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Dancing With The Mountain – Air Supply

Hot sun as warm as the kissing of the wind Fooststeps in perfect time Heartbeat as loud as the whisper in the wood Hold me this dance is mine The dance is mine We are alone, your love excites me You are the earth moving inside me I feel like dancing with the mountain Feel […]

Let’s Stay Together Tonight – Air Supply

I feel your hand in mine, I touch your skin Your heart is calling out You want to let me in, to let me in Your lips are silent now, we’re not alone I’d like to tell you how much I’d like to take you home So I can make love to you I believe […]

Having You Near Me – Air Supply

I came to you and never asked too much Wondering what you would say Hoping you’d understand It’s not a role I usually play Don’t speak too much of what’s been going on The past is over and gone Give me your troubled mind You know it’s used I can do so much for you […]

I Wanna Hold You Tonight – Air Supply

Soft as a last goodbye These are the things we learn to be Calm as a distant light That shines on an island night These are the thoughts that say: It’s not too late to tell you, I know I wanna tell you I wanna hold you tonight I wanna hold you tonight I wanna […]

Now And Forever – Air Supply

When love is new And the world is not reaching for you We try hard to hold it all In our hands But it slipped through Like soft drifting sands But drying the tears Can build it all like new CHORUS Now and forever Remember the words >From my heart will always be true Now […]

Evidence Of Love – Air Supply

When I look for the love in your eyes You turn away And there’s nothing as loud as the words That we never say Look at us now Standing on the edge again It’s not too late to try again I need some… CHORUS Evidence of love To keep on going Show me some evidence […]

Body Glove – Air Supply

an open window to the human brain The more you give, the more you lose You can’t go dancing in these mountain shoes and that won’t do. The more you touch, the more you feel It’s just a picture that you thought was real The less you need, the more you know You can say […]

Stronger Than The Night – Air Supply

Tonight, you are the world to me, part of the mystery And we don’t need a reason to love Say you’ll never go, that’s all I need to know And when you close your eyes, I’ll still be here And if the world falls, You will be the only reason to love I’ll find my […]

She Never Heard Me Call – Air Supply

One warm night I fell in love The air was still the worlds would flow We knew each other oh so well And though just met you’d never tell Sometimes we’re just lonely hearts That ride upon a floating card Prepared to live those sleepless nights For precious time in paradise CHORUS And now I […]

I Want You – Air Supply

If it’s love that you need, i can lay here at your feet When your fingers want to hold someone close to you Oh, don’t you know baby I want you… . When it’s time to begin, you can tell me, let me in Every moment, every day, i’ll be waiting every way Till you’re […]

All Out Of Love – Air Supply

I’m lying alone with my head on the phone Thinking of you till it hurts I know you hurt too but what else can we do Tormented and torn apart I wish I could carry your smile and my heart For times when my life feels so low It would make me believe what tomorrow […]

Love Comes To Me – Air Supply

I know that if I can stay for a while, you will soon love me too Let’s take a chance, at least we’ll learn a lesson It beats hanging round waiting for moments that wait into days I don’t want to love you in two different ways Do you want to give, do you want […]

Two Less Lonely People In The World – Air Supply

I was down my dreams were wearing thin When you’re lost where do you begin My heart always seemed to drift from day to day Looking for the love that never came my way Then you smiled and I reached out to you I could tell you were lonely too One look and then it […]

Feel For Your Love – Air Supply

I’ve got money to burn I’ve got life on the avenue I’ve got nothing to learn I just do what I want to do I’ve got places to go I’ve got lines on the telephone I’ve got nothing to show For all this time that I spend alone But if I wanted someone, someone to […]

Believe In The Supernatural – Air Supply

Believe in the supernatural Believe in the supernatural Believe in the supernatural Believe in the supernatural Believe in the supernatural Believe in the supernatural I’m going back just a few years All people used to seem tall When everyday would be voices calling I’d take no notice at all I’d take no notice at all […]

Heart Of The Rose – Air Supply

A long time ago, from the valley of the sun Came the holy power, When the gods were one Searching for a new home, Searching for this land Guided by the stars, and a vision they had seen The pillars of the temple, In these hills of green Buried deep inside for only us to […]

Daybreak – Air Supply

It seems I’m not so strong And suddenly, there’s no more to lose So where did I go wrong I should have known before Her love for me was gone Now I’m waiting for the light To fill this empty room I need you now to break thru the night Whose shadows came too soon […]

Sweet Dreams – Air Supply

This is the time when you need a friend You just need someone near I’m not looking forward to the night I’ll spend Thinking of you when you’re not here How many times will I think about the things I’d like to do Always denied th right to live my life the way I want […]

Love Is The Arrow – Air Supply

Nothing can come between, your life and mine Before the ink is dry I feel just you and i, inside my mind Love is the arrow, fly straight and true Into this deep and fallow hart What am i to do What am i to do Another world to spin A distant tide come in, […]

Can’t Stop The Rain – Air Supply

When we believe our reality In the words that we say We’re all searching for sanity Till it drives us away To that place in the wilderness In the deep of your mind You remember the happiness Wasn’t easy to find Why do we spend time alone Why don’t we end nights together Isn’t it […]

You Are The Reason – Air Supply

Here’s on the street a tear in the seam of pleasure and pain Life carries on a cloak of deceit brings honour to shame But the voice I used to know (Where are you now?) is the one I can’t let go Chorus: You are the reason my faith in tomorrow A Distant horizon the […]

I Don’t Believe You – Air Supply

Who are we to say who we must obey to get much better, ooh to get much better, Who are we to say there’s only one way to read the letter, A decision to make and here I must be sure it will not break me, Not a friend in the place to say to […]

Love And Other Bruises – Air Supply

As the time slips through your fingers Till it’s almost time to go And the morning breaks between us And the ice melts into snow. I’m alright loving you I’m alright loving you (Chorus) Love and other bruises didn’t have to choose us But it did and I’m alive and I’m trying to survive Love […]

So Much Love – Air Supply

They fade away like winter sun I should have felt, what I I didn’t see I should have known, that you needed me But now you’re here My heart is young, my mind is clear The past was gone, when you came to me You were always a part of my destiny I always believed, […]

Lonely Is The Night – Air Supply

Really thought that I could live without you Really thought that I could make it on my own Sent you away yeah I said I didn’t need you I let you go I let you go I let you go Now I’m so lost without you Now you’re not here and now I know CHORUS […]

The Earth Is – Air Supply

There’s a man with the smallest of worlds in his hands And a tear fills his eyes as he tries to hold on Holding his world together There’s a girl in the other half of the sky And she’s wondering why her planet should sigh Don’t you want me ’round forever The earth is too […]

Do It Again – Air Supply

‘Til the road you take would bend I was the man to turn you on And you knew it after all Come tomorrow when I’m all weary You would turn me down again At least that’s the way I can remember Do it again, do it again Do it again, do it again Every little […]

Spirit Of Love – Air Supply

Love comes and goes, Destiny unknown Leads you to the promised land Or leaves you head in hand Tears fall like rain Coming down once again Stranger lost in a distant land Language hard to understand Seems like years have slipped away Still have so much left to say And I can’t wait to see […]

O Come All Ye Faithful – Air Supply

Joyful and triumphant O come ye, O come ye to Bethlehem Come and behold him Born the King of Angels O come let us adore him O come let us adore him O come let us adore him Christ the Lord Sing choirs of angels Sing in exaltation Oh sing all ye citizens of Heaven […]

Put Love In Your Life – Air Supply

I don’t need money and possessions I don’t need things to weigh me down I don’t need to be under suspicion For all the things that never come around All I need is you and your affection To be a part of everything you do To break thru a lost communication To let me know […]

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