Are We Alone – Afterworld

Can we believe, we are the only ones Is this the truth, control belongs to us What if tomorrow brings something new? We`re running to call out their name Are we alone here? Are we alone here? We are the only ones, we pray Is this the day when we should start to think Things […]

To The Afterworld – Afterworld

show you the new way Your soul is black like a candle with no light, This my way is the only one Open your eyes and give me your hand I`m your last hope new time has come Open your heart and give me your soul I`m the master new time has come Come with […]

Ending Our Days – Afterworld

Waiting of this better day is now over. But as it seems this day turns to a disaster… Final day is closing in, there is no way we can hide It’s time to run, it’s time to go, put everything aside For too long time we’ve been waiting for this glorious moment to come Now […]

The Seventh Year – Afterworld

There is no reasonable explanation why this is so. Things just start to fall apart. There is plenty of time to learn it There are years to let it grow You got the keys and all the power To make it die or let it live The seventh year is now here The end is […]

Second Chance – Afterworld

You feel that you lack the strength and ability to go on. As the time has done its healing process you can admit that the issues you found very painful were in fact meant to happen. Fortunately people and things do change. So many years ago, things went just too much wrong There was no […]

Promises – Afterworld

You haven’t have the strenght or willpower to make things change but you have promised to yourself that someday it will happen. The day is now. So many times you’ve had your chance to be the only one for me Crossing the line without the fear is always harder, you will see All the things […]

Power To Kill – Afterworld

everything goes just fine if we don`t resist You can do nothing on your own, you`re just like doll You can do nothing on your own After all it`s always money why they must do their tricks Without money without power that is what they believe We can`t resist the rules they make, `cos they […]

The End Becomes – Afterworld

that night was cursed by the shadows of the war Too many reasons, too many minds Flames of hell now raging everywhere What is happening no one know`s you just keep thinking is it time to go If you keep listening you can hear it too There`s no more sounds of life, no sunny afternoon […]

Behind Your Eyes – Afterworld

Even if you don’t care about the majority of the people, there are always certain people you need to trust. In the relationship between two people trust is maybe the most important. Hard to live, you just don’t know what to say And again, you’re feeling pain on your mind Too much noise, for all […]

Sixteen Innocent Children – Afterworld

The day was warm but cloudy, and their eyes were so clear But out in the alley, there was a man carrying a gun His mind was full of evil, thinking it must be done And he went in to the schoolhouse, and there they were, playing sixteen innocent children, sixteen innocent children Sick man […]

Tell Me Why? – Afterworld

Realising that there are always new problems to deal with you decide to give up. No chance to stay, no path to leave the scene You are a prisoner inside your mind There’s no more trust, the details blinding you And all the lies mixing your head Time after time there is some new threat […]