Performer AETERNUS

Dark Rage – Aeternus

By my hand As a worthless pale memory They look upon the old The defiling of our land And glorious […]

Victory – Aeternus

under the sun – we have fought for our belief hurling our swords into our foes drinking their blood as […]

Cuchulain – Aeternus

Son of god and mortal Under warrior’s moon Shining one of an age gone by Throw the spear of destiny […]

SlaveState – Aeternus

abhorrence and decay spat forth by me i will make your living hell in this realm of torment slavestate i […]

SoulSlayer – Aeternus

screaming for justice you will not provide you always lie slaying the souls of people who do not know why […]

DarkStorm – Aeternus

where suns and moons are pitch black where demons fear the darkness where cold is death mystic god unholy wars […]

Warlust – Aeternus

i feel its pulse it hammers the sky volcanic winds of blooded rage mind tearing frost shall provide brutal death […]

As I March – Aeternus

Shines under my moon On one of my bold mountains I stand I hold my torch high Up against my […]

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