After You Came – Moody Blues

Since it began I got one dream and really it’s my only blessing
If I can come through then so can you
And you will find there’s no regretting
Things you want fromyour life’s font
Will never let your spirit roam
Come back to earth for what it’s worth
For you’ve been dreaming of a ceiling not a home

I’ve been doing my best
What else can I do?
Is there something I’ve missed
That will help you through

I have reached the top of my wall
And all I’ve found is another way to fall

For some short time
For a while you and I were joined to eternity
Then we split in two back to me and you
Like the rain rising fromhe sea
Rising from the sea
We all can see what we shall be
But knowing’s really not controlling

With time perhaps I will pass the traps and find some peace and
After you’d come and while you’re gone
You leave me guessing-It’s depressing
Never to know the way to go to find some time along a little less pressing
So you just have to laugh
When it hurst so much

Lyric After You Came – Moody Blues