Performer AFROMAN

Girls – Afroman

I like the girls (ay loco sing that one more time sound good cuz) Girls yeah (oh yeah yeah) I […]

Wonderful Tonite – Afroman

go to the bar and buy another round i feel wonderful how many people feel wonderful tonight she unfastens her […]

Palmdale – Afroman

we used to stay in the slums of LA by the way Gang-bangers killin’ each other for rep, sellin’ rock […]

Paranoid – Afroman

hey go get me two pounds of bud and two ounces of yay muthafuckaz at mah house waitin right now […]

Keep on Limp’n – Afroman

Ruckus There go thAT Homie Big DRAWERS HUSS UPP Hustler! (Talking and shizz) Limpin’ through the hood with my kakis […]

Sag Your Pants – Afroman

wha, cmon somebody say heeeyyy im just playin Before Palmdale, we use to stay deep in the hood where they […]

Dope Fiend – Afroman

I swallowed another tab I might overdose under the circumstance So betta yet call me an ambulance [Chorus] Cause I’ma […]

Graveyard Shift – Afroman

Graveyard shift ain’t never dead. We got to work when people go to bed. We got a tremendous work overload. […]