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Craving – Aion

You’re smouldering body and inner flame Craving chains me and I can’t leave burned with your look and slaved I see your face sucking out and wasting my strength I give you myself, that’s my final word I just love to be beside you, goddes of fervour and queen of the world Please don’t ever […]

Nightmares – Aion

she`s flowing to your house white garments are waving on the wind she`s whispering sensualy you can smell her fire is going out coldness is flooding chambers lady nights is coming to satisfy her ghostly soul she desires your fear and pain you`ll give her that all she`ll tear your soul apart pieces now you […]

Suffering – Aion

Great is my grieve. Still I could reverse the unfortunate course. But… I’m sorry. You were beautiful and innocent, unfortunately Your chosen one didn’t appreciate that. Eternal humiliation made him Have control over you. Oh beautiful stranger… You were crying at night, asking God for salvation You were asking for alleviation of pain that he […]

The Anthem Of Victory – Aion

Said burn your Docs Throw out your Cosom, Your Details, Your Vogue She hate fashion hypocrites And the puppets that spew forth She hates people who hate, but she hates to hate ‘Cause she hates negativity She’s sick of being tired and tired of being sick She smells like dope, my God she tastes like […]

Temple Of Love – Aion

With a gun for a lover and a shot for the pain at hand You run for the cover in the temple of love You run for another but still the same For the wind will blow my name across this land Believing pain and fear outside But someone near you rides the weather And […]

Guilty – Aion

I confess everything I take the responsibility for all the bad I don’t ask for mercy though there must be someone to be punished I sacrifice myself For wronged, ill-treated, murdered of the whole world I have courage to confess I’ve done to help ’em! I hope the great ones of this world Will dream […]

Ten Thousand Bodies – Aion

For two months the monsters called Humans were getting into bloody slaughter There was no one to stop them not to spoil Their play. The monsters were devouring their Victims accompanied by the sound of falling bombs. That excited them even more. Now, as shots calmed down ten thousand Bodies are rotting, waiting for the […]

Time Of Reconciliation – Aion

All the bad and all the good Will stay behind us. Ages of hatred, years of suffering, Gardens of love, rivers of pain. Let’s leave everything behind, let’s forget. Let’s fill our hearts with hope and joy And the new millennium we’ll live In reconciliation There comes our last chance to live With dignity. It’s […]