I Kill Spies – Agent Orange

you will not recognize my voice i am the perfect law to end these wicked crimes i am a man without a past i face a world without a future and i’ve done it all at least a million times i’m the eyes that read between the lines i devise the rumors – and vicious […]

Everything Turns Grey – Agent Orange

Things don’t seem to be as easy As they used to be It’s getting harder everyday To think of better things to say About what’s going on around you And what’s happening inside you When it’s time to change you won’t know how It won’t matter years from now (chorus) No matter what you think […]

Bite The Hand That Feeds, Pt. 1 – Agent Orange

forgot a million things that i had memorized yes but i confess, i never dreamed i had done my best, or so it seemed [chorus] take the time to waste a thousand years touch the face and wipe away the tears speak the truth and break the heart that bleeds stab the back and bite […]

Living In Darkness – Agent Orange

Look at me now I’ve got no reason to be like everybody else So dumb, so happy I like things that bite Things that creep at night Everybody’s asking me what it’s like down there The concrete floor is cold The walls are bare (chorus) I feel safest being alone Living in darkness Living in […]

Fire In The Rain – Agent Orange

clouds began to form but we were all too young to fear the power of the storm if we had lost our hopes we know our dreams would still remain because nothing is impossible and nothing burns like fire in the rain thunder rocked the mountains lightning cracked the sky no one that survived this […]

Electric Storm – Agent Orange

that was making me think, “i’m jamming the controls” i need something to help me see how fast i’m moving now i can see it all clear, but i don’t know why ‘cuz i know in my mind, i’ve got to try my luck i’ve got nothing left to lose now i’m watching my whole […]

Say It Isn’t True – Agent Orange

another answer just in case it’s just a memory that i will soon forget another glamorous debut another chance to see right through your empty promises that mean so much to me and all at once i get the feeling that i’ll never get the chance to talk to you and all at once i […]

Bloodstains – Agent Orange

They can make things worse for me Sometimes I’d rather die They can tell me lots of things But I can’t see eye to eye I know they know the way I think I know they always will But someday I’m gonna change my mind Sometimes I’d rather kill (chorus) Blood stains, speed kills Fast […]