanna take it down, She’s gonna rock ‘n’ roll ‘n’ slide it down, Wheels, Spinnin’ around my brain, driving you insane, Wheels, Rolling ’round my head, going through the red, […]

Ride On – AC/DC

It’s another lonely evening And another lonely town But I ain’t too young to worry And I ain’t too old to cry When a woman gets me down Got another empty bottle And another empty bed Ain’t too young to admit it And I’m not too old to lie I’m just another empty head That’s […]

Girls Got Rhythm – AC/DC

I’ve been around the world I’ve seen a million girls Ain’t one of them got What my lady she’s got She steals the spotlight Knocks me of my feet She’s enough to start a landslide Just walking down the street Wearing dresses so tight And looking dynamite Enough to blow me out No doubt about […]

Dog Eat Dog – AC/DC

Well it’s a dog eat dog Eat cat too Fish eat frog And I eat you Businessman, when you make a deal Do you know who you can trust? Do you sign your life away? Do you write your name in dust? CHORUS: Hey, hey, hey Every dog has his day It’s a dog eat […]

Gone Shootin’ – AC/DC

Feel the pressure rise Hear the whistle blow Found a ticket of a roller chord That I don’t know Packed your heart in a travelling bag And never said bye bye Something missing in the neighbourhood All the crying eyes I stirred my coffee with the same spoon Do a favourite tune Gone shootin’ My […]

What Do You Do For Money Honey – AC/DC

You’re working in bars Riding in cars Never gonna give it for free Your apartment with a view On the finest avenue Looking at your beat on the street You’re always pushing, shoving Satisfied with nothing You bitch, you must be getting old So stop your love on the road All your digging for gold […]

Hell Or Highwater – AC/DC

Everybody, you don’t have to choose You don’t have to prove it It’s only rock ‘n’ roll Mama don’ told me Papa don’ scold me Superstition, black cat in the cradle Dancing on the table Don’t you snake on me Mama don’ told me Daddy don’ scold me, told me, show me You know that […]

Ruff Stuff – AC/DC

I like ’em big and I like ’em small And if I had to take the oath I would take them all Give me that ruff stuff (It’s what I want) She’s a saint, she’s a sinner She’s a rave, rave, rave She’s a woman, she’s a winner In every way, way, way She don’t […]

Ruff Stuff – AC/DC

I like ’em big and I like ’em small And if I had to take the oath I would take them all Give me that ruff stuff (It’s what I want) She’s a saint, she’s a sinner She’s a rave, rave, rave She’s a woman, she’s a winner In every way, way, way She don’t […]

If You Want Blood You Got It – AC/DC

It’s criminal, there ought to be a law Criminal, and you know what we’re shootin’ for Shouting at the other guy when his back is turned Don’t know the reason why Ain’t it ’bout time you learn If you want blood, you got it If you want blood, you got it Blood on the sheets, […]

The Jack – AC/DC

She gave me the King She was wheelin’ and dealin’ Just doin’ her thing She was holdin’ a pair But I had to try Her Deuce was wild But my Ace was high But how was I to know That she’d been dealt with before Said she’d never had a Full House But I should […]

Love Song – AC/DC

I can tell by the way you sigh That you know I’ve been thinking of you And you know what I want to do Oh Jean When you smile I see stars in the sky When you smile I see sunrise And I know you’ve been thinking of me And I know how you want […]

Let’s Get It Up – AC/DC

Loose lips sink ships So come aboard for a pleasure trip It’s high tide, so let’s ride The moon is rising and so am I I’m gonna get it up Never gonna let it up Cruisin’ on the seven seas A pirate of my loving needs I’ll never go down, never go down CHORUS: So […]

Problem Child – AC/DC

I’m hot And when I’m not I’m cold as ice See me comin’ Step aside Or pay the price What I want I take What I don’t I break And I don’t want you With a flick of my knife I can change your life There’s nothing you can do Cause I’m a problem child […]

Crabsody In Blue – AC/DC

Well they moved on down And they crawled around Walking sideways Sideway walking Give me the blues And you start to scratch When they start to hatch Walking sideways Sideway walking Give me the blues But when they start to bite Then it’s time you set alight For an appointment Before you start to scream […]

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