Achieve – Afflicted (UK)

Its Time you realise.. That beneath my feet.. You are beneath me.. Afflicted is Your Life, Theres No one on your side.. Dont Deny your dreams.. Break Out of your chains.. Too Many Times have I seen you surrender… Too many opportunities passed you by.,. Too many times that i can remember.. The world wasnt […]

Erase – Afflicted (UK)

I can feel life leaking from me.. I can see.. Everything you dont want me to see.. Its time I end the shame that has consumed me.. I wont grieve.. There is no redemption in me.. I can feel you staining my sanity.. You can believe.. Anything you want to believe.. Your Sins have not […]

Purity – Afflicted (UK)

have I stained the purity of our love? Tried to keep you from the unclean.. Should have kept you from me.. Its just you and I in the open fields.. The emotion your eyes – so real.. The sky dies, the shadows embrace us, say goodbye to the romance, and welcome the lust.. Stand up, […]

Don’t Give In – Afflicted (UK)

If life was a road I’m not even half way, but maybe I’ll find you again someday.. Believe in yourself is what I’ve been told, we’re nothing but a memory in this world, so live your life without looking over your shoulder… Don’t Give In.. You never expected this.. Don’t Give in.. Waking up early […]

The Needle – Afflicted (UK)

and Tell me that you are alive.. When You first bent the truth, I remember what I told you.. Hold onto my hand, Just try and resist the slumber.. Dont follow the light, try Wake yourself from the coma.. Im not decieved by you.. Your not decieving me.. why cant you see that this isn’t […]

Man Apart – Afflicted (UK)

No one to rely on.. Trying to stay strong.. When you werent there, I stood alone… A Man Apart Is A Memory.. Of Everything That He Used To Be.. Stand Alone, Standing Free.. This isn’t my life, Can’t be my life, memories, visions inside, that used to be me.. I Know the voice Inside… A […]

Silent Talker – Afflicted (UK)

All I wanted was you, Will you let me in because you know I’m a Silent Talker.. All I wanted was you.. Remember the time.. When we were at each other’s side.. Remember for days, and nights.. We would never fight.. In comes the memories, are you even listening to me? Why won’t you open […]

For The Green – Afflicted (UK)

Take the time for the green I love.. Sold out my friends, my family.. Dont need the shit they offer me.. you can see now the green controls me.. It controls me.. I can buy love.. I can buy friends.. The green Is all I need until the end.. They’re Feeling The Money.. Whilst Smiling […]

Know – Afflicted (UK)

now that I, have been humbled.. Ignore all my cries.. as you’ve done, as you’ve done before.. Walk through my life, like a light, from a candle.. embracing the hate, that has shamed, that has shamed you.. All this time… All My life.. I Just wanted to know you.. broken with my, deepest sighs, for […]

Nothing Left – Afflicted (UK)

play the game, you know I didn’t wanna, cause you pain, you know I didn’t wanna feel this way but there’s no other choice to make.. Its too late, I know you didn’t want my, sympathy, and even though you wanna, come back to me, I know you didn’t wanna feel this way, I’m not […]