Rage – Agnostic Front

Everything I’m own, you’ve taken away All I ever wanted was to get by Now you wanna know the reason […]

Alright – Agnostic Front

Happens all you say what happened yesterday? All we do is watch our back sleep with This and fuck with […]

Crucified – Agnostic Front

Live for now–Don’t understand today See the kids–But don’t hear what they say Close your eyes and look the other […]

Anthem – Agnostic Front

Until time itself became a chain Once hot blood began to cool My ever slowing heart–beat in vain From the […]

New Jack – Agnostic Front

here unlike there there are no set rules. remember one thing you came here alone. thats how youll do this […]

Liberty – Agnostic Front

Do what we wanna do. Be what we wanna be They say we’re out of touch. Well their opinions don’t […]

Dedication – Agnostic Front

What the future holds is our everlast Our dedication and sincerity, our eternal flame Today, tomorrow, forever! We’re here to […]

Bastard – Agnostic Front

like the beatings and bruises you gladly through. and when it came down for mental support a blatant strike was […]

Force Feed – Agnostic Front

the barriers built then to reform undesirable prey. removed from civilization, reduced to depraved moles. once freedom is withdrawn the […]

Retaliate – Agnostic Front

can’t keep up the gaurd, i must break within. i’ve kept to myself, obeyed my script. now i’ve violated into […]

No Fear – Agnostic Front

You’ve got to much to say Old soldiers never die They just fade away Intimidation and all those games You […]

Pedophile – Agnostic Front

Take another breath in This world Your perverted mind will bring you down to this She’s barely 10 years old […]

Bomber Zee – Agnostic Front

Coming near break of day A bomber prepares for a flight A blitzkrieg mission tonite [Chorus:] Writhing in my dreams […]

Lost – Agnostic Front

Domination over life–man against man Mother Earth came to conflict with patriarchal powers And eyes lit up with hierarchy fed […]

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