Suffocation – Agathocles

I opened up Is this true? Or just another joke? Insomnia Reigns over me Heart beats fast Again another show? Insidious And false insights Again I ask Was I so blind? What’s the point of being here? Misery is oh so near Happiness has fled away I hope it will return one day Yeah, that’s […]

Siegshit – Agathocles

Shouting “hail” on a marching beat, Didn’t history teach us that, Fascist bastards bring us death, Must we be tolerant? Or smash them with our own bare hands? Put them together on a nuclear base, And just bomb the fucking place, What we gonna do when it’s all too late? And when there’s nothing left […]

Birds(poem) / Agarchy – Agathocles

Considering life is just a play Where we all are the actors Where there’s no individual equality Just the abused and the abusers A division of these actors They always seem to win While the others in this theater Are doomed to commit sins Take up the role of your position Face up to your […]

Saturday-Night Swindle – Agathocles

DJ is playing the latest hit, kids are ready for another trip XTC, speed and fucking coke, sniffed a fortune down their nose eleven bucks for a drink, and even more to get in kids start dealing, just to raise cash, for this swindle money gone, so lets steal some, for this swindle youth criminality, […]

Raw War – Agathocles

to break down the group-pressure, which is forcing you life is a raw war that you have to fight but I believe in you because you’re one of a kind saying no to them is the power that’s in you the strength that I respect, the force that hides in you life is a raw […]

The Accident – Agathocles

And the butchers were working In the bloody slaughterhouse They killed so many animals To satisfy your lusts Some vegans want revenge I think we know so Well, what do you think of this? The wife of the butcher She suddenly pushed out And this meant her death ‘Coz she got impaled on a fleshhookk […]