Tongues And Knives – Alchemist

Facts distort and die Convinced you lies are truth Your flaccid mouth the proof Lick tongues and licking knives All your words are lies You preach vast imagination Fool yourself into hypnotisation And so you laugh, not to my face Expect me to trust, you’re a disgrace Sharp is your tongue, as sharp as steel […]

Spiritechnology – Alchemist

(Intro with dude talking) We offer you the key to your spirituality, the answer that links us to our eternity, the difference that lie between yourself and all you see. But this does not convince you, you lust technology. Unite the earth Our gods have failed us, All along it was a farce an all […]

Anticipation Of A High – Alchemist

Time – Expanding contorting all concepts aborted Wait – for your ticket to escape reality Lie – to yourself every time you say all is fine Your life is under scalpel Slicing carving through your thoughts Can you bear to live another day? Social vice, attractive gamble With your health and sanity You plan your […]

Nothing In No Time – Alchemist

To have ambition and to strive Pushing forward driving on Feeling like you’re going nowhere Feel the pressure self imposed Feel you’re neither here or there Tame your thoughts to simple goals Simplicity impossible Stay on the path no deviation Fight to reach the destination Plan, plot, work, strive, bleed, burst Hope your dreams will […]

Wrapped In Guilt – Alchemist

Guilty of lenient strides In the walk you have chosen to take Do you feel guilty now? Forceless and shame filled you judge They are wrong but you can’t hold a grudge Contradictions you swallow each day You know they’re guilty now Is it true that you can’t sleep at night? They are free now […]