Six Hours – Alice Cooper

There’s only six hours Left in the day Time is so precious And it’s slipping away Got no destination Got […]

Reflected – Alice Cooper

You will be reflected You looK outstanding with your eyes in disguise Just beyond your glasses Holy, how he would […]

Dyslexia – Alice Cooper

Sometimes I see things backwards When I go walking in town, can’t get back home Someimes I see things right […]

Snakebite – Alice Cooper

Somebody better shake you Somebody better turn your head around I’m scratching like a wild cat I’m spitting fire on […]

Fire – Alice Cooper

One, two, three Alright Now dig this trash, baby You don’t care about me I don’t care about that I […]

Freedom – Alice Cooper

In order to form a more perfect union Stop pretending that you’ve never been bad You’re never wrong and you’ve […]

Dragontown – Alice Cooper

Lying bleeding on a grimy street See the broken glass sparkling darkly As it cuts your feet Smell the rottingy […]

My Stars – Alice Cooper

So far No one’s callin me home Space brain Vagabond Living on my own Come all ye faithful You know […]

Gimme – Alice Cooper

Your heart is so full of pain Is there something I can provide When you feel like life’s passed you […]

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