Performer AGRESSOR

The Crypt – Agressor

Where lie some strange divinities Hidden from all sight Old chamber of all might Time has come for me to […]

Neverending Destiny – Agressor

Evolution of universe can’t be stopped Nature patries on some real events through her infinite power No distinction between god […]

Elemental Decay – Agressor

Where no physical laws could govern there The old time is lost when human being Worshipped God, was afraid of […]

Voices From Below – Agressor

Ancestral life and future actions are not an unknown secret That’s why we’ve passed, the ultimate concentration My life is […]

The Sorcerer – Agressor

Trees are speaking. Weird! Magnetic stones charge the air As we enter the domain of The sorcerer Mother nature gave […]

Antedilluvian – Agressor

Advanced technologies to rule this savage land, this young world is just born Your mutilated corpse can’t live without assistance, […]

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