Category: ACID DEATH

Frozen Heart – Acid Death

I can`t remember where I`ve been last night With whom I`ve, what I`ve done can`t remember what really happened Although I push my mind so hard And my thoughts trail off to the frozen garden in my heart Strange eyes penetrate me Who am I to see the difference I`ve been demolished, I`ve been crushed […]

My Destination – Acid Death

The man in black fled across the desert And the Gunslinger followed On the quest for his lost soul Through fields and worlds Through Tull and Allie he walked Obsessed by cruelty and logic Powerful enough to destroy Obsessed-was not fate. Unembraced Crawling thought, I paused (I paused) Sleep on my friend and dream For […]

Sense Of Annihilation – Acid Death

Psychical crushes-made for a human Insistently are searching for cure A desperate being is trying to escape from destiny of loneliness and sorrow Obvious agony on daily steps Incorrigibly romantic inner picture-furthered in all dimensions Words are loosing their interest told by well-disposed-aimed on Happiness restoring Inexperienced wandering in areas of fantastic, false or true […]