Performer AGONY

Apocalyptic Dawning – Agony

Total destruction of creation! Radiation in the atmosphere, Human’s total revocation! Someone heard the end is near, All the mass […]

Self-Butchery – Agony

Ready to practice on myself! Slowly I’m loosing my senses, Feeling this atrocious pain, Powerful and so intense, Taking the […]

Vociferation – Agony

See them come infinitely! To inflict their reality, To rot in Horror! HORROR! See the bloody gore spill! From bodies, […]

Homicide – Agony

la mort fit sont chemin jusqu’a lui. D’un elan de folie il le tua par jalousie. Cet hymne a la […]

Mortuary Oppulent – Agony

Lifeless corpses of the last RACE! The living look dead and death is so beautiful, As you live with those […]

Cyberpsychosis – Agony

The new generation! Human values are digitized, Our pathetic future is now arrived! Cyberpspace to replace human perception, Reflex boost […]

Perpetual Breeders – Agony

‘Cause my semen is good, World repopulation… I’m the next generation! As I’m fucking her, There’s nothing I can feel! […]

Obsede – Agony

Je ne suis plus maоtre de mes impulsions! Cherchant un petit coin intime, Pour mettre en pratique mon aliйnation! Йcervelй […]

Silence – Agony

Prisonnieres de leurs destinee! Dans le silence cachent leur enfance! Dans le silence cachent leurs souffrances! Recepteur de violence, Instrument […]

Blood Addiction… – Agony

I’m killing innoncents with no mercy to please myself! Drinking their blood is the reason why I’m taking their lives! […]

Eve Of Destruction – Agony

No god can save us, From our disgrace No god can save us, From this destruction People running everywhere, Insanity […]