Get It Up – Aerosmith

Hit the lights and shut your doors Grab your ankles, everyone Ain’t my way of havin’ fun (Chorus) Can’t give it up Gotta give it up, give it up C’mon Nancy Can’t give it up Gotta Get It Up, Get it Up For your fancy Can’t Get It Up, Gotta Get It Up, Get it […]

Shame On You – Aerosmith

Nobody gotta hear my rock n’ roll Shame, shame, shame on you babe Shame, shame, shame on you babe No leader, steady as a ghost Tooth sweeter, powdering her nose Shame, shame, shame on you babe Shame, shame, shame on you babe A-smith, old hank pank Pulling down your knickers Ah, who you gonna spank […]

Something’s Gotta Give – Aerosmith

Cyberotic head explode Information overload And I just can’t take anymore And I’m gonna break (Chorus) Something’s gotta give (Give it away to take the screw (?) Does the noise in my head bother you) Something’s gotta give (Don’t you like to help me thru (?) Does the noise in my head bother you) Digerotic […]

Bitch’s Brew – Aerosmith

You foxy little flirt I caught you in the biar path Liftin’ up your skirt Well let me tell ya What you been doin’ in the Firepatch What you been doin’ with your little skirt Got…. You’ve been foolin’ with the Bitch’s Brew You know the things I told you not to do You fell […]

Dream On – Aerosmith

All these lines on my face gettin’ clearer The past is gone It went by like dust to dawn Isn’t that the way Everybody’s got their dues in life to pay I know what nobody knows Where it comes and where it goes I know it’s everybody’s sin You got to lose to know how […]

The Hand That Feeds – Aerosmith

Please, doctor, doctor, please Doctor, doctor, doctor Feel like an old diseace Get your sweet ass off the floor Doctor, doctor, doctor I can’t refuse any loose harted lady anymore I scream your name into the crowd You feel the flame, but yo ain’t proud Mabye your attitude ain’t right So all that’s left for […]

Flesh – Aerosmith

Desire rules without a doubt The heart beats fast, you salivate And when you come, it won’t be late I guess by now, you got the score A little taste you want it more From San Antone to Marrakesh Yeah, when the night comes Everybody’s gotta have Flesh Flesh – the only thing that’s worth […]

Dude (Looks Like A Lady) – Aerosmith

He picture graced a grime on his door She a long lost love at first sight Baby, mabye you’re wrong But you know it’s all right – that’s right Back stage we’re having the time Of our lives until somebody says ‘Forgive me if I seem out of line’ Then she whipped out a gun […]

Remember (Walking In The Sand) – Aerosmith

My baby went away She went away, ‘cross the sea It’s been two years or so Since I saw my baby go And then this letter came from me It said that we was through She found somebody new Oh, let me think, let me think What should I do (Chorus) Oh, no Oh, no […]

Love In An Elevator – Aerosmith

Workin’ for the company I’m bettin’ on the dice I’m tossin’ I’m gonna have a fantasy But where am I gonna look They tell me that love is blind I really need a girl like an open book To read between the lines (Chorus) Love In An Elevator Livin’ it up whn I’m goin’ down […]

Make It – Aerosmith

Got somethin’ here I want you all to know When laughin’ people bring on primal screams You got to think of What it’s gonna take to make your dreams Make It Don’t break it I said Make It Don’t Brake it Do then you feel like the world’s coming down on you You know that […]

Permanent Vacation – Aerosmith

He say it’s hot down by Montego Bay I got the point and now I think it’s finally dawning Yeah, yeah, I got to get away I got to take myself a Permanent Vacation The sky’s the limit, but my plane won’t fly My nose is clean and lordie don’t need no sedation Yeah, yeah, […]

The Reason A Dog – Aerosmith

The way you love I adore You always come never know where you been But a-now I’m here baby to even the score You’re up, you’re down You’re always running in place Triathlon if you please You’re always beggin’ me for a taste But I ain’t up to snuff if you sneeze Yak yak yak […]

Riff & Roll – Aerosmith

Lift yor face off down the ground Hey, hey you With the junkies all around Hey, hey you Would your feeling’s sound the sand Hey, het you With your face on the flamce Hey, hey you This is all a silly game Hey, hey you Would your feelings sound the same Well, you know you […]

Get A Grip – Aerosmith

Skin and bones, it ain’t such a pity If you think I’m vain, better shut ya lip I can’t explain how to be a fat city You gotta live large, gotta let it rip Skin and bones, it ain’t such a pity Don’t ya gimme no flack, honey shut ya lip Ya gotta have stones […]

Rattlesnake Shake – Aerosmith

I got to be your rockin’ horse And if you wanna roll Lord, I could blow you right out the door Yes I could We’ll shake the world When it’s time to crash But when I get home tonight Lord, I guess I got to shake myself A-look a-here You need some lovin’ You must […]

The Farm – Aerosmith

By a boat or a train…it’s far, far away…Charlie (?)…I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore) Oaahh! There’s a cockroach in my coffee There’s a needle in my arm And I feel like New York City Get me to the farm (Chorus) Get me to the farm Get me to the farm Get […]

Sharpshooter – Aerosmith

Ah, can you read in all your magazines Thinkin’ that you got it near You trust to kill you’re going out tonight Baby, all your let me see Yeah, right, you gotta make it now Every trick in the book Lookin’ sharp, you’re feelin’ heat Like some cat on a hotel mob (Chorus) Sharpshooter Thinkin’ […]

The Other Side – Aerosmith

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm mmm Come on (Chorus) Lovin’ you has got to be (Take Me To The Other Side) Like the devil in the deep blue sea (Take Me To The Other Side) Forget about your foolish pride (Take Me To The Other Side) Oh take me to the other side […]

Helter Skelter – Aerosmith

I go back to the top of the slide Wher I stop and I go for a ride ‘Til I get to the bottom Where I see you again Well, do you, don’t you Want me to love you I’m comin’ down fast But I’m miles above you Tell me, tell me, tell me the […]

Combination – Aerosmith

My heart says no but my head says stay My work is finished, or so I’ve been told Can’t part the three of us, once we got a hold I forgot the name I took a shot on the chin I’m rearranging my game Tell by the shape I’m in In the line of fire, […]

Sunshine – Aerosmith

I followed Alice into wonder land I ate the mushroom and I dance with the queen Yeah we dancing in between all the lines I followed daylight right into the dark Took to the hatter like a walk in the park But then I met her yeah she felt so right No shadow the night […]

Mama Kin – Aerosmith

Livin’ like a gypsy Tell ya honey how I feel I’ve been dreamin’ Floatin’ down the stream n’ Losin’ touch with all that’s real Whole earth lover Keepin’ under cover Never know where ya been You’ve been fadin’ Always out paradin’ Keep in touch with Mama Kin Well you’ve always got your tail on the […]

Push Comes To Shove – Aerosmith

When you live alone Push Comes To Shove When you’re bitchin’ on Now look at every I’m tonne on you without a doubt Said the music does the talkin’ But all we heard is talk about The girls are left behind When forty women all spend time With me and the boys And the toys, […]

Critical Mass – Aerosmith

Black hooded coats Tormentors climbed into my room I crawled under my bed Covered my head But they’re flushin’ me out with a broom The leades, she’s small Pinned my ass to the wall For my seeds or she’d be losin’ her past Time after time She’d be readin’ my mind Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate it […]

Eat The Rich – Aerosmith

Well I woke up this morning On the wrong side of the bed And how I got to thinkin’ About all the things you said About ordinary people And how they make you sick And if callin’ names kicks back on you Then I hope this does the trick ‘Cause I’m sick of your complainin’ […]

Cryin’ – Aerosmith

When I was brokehearted Love wasn’t much of a friend of mine The tables have turned – yeah ‘Cause me and them ways have parted That kinda love was the killin’ kind All I want is someone I can’t resist I know – all I – need to know By the way I got kissed […]

Road Runner – Aerosmith

Money… who needs it Let me live my life free and easy Put my toothbrush in my hand And let me be a travelin’ man Cause I’m a road runner… aby I’m a road runner… baby Can’t stay in one place too long I’m a road runner baby You might look at me and I’ll […]

Nine Lives – Aerosmith

Well, well, well I feel just like I’m fallin’ in love There’s a new cool Some kind of verbooty That fits me like a velvet glove And it’s cool “Schoo ba pa du ba” She’s talkin’to me Juba to Jive Yeah, the girl’s in love No doubt about it The moment of truth has arrived […]

Blind Man – Aerosmith

I went to night school for the blues I took some stuff they said would cool ya But nothing seemed to light my future But that’s all in the past Like a check that’s in the mail She was a tall whiskey glass I was an old hound dog That just loved to chase his […]

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