Performer ALASTIS

The Just Law – Alastis

many of them perished in the flames by the holy road and church’ names But your name stays high in […]

By Thy Name – Alastis

I`d like to feed the hate in your look I`d like to guess the death in your thoughts, Don`t let […]

Slaves Of Rot – Alastis

Appears in your mind And you retrieve your instincts On your decision Open gates on a new truth You understand […]

Under The Sign – Alastis

Spurts his venom If by charity you think to help them You defy all the same His currency’s will .. […]

Let Me Die – Alastis

I`m there prisoner of war, prisoner of life, I`d like to tell you abour my secret and fears But none […]

The Sign – Alastis

Can you guess the coolness of stares Can you give blood for that Can you forget to keep control Now […]

Bring Down – Alastis

Everything falls down within you Everything’s so dark in your mind Hopelessness brings down all spark of your pride You […]

Fatidical Date – Alastis

From hate caused by his suffering From his horde of faithfuls in trance From his thirst of blood and death […]

Ghastly Fancies – Alastis

While the fears turn into bravery Good like evil doesn’t mean anything The awake power has chosen its side To […]

Existence – Alastis

I need to know how tomorrow will be Force the cage of time, the heaven’s gates I need to believe […]

Eternal Cycle – Alastis

Forgotten by human conscience Kingdom of unfailing sufferings Unaware by all beliefs Black sky…the eternal cycle Soulless bodies…the eternal cycle […]

The Other Side – Alastis

They feel our suffering They wish our salvation .. . on the other side We persuade ourselves That it death […]

Antidote – Alastis

Seeing that anger governs your acts Seeing that you can’t accept the common rules Seeing that I’m your only chance […]

Just Hate – Alastis

through my dreams, shall grow my knowledge Just hate…on your face Just hate…in your eyes You’re alraid, you’re afraid of […]

Burnt Alive – Alastis

Present in our past Close to the beginning Familiar to the end She was open to the love She was […]

The Right To Die – Alastis

They’ve just succeed in doing fanatics They’ve tried to do soulless killers They’ve just succeed in reviving fire God isn’t […]

Fight And Win – Alastis

Don’t give away to such lowness! Your move sentences you To stay in fear and pain for eternity! Awake mind […]

Illusion – Alastis

sharp and gleaming the blade seduces you your fingers are trembling, your heart races you feel well… A picture, a […]

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