Human Bullet – Agent Steel

Mission classified Neural Probe Map your mind target Run the maze my loyal pet Recall your orders and the rest forget You are close So close to the perfect crime A human bullet in a chambered mind An appetite for profanity Everything you were made to be Fracturing the pristine mind Crack the shell and […]

Tiamats Fall – Agent Steel

Primordial begetter Apsu did reign A spouse he creates Tiamat, the mother Beauty and pain Celestial Godz A battle ordained shall be fought The chamber of fates The son of the sun would be sought Niburu by name – avenger by nature With seed he was born Tiamat enraged Bent on destruction In two, her […]

E. U. L. (Earth Under Lucifer) – Agent Steel

Foreign armies settle on new shores Called to negate insurrection Armed enforcers ready to make war Neo-Kosacks in NATO colors For the State herding sheep Your internment Re-education Prove you can learn or forever sleep Come on and fight – Heart is forever Lay down and die life’s not all you surrender Blind Say your […]

Know Your Master – Agent Steel

From sleep comes the secret held deep in the psyche Restless vision The pain of regaining the truth in the message What we all are Descendents of creatures so cruel and self serving Infected again and again Chorus: KNOW YOUR MASTER YOU’RE NOT EQUAL KNOW YOUR MASTER FACE YOUR FATHER Beneath the ruins Revealed before […]

Into The Nowhere – Agent Steel

A tortured life is spared of vision And it’s painful when it’s worn The cloak of shame spares no protection His world is made of steel In his hands he bent the fire To mold a thing so real A burning world born of desire Chorus: His hope was not enough To fill an empty […]

Evil Eye (Evil Minds) – Agent Steel

The revenge that you seek will all come back to you Do you know what you’ve done? No justice was won Exaulted will be who were trampled upon There will come a time when judgement is near The black cloud above you is clear Love for your enemies, forgiveness you must Instead you want locusts […]

Lamb To The Slaughter – Agent Steel

Teaching the world how to hate Ethnic – cleansing your goal Cause war the state dominates Corporate – fascist you are Provide us with tools of deceit Use the blood Convince us that some is unsound race Racial hate If we run this race we’ll be dead in the ground Victim Used as a pawn […]

Children Of The Sun – Agent Steel

We carried the gifts that our priests had restrained Chanting awaiting the gods of the sun We’re children of sorrow captors of none A hole in the sky And a tear in the eye Of the god of the gate of the sun From far away lands we escaped all the plans Of deserters who […]

Wash The Planet Clean – Agent Steel

An army bound of will in unity If you’re not with us you’re against us But us is always you And we is never me I see a planned misdirection Manipulate through terror Ever threatening The brotherhood will stop at nothing Control the mind with pain and prophecy If there’s a god Why do we […]

Dead Eyes – Agent Steel

You made no compromise Men aren’t pigs – Slaughtered Infected with a plague or rendered with a scalpel by you You make the claim it was just a job And killing’s nothing more than sawing logs Wash your hands but blood leaves stains You don’t deny You say you’ve a creative side The passion born […]

Destroy The Hush – Agent Steel

Cherish your freedom Let nothing deny you Your enemy hides from the truth Clings to the darkness (cowers in the shadow) You are the essence of proof Positive vision of strength individual Not paralyzed Not compromised In dreams reside the fate of man Recognize those who’ll destroy Those who will suck from your hard work […]

Illuminati Is Machine – Agent Steel

NEW ORDER Illuminati uses you THEIR JURY THEIR JUSTICE But for the chosen few Who is the great dictator Who oils the grand machine Who lubes the wheels of progress With blood drawn from your veins ONE WORLD NEW ORDER Illuminati poisons you NEW WORLD ONE ORDER Notice? Do you? Satan gave himself a name […]

Awaken The Swarm – Agent Steel

The earth and sea are not your home Soon our eyes will see the truth Elimination offering the proof Underneath us as above us Monitoring our existence Shame to know Too late we’ll realize Keep us in the black Created by the ones who have predated Fathered us And still we are denied Chorus: Awaken […]

Enslaved – Agent Steel

To end all their misery Caused by their ignorance They pray to those who would be king To Gods – We gave the men To Gods – Who never were Created by our council to divert their minds while remain on high Observing their pain All seeing eye Fathers of Hate Confused in a state […]

Hybridized – Agent Steel

No hope of deliverance Zeta probes minds Follow like sheep Serpentine rulers Slow domination I’ve seen their eyes I’ve been taught while I sleep How can I trust in my mind? Whose thoughts are these that I think? Am I sighted or blind? But I’ve seen their eyes – evil eyes Into your world I […]

Insurrection – Agent Steel

Are their fingers bloody? If you asked questions would you feel the fool? Mass acceptance Feeds the flame of propaganda Do we trust them or are we their tools? Painting pictures watch them With their bloody fingers Smear the message in our supple minds Are you sure you’re thinking? Are you sure you’re seeing? Would […]

Liberty Lying Bleeding – Agent Steel

My mind reaching for a reason In this life are we tools that are used to teach Meaning or treason? Assaulted daily we breathe in the fuel Of dissension – breeding tension Tattered souls hang from threads We are damned we are dead If you’re not yet I’m sure you’ll keep trying Insidious the machine […]

Still Searchin’ – Agent Steel

Your heart’s like a wall, Only catching a glimpse A spark through the haze, Sirens singing a song The lonely to know, Reaching out, the grains of sand Slip through my fingers… (chorus) SEARCHIN’. SEARCHIN’, SEARCHIN’. SEARCHIN’ I’M STILL, SEARCHIN’ SEARCHIN’. SEARCHIN’, SEARCHIN’. SEARCHIN’ Trying to heal from the wound you left on my soul […]