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Ghastly Fancies – Alastis

While the fears turn into bravery Good like evil doesn’t mean anything The awake power has chosen its side To rise my aura to the other side To break the cloak of sympathy To penetrate the secret of the worlds To recover the sense of existence To know the spiritual peace To create light and […]

Existence – Alastis

I need to know how tomorrow will be Force the cage of time, the heaven’s gates I need to believe in my destiny I look at my life, deny the obvious I need to believe in my deceptive greatness Look at the world, I find my place I need to believe in my existence Tormented […]

Eternal Cycle – Alastis

Forgotten by human conscience Kingdom of unfailing sufferings Unaware by all beliefs Black sky…the eternal cycle Soulless bodies…the eternal cycle We’re blind by its greatness Its shadow hangs over our life Black sky hangs over our doubts Kingdom of blood and ice Black sky, world’s perdition Game of time, the eternal cycle Soulless bodies, domination […]

The Other Side – Alastis

They feel our suffering They wish our salvation .. . on the other side We persuade ourselves That it death comes to the end But we know that’s not true We can’t lie to our conscience From the most atheistic To the most fervent believers We fear the rebirth’s pain The eternal beginning again They […]

Antidote – Alastis

Seeing that anger governs your acts Seeing that you can’t accept the common rules Seeing that I’m your only chance to survive No need for a god or prayers No need for a head or rules No need for limits for your wishes No need for morals for the stories Seeing that no one shall […]

Just Hate – Alastis

through my dreams, shall grow my knowledge Just hate…on your face Just hate…in your eyes You’re alraid, you’re afraid of everything You try to hide, to hide it from me Already, I can feel your presence Already, I deled your coming damage Just hate…in your heart Just hate…in your moves You’re afraid, you’re afraid of […]

Burnt Alive – Alastis

Present in our past Close to the beginning Familiar to the end She was open to the love She was open to the truth That’s why she was tortured That’s why she was killed Burnt alive, for your silence Burnt alive, by your faith Burnt alive, she had found Burnt alive, she had said…truth Give […]

The Right To Die – Alastis

They’ve just succeed in doing fanatics They’ve tried to do soulless killers They’ve just succeed in reviving fire God isn’t better than the others Adjust yourself and think to survive World is cruel, I’m the world Watch out for me, I’m the Devil To eat before to be… World is cruel, I’m the world Watch […]

Fight And Win – Alastis

Don’t give away to such lowness! Your move sentences you To stay in fear and pain for eternity! Awake mind in dead body You’ve cheated your destiny Destiny is not to understand Painful will be your ignorance Beyond the existence’s Boundaries .. . pity hasn’t matter! Awake mind in a dead body You’ll have cheated […]

Illusion – Alastis

sharp and gleaming the blade seduces you your fingers are trembling, your heart races you feel well… A picture, a dream, you appear I disappear Sublime recollection of a past time where reality doesn’t count anymore alone with all world, left by your heart… Do you remember your distress? Do you recall your life? our […]

Evil – Alastis

Omitted fron the people`s memory Lost in the maze of the time He keeps the faith, He believes in us. Evil,”I will give your blood”… Take mine! Evil,”I will give your soul”… Just try to find mine! Evil,”…” don`t let the old fears take part from Him Evil,”…” don`t let the ignorance subjects us… Spirit […]

Damned Forever – Alastis

I’m the fruit of your hate the flaw of your soul I’m living thanks your stupidity You’ve created me, I’ll destroy you. Damned of live, banished of death I’m the nightmare, I’m the hate I’m violence, I’m baseness I’m the master, you’re slaves. One day you’ll listen to me too Then I’m the one who […]

Another God – Alastis

Everyone loves me Everyone dreads me Everyone respects me Soulless, maybe a wizard Free from… I’m just another god Everyone knows him Close at hand shades… a real presence So far at the stars, behind this closed door A sensation! The presence which gets away Soulless, maybe crazy Free from… I’m just another… god! I […]

Schizophrenia – Alastis

I think of death as if it`s near Plan my future as if it`s doesn`t exist I`d like to die without having lived Disappear without regret nor joy Death is perhaps a delivery Nobody`s never managed to prove it I`d like to have no future Kill without remorse even friends Be an animal without faith […]