All Gone – Agathocles

And it’s hangingon death’s wall The clock keeps on ticking For our earth to fall Over exploitation Of the sources […]

What A Nerve – Agathocles

To worry about the things You really hate the most Everything or maybe almost Maybe I’m too radical Because I […]

Zero-Tolerance – Agathocles

minor criminals get the iron hand rapists, murderers and politicians don’t seem a threat the other hand is held above […]

Hate-My Mate – Agathocles

Unknown faces, empty face, identities fade away, Fills my heart with hatred, fills my heart with hate, The dark man […]

Autumness – Agathocles

even the sun can’t make it go away leafs keep falling in my head is this my final race with […]

Suffocation – Agathocles

I opened up Is this true? Or just another joke? Insomnia Reigns over me Heart beats fast Again another show? […]

Siegshit – Agathocles

Shouting “hail” on a marching beat, Didn’t history teach us that, Fascist bastards bring us death, Must we be tolerant? […]

Raw War – Agathocles

to break down the group-pressure, which is forcing you life is a raw war that you have to fight but […]

The Accident – Agathocles

And the butchers were working In the bloody slaughterhouse They killed so many animals To satisfy your lusts Some vegans […]