Performer AION

Land Of Dreams – Aion

The sun sank down below the horizon, Gloomy darkness is wrapping the world, In the moonlight among shadows, You are […]

Azure Landscape – Aion

The sky vanishes, like mist, melts away The colours change the the universe’s image I love this state, this hue […]

Unfulfilled Hope – Aion

Yet he restored vision of the blind, hearing of the deaf, life to the dead Now in the corners lurks […]

Into The Abyss – Aion

I can see the sky full of stars and a shadow of death impenetrable black is surrounding me with every […]

Craving – Aion

You’re smouldering body and inner flame Craving chains me and I can’t leave burned with your look and slaved I […]

Nightmares – Aion

she`s flowing to your house white garments are waving on the wind she`s whispering sensualy you can smell her fire […]

Suffering – Aion

Great is my grieve. Still I could reverse the unfortunate course. But… I’m sorry. You were beautiful and innocent, unfortunately […]

The Anthem Of Victory – Aion

Said burn your Docs Throw out your Cosom, Your Details, Your Vogue She hate fashion hypocrites And the puppets that […]

Guilty – Aion

I confess everything I take the responsibility for all the bad I don’t ask for mercy though there must be […]

Ten Thousand Bodies – Aion

For two months the monsters called Humans were getting into bloody slaughter There was no one to stop them not […]