Performer AIR SUPPLY

Without You – Air Supply

No I can’t forget this evening Or your face as you were leaving But I guess that’s just the way […]

Sunset – Air Supply

Tells us that it’s time, the day is too end Nobody cries as it leaves Or reaches for the light […]

Give Me Love – Air Supply

I’m tired enough, oh I’m tired And I feel so weighed down I don’t want failure while my whole life […]

After All – Air Supply

And the world is fast asleep I will hold you here and keep All our secret dreams and plans You- […]

Always – Air Supply

I can see hills touch the sky Heaven and earth, you and I A world we will always be Here […]

Yours Truly – Air Supply

Sometimes when I look at you, I wonder why you’re here wth me I’m not the perfect lover and there […]

Body Glove – Air Supply

an open window to the human brain The more you give, the more you lose You can’t go dancing in […]

I Want You – Air Supply

If it’s love that you need, i can lay here at your feet When your fingers want to hold someone […]

Daybreak – Air Supply

It seems I’m not so strong And suddenly, there’s no more to lose So where did I go wrong I […]

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