Ad Infinitum – Epoch Of Unlight

Seas within myself
Yet see within myself
What cannot be seen
Lies deep within my soul
Yet cannot be the sole
Purpose to my quest
Time is but a stream
A stream through which I cross
Across the endless time
In primal night I was always searching for an answer to
The majesty of night and the peace of starless space
The taint of Novas past and the stench of burning suns
My will to find the place to escape the curse of light
Needs to be fulfilled
Fulfilling in the need
To right the venerable wrong
Pleas my weary soul
And all the souls who plea
To regain sovereignty

End the venery
And from the end begin
The point which lost to time
Caught within “… the dark backward and abysm of
Time… “1 I sought to find my way
Lead solely by a faint string of crimson hue
To bring me back upon myself
Into Time
In fetters of time lies a measureless space
A malfeasance in contradiction
To a cosmos unbound when in times long ago
The keepers of the continuum failed
(To) Endless Night
Creature of highest conciousness2
Exists in the notch of the “eight”
Seeking “the palpable obscure”3
For I am The Dweller of Inanity
Through Storms of cosmic dust I make my way

Lyric Ad Infinitum – Epoch Of Unlight