Farewell – Adorned Brood

he went with the western wind on a boat that sailed for nowhere looking for new land. twenty fine young worriors went on board that day the girl was crying badly her love had gone away. farewell, my love, farewell young worrior may the gods be with you as brothers of the sword farewell, my […]

Undisclosed Treasures Of The Mortal – Adorned Brood

who could control his power, and lives for all eternity. He was the one, who homages his strength, his will be reprieved by the gods. He was the one, who stood on the cliff fighting with the beast and turning into a legend. You are one of them, who take all they need. Your life […]

Felidae – Adorned Brood

verbirgt sich unschuld und der tod so reißt sie viele seelen in ihren bann man sagt sie sind mit 9 leben gesegnet ein bester freund. der mond sich wandelt so wandelt sich ihr augenlicht sie treibt und tötet in der nacht bis der helle morgen erwacht man glaubte diese seele rein und betet sie müssen […]

Furor Teutonicus – Adorned Brood

lets proudly glisten the warpaint and spikes the knights they stand over there watching in the dark are fearless while they think That could be the last beautiful night. Be willing to die and to kill the swords, axes and shields are shining dreadful in the moonlight then they raise their fists and scream their […]

Wigand – Adorned Brood

regiert, schenk ich meiner Seele Ruhe ein Will gefeit sein dem wilden Sturm, welchem ich ьberlegen werd sein Der Opfer Gebein stдrkt meine Klinge, der Ruhm stдrkt mein Gemьht, meine Seel, das Ich Wigand, von Wotan gesandt Wigand, zum Siegen verbannt Wigand, von Wotan gesandt Wigand, zum Siegen verbannt Feuer und Blut Asche und Staub […]

Der Fluch – Adorned Brood

stürzen krachend in das Dach Risse spalten das Gemäuer Blitze fassen gierig nach Feuer schlingt mein Haus hinunter Sturm trägt meine Herde fort Wer hat diesen Fluch gesprochen? Wer verdammte diesen Ort? Fluch – Du kannst gebrochen werden Fluch – Ich nehm dich niemals hin Fluch – Verdammt seist du auf ewig Fluch – Du […]

Kissing The Heathen Amulet – Adorned Brood

Upon the monumental rocks, awaiting the end of a dishonourable life, I perceive my morality fading to a weakly seeming substance, climbing towards my yer unsealed faith, I arrive (faith arrives) Staring into the abyss of Midgard, above, the Angels of Asgard and the armour of Loges child. I´m losing myself in an odyssey through […]

Magic Nights – Adorned Brood

Tyrael percieves a light in the dark. A few steps in front of a little house he drowns in deep unconsciousness. Dagaz, a nice young demigoddess, owner of this house, picks him up and cares for him until he arouses. [Ref.1] Whenb he looked into her eyes both fell in deep love, it’s clear! They’ll […]

Adora – Adorned Brood

where she was born witchcraft and sorcery were practiced Transformation, Christianity, Cremation Adora walks her way through the forest in the night. The moon is shining brightly. Adora walks her way through the forest and the trees whisper to her. Adora – in the name of Christ Adora – churche´s lies She lives her own […]

Lebenslied – Adorned Brood

das Böse in dir Ich bin die Glut in deinen Augen Ich bin der Jäger der Gejagte Ich bin das Blut an deinem Schwert Ich bin dein Herr dein Meister dein Gott Ich zeige dir den Weg zu mir Ich bin dein Herr dein Meister dein Gott Ich zeige dir den Weg zu mir Ich […]

A God Ruled Time – Adorned Brood

where magic spells and gods ruled. In a time, where Wotan held his hand above us. Welcome in a time, in which we can live as once. Spread your wings… Spread your wings and fly. [Ref.] Life in the dark you open the wrong door. Life in our Asgard we know it’s our endevour. I […]