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Strangers In Love – Air Supply

Strangers in love must a star fall from the sky It’s stranger than most and stranger when we try to understand it all, why we fall, As strangers in love, Strangers in love. Straight from the farm and a world apart and ready for- Someone to take her arm, she’s never seen a movie What […]

This Heart Belongs To Me – Air Supply

Where are all the tricks that people play When they’re afraid to say I want you to hold on to me If I let you go again tonight Whose arms will keep me warm And take me where I want to be But if I lose and then surrender all I know What would I […]

Just Between The Lines – Air Supply

I’ll always need a friend One I can defend All I’ve got to give Is do you want to live With me every day till I pass away I’ve been sitting here Frightened stiff with fear Love has brought it on And it must go on Being here with you, Taking what is mine Just […]

Come What May – Air Supply

When she looks at me I know the girl sees things Nobody else can see All of the secret fears inside All of the craziness I hide She looks into my soul And reads me like nobody can And she doesn’t judge the man She just takes me as I am CHORUS Come what may, […]

Lost In Love – Air Supply

I realize the best part of love is the thinnest lace And it don’t count for much but I’m not letting go I believe there’s still much to believe in So lift your eyes if you feel you can Reach for a star and I’ll show you a plan I figured it out What I […]

Taking The Chance – Air Supply

You’re in-between aa page of life you never dreamed The answer won’t come from that magazine this time it’s real and you’re not sure just what to feel Who can I trust to say Should I give love now should I take love now CHORUS I’m taking the chance And giving myself to you If […]

I’ll Never Get Enough Of You – Air Supply

All last night we lay in bed making love I never felt so much before with anyone Never had to say a word It was all right there The warmth inside us flamed and circled everywhere And if I never have another love Well at least I had last night Now I know how the […]

We Are All Children – Air Supply

Bound by the sacred and searching for love We are all children adrift on the sea Searching for someone, say come back to me We are all children covered in mud Jam on our faces, we want to be loved We are all children growing so fast Walking on water, hearts made of glass If […]

Big Cat – Air Supply

Big cat talking on the wild side He knows he looks the way he should He’s got something making him feel good He’s got the style, he’s got the sway He’s a million miles away She cat walking on the wild side She cat talking on the wild side She don’t smile, she don’t look […]

Someone – Air Supply

When you first found love, Was it all that you had wanted For a thousand lonely years Was the memory so sweet Now your scented touch brings me Back to the enchanted All shadows fade away, The gypsy is complete (Chorus) Someone is walking beside me Someone is waiting till I say yes I do […]

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