Category: AGONY

Post-Cataclysm… Suffering Days – Agony

Distressed environment, What happened to humanity, Paralized! Sickness is omnipresent, In this world, and must go throught pain! But alas we just thwril, Some days of sadness, For our requiem, Dissapointment and shame till the end! Unknown comers of the mind, Unconquered spiritual way behind, Afraid of things we cannot see, Ignorance will draw us […]

Perpetual Breeders – Agony

‘Cause my semen is good, World repopulation… I’m the next generation! As I’m fucking her, There’s nothing I can feel! Preparing all the spaw, For another WORLD WAR!!! I breed almost fifthy times a day, My seed to conceive a better army!!! Even if you’re sick, You must accomplish the work, That themselves they can’t […]

Obsede – Agony

Je ne suis plus maоtre de mes impulsions! Cherchant un petit coin intime, Pour mettre en pratique mon aliйnation! Йcervelй par ma nйcrophilie, cette psychose m’envahit Quant il s’agit d’accomplir mes fantasmes les pires! Prкt pour mon atroce mutilation, J’arrache violemment tes tendons! Avec ma machette aiguisйe, Brutalement tu es decapitй!!! Chaque coup de couteau […]

Silence – Agony

Prisonnieres de leurs destinee! Dans le silence cachent leur enfance! Dans le silence cachent leurs souffrances! Recepteur de violence, Instrument de fantasme! Ils ont tue l’innocence, Pour atteindre l’orgasme! Dans le silence cachent leurs souffrances, Leurs souvenirs obsedants marquee au fer blanc! Dans la souffrance meurt l’innoncence! Dans la souffrance nait leur violence! Pedophilie tu […]

Blood Addiction… – Agony

I’m killing innoncents with no mercy to please myself! Drinking their blood is the reason why I’m taking their lives! Always ready to practice my barbarian demise on themselves! Blood Addiction… Feasting on human components! As I carve in your chest, I can feel your distress The sweat smell of your flesh, is arising my […]

Eve Of Destruction – Agony

No god can save us, From our disgrace No god can save us, From this destruction People running everywhere, Insanity beneath their souls Primitive life will reborn! Instinct will grow in you, Only the strong survive Hidding themselves in the dark Fighting, to survive! Everywhere anarchy will reign, on every body! Murder in the middle […]