Peace – Agnostic Front

In these times of war today A choice must be made that no one wants to make The result is inevitable No one wins but a side must be taken It’s them or us, we don’t want it this way Death is certain and lives are at stake Whose children must die? Whose buildings must […]

Now And Then – Agnostic Front

never thinking then of the hundreds i’ve hurt. their morals and family so deserted, you see, back then my mind was conned, caught in a pipe dream. understand my path set forth from a struggling background. mom always worked her hardest maintaining her four hounds. scared and afraid that my own child’s future was at […]

The Blame – Agnostic Front

When they all turn on you Is it worth it for us to live Their way? It’s their mistake and we’re to blame. Are we to live by the rules And be told what to do We’re not part of their society FUCK THEIR AUTHORITY WE’RE THE YOUTH OF TODAY And nothing can stand in […]

Bomber Zee – Agnostic Front

Coming near break of day A bomber prepares for a flight A blitzkrieg mission tonite [Chorus:] Writhing in my dreams Feeling the painful screams Torturing my brain Driving me insane Bomber up and away Causing destruction today Your mission almost complete Never admitting defeat [Chorus] Bomber Zee again tonite Feeling yourself in flight Bombing in […]

Another Voice – Agnostic Front

We’ve been opressed still we destroy Everything thrown in our face We found the truth and we still believe Another voice, back again with a vengeance Sworn to brotherhood since the days of my youth My blood is my pride, my voice speaks the truth There’s no holding me back, there’s nothing you can do […]

Growing Concern – Agnostic Front

The statues go crashing And all of your ancient ideals Your morals we question Put them to testing Rules broken you thought were of steel Scrupleless children We number in millions Won’t stand for any more of your crummy deals [Chorus:] Growing concern Priests are just rapists Who worship the dollar Get hardons from girls […]

Before My Eyes – Agnostic Front

I’ve worked so hard and everything I fucking gave you haven’t changed A rat, a traitor, digging yourself a grave… Right before my eyes. I see all your shame I feel all your pain You have turned your back I’m in a rage, can’t control My feeling I’ve been upstaged Life in a cage, no […]

It’s For Life – Agnostic Front

If you want to stand for something You better stand tall and proud Don’t try to walk the fence or play both sides Be ready to fight when they look you in the eye You want to make a commitment? A commitment, it’s for life Don’t try to make a commitment unless it’s for life […]

Out Of Reach – Agnostic Front

Discouragement go to work and feel so bored There’s something in my head. Something in my heart Too many people never fight for what they want Breakin my back for a better way-its out of reach Something inside says it’s a long way coming-so out of reach Listen so many times I’ve heard their cries […]

Lost – Agnostic Front

Domination over life–man against man Mother Earth came to conflict with patriarchal powers And eyes lit up with hierarchy fed desires The spirit within–quickly became lost In search of glory and power the rules of war were taught The dogs, run wild, parting souls from lives Bombs fragment, the Earth, leaving wounds in her side […]

Uncle Sam – Agnostic Front

We’ll drain the life from you The internet so cool tax dollars hard at work Built my new swimming pool You think you elected me so trust I know what’s best For you What do I get for my taxes? Social security You will never control me Sit down watch the news we censorded it […]

Out For Blood – Agnostic Front

Crying out in terror but no one can hear you Trapped in an alley, nowhere to hide Carefully watching your steps with his eyes Growling, awaiting to kill you Slowly approaching and your death nears you Nowhere to go, nowhere to run As he leaps at you and makes his final lunge Foaming from the […]

Your Mistake – Agnostic Front

No need for you to tell us how to be Can’t seem to find your reasons why You tell us lies and think you’re wise Why can’t you think before you sink Why can’t you see, then come to me Tell us lies and ask us why We hate society And we’re here to fight […]

Strength – Agnostic Front

See a world grow cold and grey Did you see it today Youth that rage while their idols age Need some new start See ideals for what they really are What does it take? Eyes for the blind What does it take? Strength of the mind That’s what it has to be To cast everything […]

Over The Edge – Agnostic Front

its taken months for my cool to explode. now whats been damaged remains in my mind. i should have listened to those you called fools for the fool was i to be led blind. you’ve played your final game, the odds have failed you again. my faith was all to blame. i thought you were […]

Hiding Inside – Agnostic Front

Because you’re afraid to express them And lose your pride But why try to be someone you’re just not Why keep hiding, letting the real you rot Yes, you’re afraid to get caught off gaurd Because you don’t know how they’ll think (Is he ‘soft’ or ‘hard’) But does it really matter, does it really […]

Victim In Pain – Agnostic Front

A victim of society just in pain Society’s rules have made me cruel I’m just the opposite, ain’t no fool The way I act or way I dress Doesn’t make me strong or make me best Soon they’ll find my reasons why I’m open minded and not blind But why am I going insane Why […]

The Tombs – Agnostic Front

roam through endless courts and its corruptive jaws. they say a man is innocent till proven guilty. for sure they meant the opposite in reality. forced to a plea, forced to give in. refused to seek justice, chosen to turn their chins. now youve got their offers. he say you cant refuse. they choose your […]

I Live It – Agnostic Front

I despise you and I’ll never show you mercy This is my life, my oath and sincerity I live it and I have no time for fantasies I don’t talk about it I live it! This is my reality I live it! Fuck you and everything that you say and you’re about I live your […]

Politician – Agnostic Front

Your line and see what bites Need to clarify your way with violence in our Minds each day Now the time is here excuses made from fear What we want from you nothing but the truth! Sitting down behind your desk with offices to represent With democrats and anarchist never know what to expect What […]

No Mercy – Agnostic Front

Nothing ever fucking real Never tust the outsider. It’s proven once ggain You can say what you wanna say No forgiveness no mercy Or you can just go straight to hell No forgiveness no mercy It was nothing but a big charade tired of Playing these fucking games Can’t wait to see your tombstone slate […]

All Is Not Forgotten – Agnostic Front

Did you believe I would let you disgrace me? What fucking morals do you think I live by? What more lies will you think of to tell this time? All is not forgotten You made your choice All is not forgiven Face your punishment Betrayed by you, so-called friend, when I needed you the most […]

The Eliminator – Agnostic Front

Money’s my interest, life isn’t kind You know you can run but there’s nowhere to hide Payback’s a bitch boy Now you’re gonna die Hand me the contract, I’ve got no remorse The more cash I get, the bloodier the worst You claimed their way out, life is up in flames How ’bout doin’ it […]

Toxic Shock – Agnostic Front

Seep into the water Dioxin – she drank for nine straight months Deformed her unborn daughter Factories – spewing poison fumes The cause of acid rain Destroy crops and animals Lives flushed down the drain Radon – creeps up from the earth Public dies of cancer Danger – of chemical nightmare When will we find […]

Genesis – Agnostic Front

The wrathful flames dance around my head Falling figures, burning dead A well once filled with flowing water Now an endless tunnel of hate and squalor Covered, once, with locks of hair All burned off, to leave me bare A hand that once reached out to feel Now gropes about for something real I try […]

Shoot His Load – Agnostic Front

Riding subway trains Got ripped off twice Ain’t gonna happen again Withdrew a hundred dollars Bought himself a piece Can’t depend on anyone He’s his own police Fourteenth Street station This could be the night December, he’s heavily sweating Collar feels too tight Tired of being preyed upon By the scum of the earth Tonite […]

Your Fall – Agnostic Front

we’ve waited years to witness this fall. today we see the truth among curious lies. we’ve come to seek justice with our own eyes. brick by brick we slave for a life and mortar mix for dimes. we won’t allow ourselves to be beat. we won’t level this wall of dirty deeds. our rise will […]

So Pure To Me – Agnostic Front

So Pure To Me The Strength We Built Through Honesty The Life We Live So Pure To Me The Strength We Built Through Honesty Our Loyalty We Won’t Betray Our Roots So Strong Will Never Fade We’ll never betray this! – – Live for now For yourself and your society You promise to yourself To […]

Standing On My Own – Agnostic Front

Standing on my own Never tried no suicide standing on my own Everyday I’m moving forward even Though it seems a little bit awkward Lost myself a thousand times I found My way home I found my way home Standing on my own with no help from you! Since I lost my innocence I’ve been […]

Fascist Attitudes – Agnostic Front

If they look or think different, why let it bother Everyones got their own style, their own thoughts Don’t let it bother you, don’t let it get caught Your fascist attitudes – we need the least With a scene that’s fighting for unity & peace Don’t need more anger; no more danger Don’t need to […]