Retaliate – Agnostic Front

can’t keep up the gaurd, i must break within. i’ve kept to myself, obeyed my script. now i’ve violated into […]

No Fear – Agnostic Front

You’ve got to much to say Old soldiers never die They just fade away Intimidation and all those games You […]

Pedophile – Agnostic Front

Take another breath in This world Your perverted mind will bring you down to this She’s barely 10 years old […]

Bomber Zee – Agnostic Front

Coming near break of day A bomber prepares for a flight A blitzkrieg mission tonite [Chorus:] Writhing in my dreams […]

Lost – Agnostic Front

Domination over life–man against man Mother Earth came to conflict with patriarchal powers And eyes lit up with hierarchy fed […]

The Tombs – Agnostic Front

roam through endless courts and its corruptive jaws. they say a man is innocent till proven guilty. for sure they […]

No Mercy – Agnostic Front

Nothing ever fucking real Never tust the outsider. It’s proven once ggain You can say what you wanna say No […]

Toxic Shock – Agnostic Front

Seep into the water Dioxin – she drank for nine straight months Deformed her unborn daughter Factories – spewing poison […]

Genesis – Agnostic Front

The wrathful flames dance around my head Falling figures, burning dead A well once filled with flowing water Now an […]

Shoot His Load – Agnostic Front

Riding subway trains Got ripped off twice Ain’t gonna happen again Withdrew a hundred dollars Bought himself a piece Can’t […]

Your Fall – Agnostic Front

we’ve waited years to witness this fall. today we see the truth among curious lies. we’ve come to seek justice […]