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Starlight – Accept

Movietowns, a phony world Seen a few nights of wonder, Seen a few nights of hell Walkin’ down the foggy streets of London-town Now I know it well Ev’ry light in the world is nothing To the light we know so well Starlight, shining bright, starlight Had a bit of life in high society The […]

Generation Clash Ii – Accept

That life ain№t long Same old stories You№ve heard Њem before They tell you to listen To be like they№ve been You carry a burden Whatever you do They never approve of The things that you do Revolution In the heart of your home But what do they do To comfort you At times when […]

Like A Loaded Gun – Accept

Brutalized and chained They№ll devastate – intoxicate They№re driving me insane – forever They regulate – investigate Complicate my life Everyday insanity There№s nothing going right – I mean forget it I№ve been there before Can№t take it no more That№s why I№m like a loaded gun A man with a mission Like a loaded […]

Monsterman – Accept

I am no monster man Knowing makes you guilty Not free of any faults I see a hot, hot fighting On controversial sides They call me mercy killer ’cause i did it right For love i gave your fading life For love i had to give you up I am no monster man – mercy […]

Guns ЊR№ Us – Accept

Full of guns to start a war We№re selling toys for fatal games We№ll take the credit not the blame When they shoot the neighbours Shoot the daughters Shoot the sisters Shoot the mutha№s It№s a billion dollar industry All in the same name of liberty Guns Њr№ us Guns Њr№ us – big toys […]

Teach Us To Survive – Accept

No one knows what we should do No one tells what we should know We’re starving No one cares about the law No one tells use what we saw We’re starving (starving) We never know whom we’re believing We don’t know the things we’re doing Looking for some real teachers No one can explain the […]

Too High To Get It Right – Accept

Getting everything is easy for you Fail for anything is something you can’t do If it doesn’t work in the way you want it for You start dreaming until it’s right Lie is lie – and truth is truth You’ll turn it ’round, let someone else go down You won’t remember and no one would […]

X-T-C – Accept

How I keep a runnin’ Women keep me lovinn’ Give me all their funnin’ Rock of life seems like a hell of a load Like a hell of a load Crazy horse rockin’ somehow I belong Here in the dark of the nihgt When pushin’ comes to showin’ you never know How much a man […]

Love Sensation – Accept

It’s just her nature I’ve had enough of the night Taken by systems of love I’m outta money But gotten ounees of love She got her name droppin’ down to an art Don’t need no mother Just a woman in kind A stranger suits me fine How she’s been spreadin’ it around – ah! What […]

I Don’t Wanna Be Like You – Accept

Heaven knows Heaven knows I tried To be like you To be a part of the tribe I’d rather leave it all behind But that’s alright I’m not your average type No Mr. Clean – hey, I wanna be me Can’t you see – I’m the exception to the rule I know what I want […]

Hellhammer – Accept

Blame it n your passionplay But I know it’s just a game Why don’t we fight the fight Evil it’s not here to stay Broken words are broken ways I can see it in your eyes You love the masquerade And you don’t seem to care Hellhammer – hell – Hellhammer Living out your fantasy, […]

London Leatherboys – Accept

I see the city’s face Boys dressed in leather Girls dressed in lace See the easy riders They’re roaring down their way They need to give full speed ahead They’ve been bunched together To keep their crazy life They turn on the power Get wrecked every night Got some kind of feeling Looking in his […]

Take Out The Crime – Accept

To execute a crime But now it’s time – to pull the plug And stop this bloody game – this bloody game They’re black or white Crime is colour blind Rage is breaking loose For our defence It makes good sense Lock ’em all away We’ve gotta take out the crime Start all over again […]

Prisoner – Accept

And she’s holdin’ on To dreams of fame No loser But in her mind It’s coming apart It’s felony to me To give it up – she’s gonna lose it Been holding back on love Pretending there’s no way to turn She’s a prisoner Got a lot to fight for – (prisoner) Prisoner – prisoner […]

Another Second To Be – Accept

Facing the cover – it’s me They write about my coming end No more than twelve months for me Tainted and fainted and lonely I picture my life Blameless and shameless I’m leaving in awful disgrace Another second to be No another second to be All the things I just have done Passing my mind […]

Dead On! – Accept

on collision course A meteor from outta space – gonna smash the earth Head down to the trenches – to watch the bloody war Nothing№s gonna stop – the metal dinosaurs Runaway train lost control – a thousand tons of steel Overheated engines – the screaming of the wheels A fighter in a boxing ring […]

Midnight Highway – Accept

Blinded by the light Strangest feelin’ I have know Don’t know what’s wrong or right See the people, clubs and bars Streetlife passin’ by yeah Screamin’ engine, burnin’ gas I’m on overdrive Danger, danger, save your soul The finger’s writin’ on the wall Where you are the angels are blind Midnight, and I cruise along […]

Ahead Of The Pack – Accept

You gotta live your life Yesterday’s heroes They are born to die The people always blame you It don’t matter what they say You’ve got your own freedom You’ve gotta go your way Get up and roll on Because there is no future And there’ll be no past Live for today The going is going […]

Lady Lou – Accept

C’mon, let’s go to town I wanna live my life Lady I’m lovin’ you (…) Woman I lose my way Cause you can’t take me high Won’t you come to me my love – Lady Lou Won’t you come to me my love Won’t you, won’t you, won’t you Yeah I see you, come here […]

Head Over Heels – Accept

I saw them slipping in the dark For heaven’s sake what’s going on It’s like someone is here Gotta follow now Like being in a trance for me There’s silence here More than all the noise Spurting in the dark head over heels Overheated heart head over heels Treating it so hard the spurting feels […]

Run If You Can – Accept

Be a step ahead in time Don’t you stop to look in his eyes He wants your soul, he wants your mind He’ll tear you apart He’ll rip you asunder Stretch your mind, so look out Hearts must break, hearts must bleed When you heed the demon’s call Death is near, light is the speed […]