Adrian (S. O. S.) – Running Wild

The vanguard of hell is coming soon
Bloodstained altar, crucifix inverse
The devil touched the cradle, god gets his curse
Son of Satan’s coming, to free all the slaves
He’s coming straight from hell, through its burning gates
He grew in a womb of a hellpossessed whore
Born to be a king to give the badness war

Free and wild, Satan’s child
Adrian’s taking the crown
Destruction and war, opening hell’s door
To bring oppression down

Pentagram’s his landmark, everywhere he has grown
He only needs one glance, to burn you to the bone
Bodies of the racists are decaying in the sun
He give ’em hell, no place to run
Each hunter becomes a victim of his power and his hate
Destroying all these bastards, Adrian’s their fate
He’s the new faith, the saviour to the weak
Destroying your oppression, he’s the freedom you seek

Free and wild, Satan’s child

Lyric Adrian (S. O. S.) – Running Wild