Mercury Blues – Alan Jackson

Well if i had money Tell you what i’d do I’d go downtown and buy a mercury or two Crazy bout a mercury Lord i’m crazy bout a mercury I’m gonna buy me a mercury And cruise it up and down the road Well the girl i love I stole her from a friend He […]

Let’s Get Back To You and Me – Alan Jackson

You’re always all alone And I’m not always there when I’m at home But I’m ready for a little change I’m ready to accept some blame So let’s back up to yesterday Let’s get back in love Back to dreamin’ of All those little things we used to do Let’s start holdin’ hands Let’s start […]

When Somebody Loves You – Alan Jackson

Seems so long When it’s just you, you can’t see through Those ol’ clouds that rain so blue But when somebody loves you There’s nothing you can’t do When somebody loves you It’s easy to get through When somebody loves you The way I love you When it’s late, the sun hangs low By yourself, […]

Burnin’ The Honky Tonks Down – Alan Jackson

Burnin’ the honky tonks down Smoke’s been rising all over town She’s burnin’ the honky tonks down She’s burnin’ the honky tonks down She caught me runnin’ around She was dancin’ in the ashes When they caught her with them matches She’s burnin’ the honky tonks down Well she’s burnin’ the honky tonks down I […]

The Firefly’s Song – Alan Jackson

With a young man’s heart And a young man’s roots But now I stand where a young man stood before I don’t run like I used to This old man don’t run no more You used to talk And I used to nod I don’t listen But I hear a lot Don’t believe for a […]

Must’ve Had A Ball – Alan Jackson

Well i must’ve had a ball last night I can’t recall what even started out fight I must’ve drank away my blues ’cause i don’t remember losing you Well i must’ve done the town up right ’cause this morning my hats just a little too tight There ain’t no way of knowing But all the […]

The Blues Man – Alan Jackson

A natural born guitar ringer Kind of a clinger to sad old songs He’s not a walk behinder He’s a new note finder His name’s a reminder of a blues man That’s already gone So he started drinking and took somethings That messed up his thinking He was sure sinking when she came along He […]

Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’ – Alan Jackson

Whenever a chance to meet some old friends on the street They wonder how does a man get to be this way I always got a smileing face any time and any place And everytime they ask me why I just smile and say You’ve got to kiss angel good mornin And let her know […]

Monday Morning Church – Alan Jackson

So I put it in the drawer ‘Cause I can’t seem to talk to God without yelling anymore And when I sit at your piano I can almost hear those hymns The keys are just collecting dust But I can’t close the lid You left my heart as empty as a Monday morning church It […]

Never Loved Before (feat. Martina McBride) – Alan Jackson

Girl I swear you got me acting crazy Half the time I don’t know what my name is I’m the kind that like to take it slow and lazy And girl you got me running hot and haziest (Chorus) Oh, I love you like I never Oh, I love you like I never Oh, I […]

Summertime Blues – Alan Jackson

Well i’m a-gonna raise a fuss, i’m gonna raise a holler About workin’ all summer just to try an’ earn a dollar Everytime i call my baby, to try to get a date My boss says, “no dice, son, you gotta work late” Sometimes i wonder what i’m gonna do ’cause there ain’t no cure […]

I Slipped And Fell In Love – Alan Jackson

A wood floor and new socks on your bare feet You look down and suddenly you’re looking up Whoops, I slipped and fell in love A bald tire running on an icy road A steep hill underneath a foot of snow A greased pig fallen off a pickup truck Whoops, I slipped and fell in […]

Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas – Alan Jackson

I don’t want to see my Momma cry Please Daddy don’t get drunk this Christmas I don’t want my Momma cry Just last year when I was only seven Now I’m almost eight, as you can see You came home a quarter past eleven And fell down underneath our Christmas tree Chorus “Please Daddy don’t […]

Love’s Got A Hold On You – Alan Jackson

I called my doctor on the telephone Help me doc there’s something wrong I can’t shake it it’s gone too far He said tell me what your symptoms are I said my hands are sweaty and my knees are weak I can’t eat and i can’t sleep It’s turning me every way but loose He […]

A Love Like That – Alan Jackson

I guess I should have known But my heart does and it ain’t whisperin’ It tells me just what it wants Someone who knows what I like in my coffee And the shape of my ol’ hat A lover who always looks at me not through me I need a love like that I need […]

What A Day Yesterday Was – Alan Jackson

Don’t they bring some good memories back Some of them make us laugh And some make us cry I’m glad we’ve kept all of these souvenirs To prove that our love was here Look at how happy we were Pictures don’t lie (chorus) If forever should end today And there’s no tomorrow for us What […]

My Own Kind Of Hat – Alan Jackson

Good dogs and all kinds of cats. Dirt roads and white lined, and all kinds of stop signs I’ll stand right here where i’m at ’cause i wear my own kind of hat. There’s two kinds of lovers, two kinds of brothers Two kinds of babies to hold. There’s two kinds of cherries, two kinds […]

If We Make It Through December – Alan Jackson

Everything’s gonna be all right I know It’s the coldest time of winter And I shiver when I see the falling snow If we make it through December Got plans to be in a warmer town Come summer time Maybe even California If we make it through December We’ll be fine Got laid off down […]

Meat and Potato Man – Alan Jackson

Football games on Monday night It’s just who I am A meat and potato man I like my coffee black Ol’ TV shows My women hot and my beer ice cold It’s just who I am A meat and potato man I like my fishin’ holes, lightnin’ bugs Flatt n’ Scruggs, and my woman’s love […]

The Angels Cried – Alan Jackson

They came from near, they came from far Following a distance star to where He lay Not being sure of what it meant, But knowing it was heaven sent, they made their way >And the creatures gathered ’round And didn’t make a sound And the angels cried The angels knew what was to come The […]

Honky Tonk Christmas – Alan Jackson

And mistletoe is hanging above the bar I want to thank you for this broken heart that I got Merry Christmas Girl Wherever in the world you are It’s going to be a honky tonk Christmas For these silent nights at home are killing me It’s going to be a honky tonk Christmas But I’ll […]

It’s Time You Learned About Goodbye – Alan Jackson

Well i’ve been on the wrong side Of the front door too often Watched you slam it in my face Well i may have learned the hard way I’m not a soft one Tonight i’m standin in your place Cause you taught me a lot about leavin Won’t even have to try So here’s your […]

I Still Like Bologna – Alan Jackson

Satellite communications Long distance Internet relations The world’s A little faster every day I know it’s all Well and good And I don’t embrace it Like I should But I wouldn’t wanna go Backwards even if I could [Chorus:] But I still Like Bologna On white bread Now and then And the sound Of a […]

Someday – Alan Jackson

She looked me in the eye and said it’s over I can’t take this heartache anymore She said don’t tell me lies and try to please me I’ve heard it all so many times before And i took her by the arm and said don’t leave me There’s nothin’ in this world i wouldn’t do […]

Where Were You (When The World Stopped Turning) – Alan Jackson

were you in the yard with your wife and children or working on some stage in LA Did you stand there in shock at the site of That black smoke rising against that blue sky Did you shout out in anger In fear for your neighbor Or did you just sit down and cry Did […]

Long Long Way – Alan Jackson

I’m seating here alone at night and not with you. Heartache takes control and lets me know just what a fool I was and how you can’t erase the things you do. And sorry just can’t mend a broken heart, I’ve hand in you brake apart is what most broken hearts still you to do. […]