Chosen To Stay – Agent Steel

Freed from your shadow Approaching the lights, Still burned your darkness And so It’s time… You can’t hide forever You’ll […]

Bleed Forever – Agent Steel

It calls my name It once was simple now the complications reign I recognize But I won’t change This coldness […]

Rager – Agent Steel

Disciple of fate. the final hour HAMMERING METAL INTO YOUR HEADS Stepping before you Your hands on my bullet, Tongue […]

Forever Black – Agent Steel

Camp Hero, a tribute to time traveling Horus Stationed on top of an undersea mountain A piece of Atlantis where […]

Human Bullet – Agent Steel

Mission classified Neural Probe Map your mind target Run the maze my loyal pet Recall your orders and the rest […]

Tiamats Fall – Agent Steel

Primordial begetter Apsu did reign A spouse he creates Tiamat, the mother Beauty and pain Celestial Godz A battle ordained […]

Dead Eyes – Agent Steel

You made no compromise Men aren’t pigs – Slaughtered Infected with a plague or rendered with a scalpel by you […]

Enslaved – Agent Steel

To end all their misery Caused by their ignorance They pray to those who would be king To Gods – […]

Hybridized – Agent Steel

No hope of deliverance Zeta probes minds Follow like sheep Serpentine rulers Slow domination I’ve seen their eyes I’ve been […]

Insurrection – Agent Steel

Are their fingers bloody? If you asked questions would you feel the fool? Mass acceptance Feeds the flame of propaganda […]