Performer AION

Bleeding Heart – Aion

Everybody saw, but nobody was about to react. We turned a blind eye to this cruel slaughter. My soul is […]

Before Dawn – Aion

Tell me about your dreams The time has stopped our souls Have joined our dreams have created The beautiful sight […]

Bad Place – Aion

He wants to be your saviour by torments and sufferings He wants to give you a freedom. The villain lusts […]

The Prayer – Aion

you were talking about my first steps you showed me good and bad people you tought me what kind of […]

Land Of Dreams – Aion

The sun sank down below the horizon, Gloomy darkness is wrapping the world, In the moonlight among shadows, You are […]

Azure Landscape – Aion

The sky vanishes, like mist, melts away The colours change the the universe’s image I love this state, this hue […]

Unfulfilled Hope – Aion

Yet he restored vision of the blind, hearing of the deaf, life to the dead Now in the corners lurks […]

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