Anywhere On Earth You Are – Alan Jackson

Another night has made me stop My weary bones can go no farther And here’s where they’ll drop In my dreams your arms will find me They will hold me through the night Then release me to my journey As another day grows light I’ve got so many miles to go And promises to keep […]

What a Friend We Have in Jesus – Alan Jackson

All our sins and griefs to bear! What a privilege to carry Everything to God in prayer! O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, All because we do not carry Everything to God in prayer. Have we trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere? We should never be discouraged; Take […]

Chattahoochee – Alan Jackson

It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie We laid rubber on the georgie asphalt We got a little crazy but we never got caught Down by the river on a friday night A pyramid of cans in the pale moonlight Talking ’bout cars and dreaming ’bout women Never had a plan just a livin’ for […]

Where Do I Go From Here (A Trucker’s Song) – Alan Jackson

With a banjo on my knee I’m goin’ to Louisiana My true love for to see It rained all night the day I left The weather it was dry The sun so hot I froze to death Suzanna don’t you cry I got a long way to go I sure feel it now deep down […]

Listen To Your Senses – Alan Jackson

And tell me You don’t love me Take my hand and say It can’t be Kiss me once and just Before you walk away Listen first to what Your senses say ‘Cause I can see me Loving you forever I can feel my arms Around your life I can taste your lips Against my memory […]

Strong Enough – Alan Jackson

And I just took your picture off the wall Hide from you anywhere I’m able But there’s one place I can’t hide from you at all Chorus: Tennessee, you don’t make the whiskey California, you don’t make the wine And Mexico, you don’t make tequila Strong enough to get her off my mind Memories seem […]

How Great Thou Art – Alan Jackson

When I in awesome wonder Consider all the works Thy hands have made I see the stars I hear the rolling thunder Thy power throughout The universe displayed Then sings my soul My Saviour, God, to Thee How great thou art How great thou art Then sings my soul My Saviour, God, to Thee How […]

Amarillo – Alan Jackson

You’re really leavinyou always told me that You wanted to I guess i never thought It would happen I guess i never really wanted it to The world is calling you and You must answer But you can take me with you In you drams If you ever get back to amarillo In a shiny […]

You Don’t Have To Paint Me A Picture – Alan Jackson

When we first said hello I guess the flame’s now a little lower I can feel you letting go You know the pain drops a little darker Then when you first put it on I guess your love’s like some old cheap and magic marker Said forever nice go But you don’t have to paint […]

Right Where I Want You – Alan Jackson

keep love all away wall around my heart so it won’t have to break but you take me some place that i’ve never been now i don’t know if i’ll find my way back again chorus: cause you’ve got me right where i want you and there’s not a thing i can’t do completely consume […]

Livin’ On Love – Alan Jackson

Two young people without a thing Say some vows and spread their wings Settle down with just what they need Livin on love She dont care ’bout whats in style She just likes the wayhe smiles It takes more than marble and tile Livin on love Livin on love, buyin on time Without somebody nothing […]

Thank God For The Radio – Alan Jackson

On the wrong end of the highway When the long night has no end When there’s no one there beside me ’til i hold you once again Thank god for the radio When i’m on the road When i’m far from home And feelin’ blue Thank god for the radio Playin’ all night long Playin’ […]

Bluebird – Alan Jackson

The icy wind is howling out your name And desolation wanes Like a fog The fires rolling in In the wind I’m out in the rain The moon is gone behind the clouds again And I can’t stand to live Another day Cause my bluebird went away And I’m locked in this room With my […]

If You Don’t Wanna See Santa Claus Cry – Alan Jackson

For ole St. Nick tonight But I’m afraid what I want this year Can’t be had But Santa he’s the kind When he makes up his mind Wishes can come true And I bet my Christmas stockin’ If my wish don’t come knockin’ He’s gonna be blue So baby come home If you don’t wanna […]

Pop A Top – Alan Jackson

I just got time for one more round Sit ’em up my friends Then I’ll be gone Then you can let some other fool sit down I’d like for you’d to listen to a joke I heard today From a woman who said she was through and calmly walked away I’d tried to smile and […]

Like Red On A Rose – Alan Jackson

When your lips first smiled at me I was captured instantly To each his own Like blue in the sky The gaze of your willing eyes Touched something deep inside The truth be known That I love you like all little children love pennies And I love you cause I know that I can’t do […]

Who I Am – Alan Jackson

Well i know you hate my drinkin’ And the way i talk sometimes But you hate it most when i don’t call at night And it’s just because you love me And you worry ’bout your man You do the best you can with who i am Burnin’ both ends of a candle Can leave […]

To Do What I Do – Alan Jackson

I’ve shoveled manure till my pride hurt When you’re starting out, it’s all part of the work To do what I do I’ve been evicted for not making rent Made my Daddy wonder where my good sense went For the price of a dream, my years have been spent To do what I do So […]

It’s Alright To Be A Redneck – Alan Jackson

It’s alright to be a redneck It’s alright to drive around in a dirty ol’ truck Catch a bunch of fish and shoot a bunch of duck It’s alright to be a redneck Chase around the girls on Friday night You wanna make’em feel alright It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright to be a redneck […]

If I Had You – Alan Jackson

If i could have you I know what i’d do This time i’d be true If i had you If you could be mine I’d walk that straight line There’d be no bad times If i had you I made the worst mistake One fool could ever make Tell me it’s not too late What […]

Wait A Minute – Alan Jackson

Did I hear you say you’re goin’ Far away again? Try to change it I can’t take the lonely nights Without your love Doin’ the road Get the music done And move along What good does it do To play your songs for her And hear her say Wait a minute Did I hear you […]

Mercury Blues – Alan Jackson

Well if i had money Tell you what i’d do I’d go downtown and buy a mercury or two Crazy bout a mercury Lord i’m crazy bout a mercury I’m gonna buy me a mercury And cruise it up and down the road Well the girl i love I stole her from a friend He […]

Let’s Get Back To You and Me – Alan Jackson

You’re always all alone And I’m not always there when I’m at home But I’m ready for a little change I’m ready to accept some blame So let’s back up to yesterday Let’s get back in love Back to dreamin’ of All those little things we used to do Let’s start holdin’ hands Let’s start […]

When Somebody Loves You – Alan Jackson

Seems so long When it’s just you, you can’t see through Those ol’ clouds that rain so blue But when somebody loves you There’s nothing you can’t do When somebody loves you It’s easy to get through When somebody loves you The way I love you When it’s late, the sun hangs low By yourself, […]

Burnin’ The Honky Tonks Down – Alan Jackson

Burnin’ the honky tonks down Smoke’s been rising all over town She’s burnin’ the honky tonks down She’s burnin’ the honky tonks down She caught me runnin’ around She was dancin’ in the ashes When they caught her with them matches She’s burnin’ the honky tonks down Well she’s burnin’ the honky tonks down I […]

The Firefly’s Song – Alan Jackson

With a young man’s heart And a young man’s roots But now I stand where a young man stood before I don’t run like I used to This old man don’t run no more You used to talk And I used to nod I don’t listen But I hear a lot Don’t believe for a […]

Must’ve Had A Ball – Alan Jackson

Well i must’ve had a ball last night I can’t recall what even started out fight I must’ve drank away my blues ’cause i don’t remember losing you Well i must’ve done the town up right ’cause this morning my hats just a little too tight There ain’t no way of knowing But all the […]

The Blues Man – Alan Jackson

A natural born guitar ringer Kind of a clinger to sad old songs He’s not a walk behinder He’s a new note finder His name’s a reminder of a blues man That’s already gone So he started drinking and took somethings That messed up his thinking He was sure sinking when she came along He […]

Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’ – Alan Jackson

Whenever a chance to meet some old friends on the street They wonder how does a man get to be this way I always got a smileing face any time and any place And everytime they ask me why I just smile and say You’ve got to kiss angel good mornin And let her know […]

Monday Morning Church – Alan Jackson

So I put it in the drawer ‘Cause I can’t seem to talk to God without yelling anymore And when I sit at your piano I can almost hear those hymns The keys are just collecting dust But I can’t close the lid You left my heart as empty as a Monday morning church It […]

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