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Bulletproof – Accept

He called it this – he called it that But never what it was We called it shit – we […]

Bound To Fail – Accept

Drifting down what we passed It’s done over and over again We’ve just been losing a part To be in […]

Stand Tight – Accept

Veins are filled with ice I see you swagger through Your boots are shiny too I still feel your torture […]

Get Ready – Accept

Can you stand the heat You feel the flames Burning in the streets Get it on – get it on […]

Love Child – Accept

By looking in his eyes something turned me lose in his hot nights Feeling the power of lost when the […]

The King – Accept

But time has changed where he was proud It’s a far away He took living easy, his bad reputation Oh […]

Bad Religion – Accept

I was left all by myself When trouble crossed my way I stood alone My old man hit the bottle […]

Generation Clash – Accept

Warnings around me Coming on strong Hear the desire That young dudes are fools But systems will berak down The […]

Neon Nights – Accept

The night rolls in Lonely lovers come alive Like a heartbeat In a world of sin Cruising around hungry eyes […]

T. V. War – Accept

Entertaining and far, far away What a story and how they fight Let’s gamble and guess who will win Danger […]

Burning – Accept

screamin’ wild on the radio Well, I know what I like, know and it’s right Gotta take me through the […]

All Or Nothing – Accept

Revolution in the streets Our vision turned into reality Too late to stop it now A spark that’s lit a […]

Dogs On Leads – Accept

He stares at her, his teeth are bare Blood gets hot, he wants it now, He wants it rare, but […]

Up To The Limit – Accept

Too many things happened today Too many words I don’t wanna say I wanna be cool but the heat’s coming […]

Stand 4 What U R – Accept

Trust in what you’re fighting for No time on looking back You’re on your own Stand for what you are […]

Save Us – Accept

Ha, tell ya Take care of you, beware of his magical plan It hurts, breaks your soul, burns your mind […]

Balls To The Wall – Accept

One by torture and pain Too many people do not see They’re killing themselves – going insane Too many people […]

I’m A Rebel – Accept

And ev’rybody says I’m out for the kill They’re all laughing at me They’re all laughing at me I’m a […]

Lay It Down – Accept

i would have died for you You cut the skin off my bones I thought you’d steal for me I […]

Death Row – Accept

To be a part of your society A life-time in prison wouldn№t justify You wanna blow away a sucker – […]

Winter Dreams – Accept

And fog in the street Flickering candles in the room Hear the church bell ring See the children playing I […]

Midnight Mover – Accept

Hey you – come on I show you something There is what it takes for you Mmh, you better follow […]

Helldriver – Accept

You are a loser, only shit in your head You are a fighter and devil in bet Helldriver come to […]

Donation – Accept

It’s way past noon – I just woke up Man – I feel like shit One drink too much – […]

Glad To Be Alone – Accept

With their (…) I don’t like your worthless friends With the talk about their problems With a can of small […]

Prejudice – Accept

Ignoring our ignorance – daring our fate Predictions were made – generations were lost While the seed is growing day […]

Stone Evil – Accept

tyrannize democracies Their narrow minds still nothing learned from history The seeds of hate acquired from their ancestry Spreading like […]

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