Category: AETERNUS

Death’s Golden Truth Revealed – Aeternus

Awaiting a manifestation A sign to cross the threshold of life A spirit guides my way Unmasked death speaks to me His venomous tongue revealing truths Reality stabs its jagged blade Through my ancient heart The last trace of innocence Has been stripped away Only burning hatred remains A shadowed aura of my mortal life […]

Sons Of War – Aeternus

newborn fear descents hordes of death led by two sons of war born to conquer born to kill doing my deed phobos – deimos sons of war their bloo burns as fire darkened is their rage as their father they feed of the essence of war born to conquer born to kill doing my deed […]

Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance – Aeternus

beneath a sea of abundance content with the nurture of our native land we are awakened in torment stabbed by the oppressors blade a silence slashed by tyranny’s hostile face provoke they must the righteous sons invading our dwelling and yield we shall not restrain us and we shall strike at the throats of our […]

Raven And Blood – Aeternus

knowledge – increasing wandering through lands listening – mysterious folk lore enchantment – through books desire – to learn the truth to seek the raven – and the blood travelling for many days i find the place – where the elves hide i must seek their knowledge elves of wisdom – knowledge of mystery faith […]