Morbid Desire To Burn – Aeon (Sweden)

To fulfil my morbid desire I escape this flesh I escape this world As I walk throught the path where no angels laugh Hell seeker my goal in near The ultimate fire is here Flames licking my flesh Baptized again A nice warm caress I came to stay I have a morbid desire to burn […]

I Hate Your Existence – Aeon (Sweden)

You kneel before the crucifix Praying loud A thousand prays that don’t exist It makes me sick When you caress that cross Wearing it around your neck My fingers itch Want to break your fucking neck I would love to kill you Taste the fist of hell Awaits you does Misery Dead fucking the dead […]

Satanic Victory – Aeon (Sweden)

To get rid of them I see them telling lies In every church they lie They have no future in my eyes Kiss this world good bye I am coming after you You know your god won’t help Torture I would love to torture them Hurt them with my hands Their pain will be my […]

Biblewhore – Aeon (Sweden)

Slave bastards you are Living a lie under god I laugh at your Jesus Christ Open your eyes He looks so pathetic weak nailed to his cross Like zombies you enter the church One after one in a line To recieve what the priest has in mind Feeding a story of lies I laugh at […]

Soulburner – Aeon (Sweden)

Burn! Betrayed by heaven again God above is just a fake Nothing he promises he keeps Lies and pain are what he gives You need a god I am the one you want I can kill your pain All you have to do Is give me your soul Your glorious soul Your beautiful soul Trust […]

Bleeding The False – Aeon (Sweden)

I want you dead stabbing killing you flatline I know your names You spread your lies to make yourself the bigger one You think that lies will get rid of me Face to face you are always acting as a friend But I know you are false now it’s stabbing time Massacre There will be […]

Spreading Their Disease – Aeon (Sweden)

But already they are irritating this world They need to be stopped before they grow strong A world without knockers and one problem is gone Door to door they walk and walk Spreading their disease They use their mouths as a weapon they shoot us with lies They wont take no for an answer convert […]

When The War Comes – Aeon (Sweden)

With force you say that you will crush me I await our battle When that day comes I will be looking For you to kill When the war comes crowned king I will be When the war comes I will slaughter the enemy When the war comes on the field you can’t hide When the […]

You Pray To Nothing – Aeon (Sweden)

Pray and the world will be a better place If you got a problem then come to church In here you can pray them away Let’s sing a song about Jesus Christ And then you will be saved Pray for your sins Pray with the priest Pray to the cross You pray to nothing A […]

Hate Them – Aeon (Sweden)

They think they are above our heads They read the bible and they kiss the cross They do a lot of things that makes no sense They read the bible just to hide from truth They read the bible so they can sleep at night They read the bible and dream of paradise They read […]

Hell Unleashed – Aeon (Sweden)

Years of darkness demons full of hate Angels die they suffer the lambs of god Darkness forever our time has just begun Hell unleashed Christians run evil dominant Meet your end feeble flesh of god He turn his back the holy god is dead Swallowed by darkness never to return Helpless Christians run Waiting to […]

The Awakening – Aeon (Sweden)

Rise to rule once more Create reality As it was always meant to be Enslave the week crush all the enemies Crawl obey the new dark order Enslave the ones who disbelieved Kneel obey the new dark order Soon you walk the earth the awakening The awakening The new dark order is complete The crucifix […]