Category: AETERNUS

Warlust – Aeternus

i feel its pulse it hammers the sky volcanic winds of blooded rage mind tearing frost shall provide brutal death once again you shall feel the darkened realms warriors by our will you will kneel beneath us you will always stand your poisoned soul belongs to me war – war – war warlust remembrance we […]

Burning The Shroud – Aeternus

you’ve feared it ignored but truth never lies its existence marked at the birth of time the darkness inside the shadows that dance in your soul to deny is to fear embrace the darkness reveal in its power within it lies the harmonious truth a voyage into the cave of shadows yields the jewels of […]

As I March – Aeternus

Shines under my moon On one of my bold mountains I stand I hold my torch high Up against my black sky The skulls in my belt Glow in the light of the moon So does my sword More and more as the unpure blood Runs off and down on my bold Strong mountain It […]

The Summoning Of Shadows – Aeternus

Entwining the immortal souls Of those darkened through eras Of hatred – war and betrayal Coming forth their fiery passion Sweeps through the night In agony they await The glory of destiny’s grasp The truth – Sought by those Who dance with infinite darkness The one dream – Conjured by torturous lifetimes A time not […]

Prophecy Of The Elder Reign – Aeternus

Remains as the true glory Within a warrior’s heart See the blackened sky The ravens as they fly Prophecy Chaos and majesty Revealed from the dust Of village that fell Under stormy skies Flaming banners On desolate land Still – yet alive Ancient symbols Arise once more Blazing – mighty Empowered by darkness Shattered remains […]

Ascension Of Terror – Aeternus

like the icy north wind i live no matter where you run i will be there i will tease you endlessly you will feel the pain you will know my name you are bound by might i will feel you with terror i will hunt you with delight you will know i’ll be stalking you […]

The Essence Of The Elder – Aeternus

traveling in the essence of chaos time and matter dissolving about me a journey beyond death your blood pulses with a thousand years of existence standing proud before those who’s ageless blood flows through my veins their spiraling souls empower me visions of chaos illuminating the shadows of old as endless links weaved into a […]

Sentinels Of Darkness – Aeternus

there, on the tranquil traces of my white, clear land. No need to fear opening the gates to travel, it comes so nearly to make you feel the glorious side Feeling free, diving into times you’ll never forget, hunger for freedom, in the silence of wintery nights, spirits herald. The wind comes The light looses […]

Wrath Of The WarLord – Aeternus

beware of the barriers they are weak blinded we were led astray behold as the truth of might returns manipulation open your eyes and see your failure the whirlwinds of my destiny blackened might the eternity has no throne for you you pretended to be a god you carved lies into minds now the lies […]

When The Crows Shadow Falls – Aeternus

Defeated warriors seized from life Shielding the landscape, thy lie As legions have before them The crow spirals down From its tower of dominion Its eternal quest is the blood of the slain It sees battles, victories and visions fortold Its eyes hold the secrets of eternity Devouring warriors Seeking spilles blood The triple figure […]

Death’s Golden Truth Revealed – Aeternus

Awaiting a manifestation A sign to cross the threshold of life A spirit guides my way Unmasked death speaks to me His venomous tongue revealing truths Reality stabs its jagged blade Through my ancient heart The last trace of innocence Has been stripped away Only burning hatred remains A shadowed aura of my mortal life […]

Sons Of War – Aeternus

newborn fear descents hordes of death led by two sons of war born to conquer born to kill doing my deed phobos – deimos sons of war their bloo burns as fire darkened is their rage as their father they feed of the essence of war born to conquer born to kill doing my deed […]

Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance – Aeternus

beneath a sea of abundance content with the nurture of our native land we are awakened in torment stabbed by the oppressors blade a silence slashed by tyranny’s hostile face provoke they must the righteous sons invading our dwelling and yield we shall not restrain us and we shall strike at the throats of our […]

Raven And Blood – Aeternus

knowledge – increasing wandering through lands listening – mysterious folk lore enchantment – through books desire – to learn the truth to seek the raven – and the blood travelling for many days i find the place – where the elves hide i must seek their knowledge elves of wisdom – knowledge of mystery faith […]