5:00 AM – Afflicted (UK)

Im sorry.. I’m so sorry… Before you go… I just wanted you to know.. That I’m sorry.. so sorry.. The […]

Belief – Afflicted (UK)

Cannot find the answers for the questions in my head.. Will you be my saviour, will you show me the […]

Bound – Afflicted (UK)

Feeling nothing for the lives I have broken.. Mind Wondering, my mind searching for emotion.. I am numb again.. Bound […]

Achieve – Afflicted (UK)

Its Time you realise.. That beneath my feet.. You are beneath me.. Afflicted is Your Life, Theres No one on […]

Erase – Afflicted (UK)

I can feel life leaking from me.. I can see.. Everything you dont want me to see.. Its time I […]

Purity – Afflicted (UK)

have I stained the purity of our love? Tried to keep you from the unclean.. Should have kept you from […]

Know – Afflicted (UK)

now that I, have been humbled.. Ignore all my cries.. as you’ve done, as you’ve done before.. Walk through my […]