Sleepless – Acrostichon

staring blind; there’sonly darkness bothered by too many thoughts thoughts of this scattered world filled with only bitterness the more […]

Relics – Acrostichon

Door bolted from the inside Bedclothes ripped off Tangled in bloodstained garments Raw mass of human flesh Once it was […]

Guilt – Acrostichon

guilt is growing in my head building on a painful past distorting all i think and see my mask is […]

Pain – Acrostichon

portraits; all over this wall murdered morals taking my fall velvet footsteps caressing the floor listen carefully; i want to […]

Victims – Acrostichon

you are so changed since i met you vague moments seem to come more often why do you use it; […]

Scarred – Acrostichon

Voices inside Keep on twisting my thoughts things that are rationally right sre crooked to me but i make it […]