Road Runner – Aerosmith

Money… who needs it Let me live my life free and easy Put my toothbrush in my hand And let me be a travelin’ man Cause I’m a road runner… aby I’m a road runner… baby Can’t stay in one place too long I’m a road runner baby You might look at me and I’ll […]

Nine Lives – Aerosmith

Well, well, well I feel just like I’m fallin’ in love There’s a new cool Some kind of verbooty That fits me like a velvet glove And it’s cool “Schoo ba pa du ba” She’s talkin’to me Juba to Jive Yeah, the girl’s in love No doubt about it The moment of truth has arrived […]

Blind Man – Aerosmith

I went to night school for the blues I took some stuff they said would cool ya But nothing seemed to light my future But that’s all in the past Like a check that’s in the mail She was a tall whiskey glass I was an old hound dog That just loved to chase his […]

Big Ten Inch Record – Aerosmith

Believe it, this chick’s no sinch When I wanna get her goin’ Then I whip out my Big Ten Inch Record of the band that plays the blues Well the band that plays the blues She just loved my Big Ten Inch Record of her favorite blues Last night I tried to tease her I […]

South Station Blues – Aerosmith

Got no place to hide Sittin’ at the railway station Yesterday’s shoul far behind, behind Lived my life for love Love that’s hard to find Some are givers, I’m a taker Love can make you blind Make you blind Got no time to lose Time you just can’t find Give a dozen yesterday’s To make […]

Three Mile Smile – Aerosmith

Ain’t no time to look for clues You get the point from Uncle Sam’s loaded gun Who be the hand that light the fuse, ah Take a look, take a look at my old billy goat He used to raise all kinds of hell He took a dose of radiation dope Back in the barn […]

Shame, Shame, Shame – Aerosmith

Well I tried to tell you baby Running makes no sense Now you got me baby Up against this fence And Ain’t that a shame… shame shame Shame… shame the way you do Well it’s a shame… shame shame Oh it’s a shame on you Well now you walk out in the evening Don’t even […]

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even – Aerosmith

I’ll tell ya little secret make you wanna jump and shout When you talk to me in circles Take your foot out of your mouth It’s hard enoguh to make it When you’re livin’ on the street And you want to tell somebody But you got to be discreet Then you catch your girlfriend With […]

No Surprize – Aerosmith

New York is such a pity But at Max’s Kansas City we won We all shot shit in the bar With Johnny O’ Toole and his scar And then old Clive Davis said He’s surely gonna make us a star Just the way But with all his style I could see in his eyes Thet […]

Ain’t That A Bitch – Aerosmith

As you take a hit off your last cigarette Strung out, burned out Yeah you’re down on your luck And you don’t give a huh! ‘Til the best part of you starts to…twitch Ain’t that a…bitch Freak out I’m alone now I feel just like I’m losin’ my mind ‘Cause love is like the right […]

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Aerosmith

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing Watch you smile while you are sleeping While far away and dreaming I could spend my life in this sweet surrender I could stay lost in this moment forever Every moment I spend with you is a moment I treasure Don’t want to close my eyes […]

Movin’ Out – Aerosmith

Where we all live ain’t a soul around People start a-comin’ All we do is just a-grin Said we gotta move out ‘Cause the city’s movin’ in I said we gotta move out ‘Cause the city’s movin’ in Tell me who you know And I’ll tell you who, too Go see my friend and he’ll […]

Last Child – Aerosmith

Take me back to a south Tallahassee Down cross the bridge to my sweet sassafrassy Can’t stand up on my feet in the city Gotta get back to the real nitty gritty Yes sir, no sir Don’t come close to my Home sweet home Can’t catch no dose Of my hot tail poon tang sweetheart […]

You See Me Crying – Aerosmith

Don’t let it get you down You See Me Crying I’m back to the lost and found Honey, what you done to your head Honey, what’s the words that I said Honey, what you done to your head Honey, what’s the words that I said You See Me Crying Say you a ladies man You […]

Light Inside – Aerosmith

do ya I want burn the midnight oil does it fool ya when you think there’s no way out of here let it fool ya saying as i do with??????? the light inside is burning bright the light makes everything all right the light inside is burning bright the light inside oh yeah all right […]

Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith

Sweet Emotion You talk about things that nobody cares You’re wearing out things that nobody wears You’re calling my name but you gotta make clear I can’t say baby where I’ll be in a year Some Sweat Hog mama with a face like a gent Said my get up and go musta got up and […]

Jesus Is On The Mainline – Aerosmith

Jesus is on that mainline… tell him what you want Jesus is on that mainline… tell him what you want Jesus is on that mainline… tell him what you want You gotta call him up and tell him what you want Oh… the line ain’t never busy… tell him what you want Oh… the line […]

Shela – Aerosmith

Shela, Shela, she like a ball and chain Shela, Shela, she like a hurricane Got myself a lady Got down on my knees, yeah… Hotter than Hades Heaven if you please, yeah… (Chorus) Some girls put it to you Make you scream in pain, yeah… Some will say they knew you And then forget your […]

Back Back Train – Aerosmith

Well I look way down that lonesome road Well I look way down that lonesome road Way way down Way way down Way way down that lonesome road I know that back back train will get’cha home Back back train will get’cha home Back back train Back back train Back back train will get’cha home… […]

All Your Love – Aerosmith

All your kiss I miss kissin’ All your love I miss lovin’ All your kiss I miss kissin’ Ever since I left you baby, I never knew what I was missin’ All your love I miss lovin’ All your kiss I miss kissin’ All your love I miss lovin’ All your kiss I miss kissin’ […]

Line Up – Aerosmith

Wanna fight well come on And Line Up When the goin’ gets tough And your talk ain’t enough then come on And Line Up We gotta get up, get out before they get us down ‘Cause livin’ up against the wall, yeah Has got us locked up Come on and Line Up So don’t be […]

Drop Dead Gorgeous – Aerosmith

I didn’t know that she’d know She stoned me I think I got it bad and I cant let it go I thought & you’d be much better All of the cashmere all orange & green She’s naturally drop dead gorgeous cleanly gardenia and black lessareen she’s naturally drop dead gorgeous its so not fair […]

Attitude Adjustment – Aerosmith

She loved me and blew me away We made love no doubt But she never went out of her way Yeah, I keep wonderin’ I keep wonderin’ why Do the wings of your butterfly Lightnin’ thunder I keep wonderin’ why Hey I think you need an Attitude Adjustment Knock down drag out I got to […]

Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat) – Aerosmith

On a Saturday night I wish I could love you ’til the cats come home And make it right If it’s a make believe I say I ain’t tell you then ‘Cause if it’s a dream my memories wake me up and start again Oh, close your eyes and what do you see Oh, look […]

Rats In The Cellar – Aerosmith

Goin’ under, skin’s turnin’ yellow Nose is runny, losin’ my connection Losin’ money, getting no affection New York City blues East side, West side lose Throw me in the slam Catch me if you can Believe That you’re wearing Tearing me apart Safe complaining, ‘casue everything’s rotten Go insanin’, and ain’t a thing forgotten Feelin’ […]

The Grind – Aerosmith

How could a kiss like that knock me flat on my ass Heh hea… The burning bed The roses dead And now I’m dancing with myself Yeah… I’m missing you Just like you want me to You made me trip into the grind Now I can’t get’choo off of my mind Yeah… your sweet talking […]

Beyond Beautiful – Aerosmith

she loves me now she loves you not and that where its at cause when you thought your love was deep finders keepers losers weep yeah love my love my love du jour shes mine all mine my minds made up ya i’m so sure because theres none so fine the thing you found your […]

Outta Your Head – Aerosmith

how the girl thinks is a mystery spent our lives cruising the bars venus girls and the men from mars So in all this time did you ever think do the girls sees red when a man sees pink and your best lovin is in the past and cause somewhere slow is nowhere fast Your […]

Deuces Are Wild – Aerosmith

They talk to me and seem to hypnotize They say the things nobody dares to say And I’m not about to let you fly away My lover with no jet lag We’re staying up all night in my sleeping bag You got a heart beat from the subterranean I really love you little girl I […]

Let The Music Do The Talking – Aerosmith

If you want to dance Grab yourself a body And take a chance They say one time around Is all you get But I’m still dancin’ So you lost your bet I got a hardcore mama With a hot hoochie coo Make my wheels start spinnin’ Like a formula two I got one for the […]

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