Entering The After – Age – Aegrimonia

I do have my own believe When I thouch, I get touched So what, he’ll stand by me …at his feet I flee and Death – and terror cold dreath – in horror fear – surrounds the eternal soul Hate is now within my bones …mind explodes Opponent of God in wicked wars… I bend […]

The Perfume Of Night – Aegrimonia

the beauty from there after ascend and then kneel before me abyssic nights rise from the smother No hallowed sounds like an angelvoice shall ever sip my spirit Black winds carried me to Carpathian source a beheaded vampire and the (grieving) widow with it the sunset evokes a neckless of tears that he wore on […]

An Erotic Damnation – Aegrimonia

in a circle all dressed in black now evoking the damned doing the dance of death drunk as we are by the poisoned cup of Bacchus Aspell was cast and the dead were now among us in visa deo luna laborat I shall fear the light now the sunrise I forgot Noctivagus forever and by […]

Nox Arcanis Fidissima – Aegrimonia

Sulphur skies cover the stars Our souls now entwined Mighty sylph take our scars To spot a flicker Of a vampyric devine The bloodtrack tricked her It led her to the sunshine site An ardent sensation to dread Has now taken her unlife Into a botomless abyss she fled Toghether with her the myth has […]