After The Stripshow – At Dawn They Sleep

I am the serpent of evening wounds
I live for blood, I swim in the blood

The servant

Forever, living blind.

I have seen the horses eyes and beneath
Been near the beautiness, or have I?

The innocent

I am the memory of the centuries

Suck my powers into your self, seek my jewelry, bite me endlessly
Horror is the space where you wander, hear my words, as I sacrifice my self
Too long I have been in this valley, I know every slope it has
Now it’s my time to dive to the river, I need salvation and reincarnation

“Where is the new contest, lead me there, I promise that this time I won’t go straight to the finals”

Naked people of time, have a long life
Be happy, and write a book when you die
But be sure, that the chapter 13 does exist
because without it, you can’t exit

It doesn’t have to be long
a short will do fine
Just write it with blood
and serpents tongue

“I walked to there, where the earth ended, and found out, that we are limitless, chained to ground, free, slaves and beautiful at the same time”

Lyric After The Stripshow – At Dawn They Sleep