Les Possedes – Agathdaimon

Long I stood there fearing Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before… But the silence was unbroken And the stillness gave no token And the only word there spoken Was the whispered word: “Veritas” This the dark whispered And an echo murmured back the word Merely this and nothing more! Fools and faith […]

Neovampirism – Agathdaimon

Noaptea-I vie, iar o mie de stele Ma privesc si eu tinjesc la ele Oglinda-I sparta si in ea se oglindeste tot! Desarte ginduri, lacomie, in mine tu Un inger, un demon, un univers apus Ca Marte de rosu, de moarte sedus Oglinda-s eu si in ea te oglindesti si tu Apropie-te, tirindu-te spre sinul […]

Putrid Cross Of Insignificance – Agathdaimon

Been listening to your mourning, watching you falling Deeper, farer, until your calling Evoked an eerie tone, that only you alone As a warning have known Guess, you’ve tried everything To be as me, to winback the soul I’ve kindly been Treating like my only son God’s shiny angel, I am gone and you what […]