Performer ACCEPT

D.-Train – Accept

Never know where you are headed for What to do nothing new Nothing seems to be worth living for ‘Cause […]

Wrong Is Right – Accept

Do you believe, wrong is right When you turn the world upside down Don’t pretend if you love To be […]

Turn The Wheel – Accept

She got loads o’money A sugar daddy’s car Diamonds galore money she can burn I think you know what I […]

Turn Me On – Accept

Down on the dirty floor I know it ain’t a place But come on and close the door I’m coming […]

Feelings – Accept

And know what you want, And fight ev’ryone in your way You’re the one who sweats And what do you […]

Heaven Is Hell – Accept

If wanted on the Koran It’s always good for trouble To have a holy ghost We have made the decision […]

Objection Overruled – Accept

Members of the jury Your conclusion has been drawn Defendants should be sentenced But you just let’em go The city […]

Sounds Of War – Accept

I’m (…) here no place to stay Time will come, we’ll have to pray And then the war will come […]

Mistreated – Accept

And been told so many lies No one vares what’s on my mind At all I feel lost while on […]

Sodom & Gomorra – Accept

Man№s been on the hunt We were born to kill Fighting for survival All in self-defence It was do or […]

Breaking Up Again – Accept

Sunday’d been and gone Reachin’ out for you But I was alone Now I sit at the breakfast table Table’s […]

China Lady – Accept

C’mon – let’s do it now – c’mon Too much time – c’mon Need you right now – c’mon Set […]

Shake Your Heads – Accept

Deep, dark and grey Grieving heartbreaks all your life Seems to be the way Wars of aggression Mankind’s favourite game […]

What Else – Accept

Nations – dividing Principles – they№re gone It№s war Wallstreet – buy in politics Jesus – up for sale Do […]

Fast As A Shark – Accept

A church clock beats Midnight – darkness all around You better beware You better take care Be prepared for the […]

No Time To Lose – Accept

But everything seems so sad without you Your love has (flown/run?) away The days are cold and grey I can’t […]

Hard Attack – Accept

You’ve pushed my juice to the limit You slide so right I know that you’ra going down It’s getting harder […]

Chain Reaction – Accept

Out on the tiles again Tired of the routine I never ever get it right I’ve been lookin’ for some […]

Breaker – Accept

tryin’ to get you down Mistreatin’ ev’rythin’, if you were king he’d take your crown If you were adead man […]

Starlight – Accept

Movietowns, a phony world Seen a few nights of wonder, Seen a few nights of hell Walkin’ down the foggy […]

Like A Loaded Gun – Accept

Brutalized and chained They№ll devastate – intoxicate They№re driving me insane – forever They regulate – investigate Complicate my life […]

Monsterman – Accept

I am no monster man Knowing makes you guilty Not free of any faults I see a hot, hot fighting […]

Guns ЊR№ Us – Accept

Full of guns to start a war We№re selling toys for fatal games We№ll take the credit not the blame […]

X-T-C – Accept

How I keep a runnin’ Women keep me lovinn’ Give me all their funnin’ Rock of life seems like a […]

Love Sensation – Accept

It’s just her nature I’ve had enough of the night Taken by systems of love I’m outta money But gotten […]

Hellhammer – Accept

Blame it n your passionplay But I know it’s just a game Why don’t we fight the fight Evil it’s […]

London Leatherboys – Accept

I see the city’s face Boys dressed in leather Girls dressed in lace See the easy riders They’re roaring down […]

Prisoner – Accept

And she’s holdin’ on To dreams of fame No loser But in her mind It’s coming apart It’s felony to […]

Dead On! – Accept

on collision course A meteor from outta space – gonna smash the earth Head down to the trenches – to […]

Midnight Highway – Accept

Blinded by the light Strangest feelin’ I have know Don’t know what’s wrong or right See the people, clubs and […]

Ahead Of The Pack – Accept

You gotta live your life Yesterday’s heroes They are born to die The people always blame you It don’t matter […]

Lady Lou – Accept

C’mon, let’s go to town I wanna live my life Lady I’m lovin’ you (…) Woman I lose my way […]

Head Over Heels – Accept

I saw them slipping in the dark For heaven’s sake what’s going on It’s like someone is here Gotta follow […]