Draw The Line – Aerosmith

Beat you at your own damn game No dice honey I’m livin’ on the astral plane Feet’s on the ground […]

Falling Off – Aerosmith

Whose intentions were good Kept my hands in my pockets The way that I should I soon found out They […]

I Wanna Know Why – Aerosmith

Feelin’ mighty slowed With the likes of you Gettin’ mighty spaced Never had a taste Of what you’re goin’ through […]

Young Lust – Aerosmith

Never have to eat no dust Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout Young Lust, you’re dying and you’re screamin’ inside Oh, you’re guilty […]

Round And Round – Aerosmith

Like I believe in you You wouldn’t be tellin’ me things That weren’t exactly true Now everything changes Ain’t got […]

Cheese Cake – Aerosmith

Back in the saddle she’d sit Pulled on the reins just to keep me risin’ She loved to chomp at […]

My Girl – Aerosmith

And My Girl, she feeds my desire My Girl Sadie, she’s the wind in my sails A puss’n boots lady […]

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