The Sentinel – Alice Cooper

I’m not a Muslim man I’m not a Christian or a Jew I’m not a Mormon freak I’m not a Catholic geek And I’m nothing at all like you My mind, my heart, my soul is calm While I sit here sauteriing my c-2 bomb Got some wires crossed In my twisted head Connect the […]

Simple Disobedience – Alice Cooper

And all your officers are shook up babbling little clowns Looks like all your power’s gone, it’s sprayed upon the wall In blood and spit, it spells out your inevitable fall And all the hungry outlaws have taken up a stance Simple disobedience Yeah, all the hungry outlaws have taken up a stance Simple disobedience […]

Somewhere In The Jungle – Alice Cooper

A million bodies piled to the sky Arms and legs, feet and hands Impossible to understand Countless heads, ears and eyes Never hear, never cry Tribal chants, tribal war Tribal death, tribal gore And the scaveggers are feeding Cuz the killing fields are bleeding Not a single soul is breathing Cuz the Serengetti’s bleedin’ And […]

Steal That Car – Alice Cooper

It just ain’t fair I was put in that position Somebody left their keys in the ignition I saw the unlocked door and made my decision I just can’t help myself Everybody knows I’m gonna steal that car My reputation shows I’m gonna steal that car I did some time in ’99 I’ll do some […]

It’s Hot Tonight – Alice Cooper

Too hot for talkin’ It’s hot tonight I sweat tonight I sweat no sleeping It’s too hot tonight Dogs are barkin’ Cats are screamin’ Streets are steamin’ Gods own heats the devil’ demon My turn tonight To burn with fever I burn tonight I smoke tonight I’m all on fire It’s damn hot tonight Summer […]

This House Is Haunted – Alice Cooper

Someone in my life I fear was at the point of dying A cold wind blew right up my spine, it was the break of dawn A little voice way deep inside told me she was gone Oh… This house is haunted Oh… That`s how I want it to be Oh… This house is haunted […]

Who Do You Think We Are – Alice Cooper

I’m machinery With a semi-automatic heart I’m unclassified I terminate, I tear apart I’m always there when you think I’m not I’m razor sharp and I’m white and hot My finger squeezes out the final shot Say “Goodbye” No integrity No conscience, I’m just sold and bought I’m insanity I’m a camouflag-ed work of art […]

Take It Like A Woman – Alice Cooper

I bet ya never thought That it would never turn out like this Mama’s little girl Daddy’s little princess But somewhere in your fairy tale Everything went wrong Now the sun don’t shine The words don’t ryhme You’re out of time You’ve been beaten down Kicked around on the ground But you took it like […]

Sister Sara – Alice Cooper

There’s a nun having fun and she lost her soul She’s got cash, she got laid Now she’s dealin’ with me and she’s gonna get paid She got caught with the bishop She got caught with the abbot Even cardinal sin tried to feed her habit Now we get whores and pimps and skanks But […]

Be My Lover – Alice Cooper

Well I don’t know her But with a magnifying glance I just sort of looked her over, hmm We have a drink or two Well, maybe three And then suddenly she starts telling me Her life story She says Baby, if you wanna be my lover You better take me home ‘Cause it’s a long […]

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