You Want It, You Got It – Alice Cooper

You want lots of love – ah Want a Ferrari – zoom Oh, don’t you get enough – ah, too bad Hmm, I can get it You want it, you got it You want it, you got it Mmm… OK… Alright – anything can be arranged You want it, you got it You want it, […]

Sideshow – Alice Cooper

It’s just like yesterday, oh yeah Only different shades of grey I’m bored right out of my skull I’d have to get high just to be dull I’m institutional My TV screen spins around and around And around and around I need a sideshow Some kinda creepshow They ran the circus out of town But […]

Halo Of Flies – Alice Cooper

To all of your questions If you’ve got the money To pay me in gold I will be living In old Monte Carlo And you will be reading The secrets I sold Daggers and contacts And bright shiny limos I’ve got a watch That turns into a lifeboat Glimmering nightgowns And poisonous cobras Silencer under […]

Give It Up – Alice Cooper

You got your spice You got a kitten Now isn’t that nice You just can’t wait for a picnic in Spring I just get nauseous When I think of those things You wait and wait and you wait for a lifetime For a little piece of cake in the night time yeah You wait and […]

Department Of Youth – Alice Cooper

You read about us all in the papers We walk around and bump into walls – a blind delegation And we ain’t afraid of high power We’re bullet proof And we’ve never heard of Eisenhower Missile power, justice or truth We’re the Department of Youth Your new Department of Youth We’re the Department of Youth […]

You’re A Movie – Alice Cooper

With a shine on my boots and my teeth Never flinch, never blink, never rattle My blood is like ice underneath Oh, I’m the reincarnation of Patton And I’ve got Hannibal’s heart in my chest God told me I would have rivalled Alexander the Great at his best (You’re a movie) Quite (You’re a movie) […]

Love Should Never Feel Like This – Alice Cooper

And when I found it all the bells would just ring The sun would shine and all the birds would sing Then I met you I searched the planet for that magical girl I walked a million miles all over the world I found the oysters, but never the pearls. Then I met you… I […]

Never Been Sold Before – Alice Cooper

Can you work tonight I’ve been up, babe Since broad daylight I just can’t believe That you’re sellin’ me You never sold me before I just can’t recall You’re like a whore Oh yeah, I’m bad tonight You really like my style If you want me Can’t even buy my smile Now I find come […]

Hurricane Years – Alice Cooper

I got a ticket to to nowhere I got no respect for the law I got no use ’cause it’s all abuse It’s the cutting edge of the saw Ain’t got no tiime for the future Ain’t got no time for the past I’m running up a down escalator I’m going nowhere fast I’m hanging […]

Cold Ethyl – Alice Cooper

We met last night making love by the refrigerator light Ethyl Ethyl let me squeeze you in my arms Ethyl Ethyl come and freeze me with your charms One thing No lie Ethyl’s frigid as an eskimo pie She’s cool in bed As she oughta be ‘cuz Ethyl’s dead Ethyl Ethyl let me squeeze you […]

Billion Dollar Babies – Alice Cooper

Rubber little lady, slicker than a weasel Grimy as an alley Loves me like no other lover Billion dollar baby Rubber little monster, baby, I adore you Man or woman living couldn’t love me like you, baby We go dancing nighty in the attic While the moon is rising in the sky If I’m too […]

Today Mueller – Alice Cooper

Let it happen Happy slappin’, tappin’ paddy-oh She’d like to give her life away Like to stay another day Try it out another way Arh, today, today, today, today mueller Give your notice of your leaving Arh, today, today, today, today mueller Don’t tell them you can’t go with me This will always be Red […]

Tag, You’re It – Alice Cooper

That he’s the groom And he’s been waiting To consummate all night And you’re the bride You’re locked tight Inside the bathroom And you’re overcome with freight Now here’s the chiller He’s the killer You’ve discovered You’re trapped, alone, you’re scared We cut to you, we move in close You’re catatonic You get a close […]

Hell Is Living Without You – Alice Cooper

You’re hidden in the colors of a million other lost charades In life’s big parade I’m the loneliest spectator Cuz you’re gone without a trace in a sea of faceless imitators I can’t take another night Burning inside this Hell is living without your love Ain’t nothing without your Touch me Heaven would be like […]

Pick Up The Bones – Alice Cooper

Collecting pieces of my family In an old pillow case This one has a skull But it don’t have a face These look like the arms of father so strong And the ring on this finger Means my Grandma is gone Here’s some legs in a cloud Where my sister once played Here’s some mud […]

Dirty Diamonds – Alice Cooper

It looked so good, your perfect plan You had to get greedy to be the man Now you’re holding the bag, paying the price Gonna get burned by the heat of the ice Dirty diamonds You rolled the dice, you bet your life You put your trust in your trophy wife Got stabbed in the […]

Your Own Worst Enemy – Alice Cooper

You’re your own worst enemy You’re a walking catastrophe You get up every morning on the wrong side of the bed You butter your hand instead of the bread Drink enough coffee to wake the dead. You’re doing 85 and the light is turning red The judge took your license and forbid you to drive […]

I’m Your Gun – Alice Cooper

I’m heart attack And my draw is lightning quick If you’re looking for a man with a magic hands I can really do the trick And if you see me on the street And you’re burnin’from the heat There’s a fire down below You be the target on the bed I’ll be shooting hot lead […]

Welcome To My Nightmare – Alice Cooper

I think you’re gonna like it I think you’re gonna feel like you belong A nocturnal vacation Unnecessary sedation You want to feel at home ’cause you belong Welcome to my nightmare Welcome to my breakdown I hope I didn’t scare you That’s just the way we are when we come down We sweat and […]

Eat Some More – Alice Cooper

Sixty million tons of meat Spoiling in the stinking heat Train full loads of moldy bread Millions will still go unfed Acres full of dying wheat Burning brightly at our feet A billion tons of roasted fish Some with nothing on their dish We can’t see we’re going blind We’re just dying on the vine […]

Nothing’s Free – Alice Cooper

Understand Shake my hand Last chance, little man Ain’t it grand It’s a bargain, it’s a steal 30 pieces of silver And a deal’s a deal Sign upon the dotted line I’ll be yours and you’ll be mine Nothing’s free Eventually Nothing’s free From the rules and laws of morality Free to take your fill […]

Triggerman – Alice Cooper

No fingerprints or DNA I ain’t got no eyes I don’t got a tongue But I know what’s going on I’m deaf and dumb I’m pure non-entity Don’t even look for me I watch you when you sleep I am the triggerman I am the underhand I’ll keep you on your knees I am the […]

Gutter Cat vs. The Jets – Alice Cooper

Pussyfootin around Til the break of dawn Found me knocked out flat on my head Some feline beauty Waved her tail my way I just had to stay I couldn’t get the blood off my hands She made my eyes bug out Her tail stand up And I ain’t even in heat for a month […]

Changing, Arranging – Alice Cooper

Things I never thought I’d move before I’m changing, arranging To your personality I asked for it before I need a soul who’ll never say what I feel Just fearing that I will accept the ideal I look up high and I swear all I see It’s a carbon copy image of me I’m dying […]

Inmates (We’re All Crazy) – Alice Cooper

It’s not like we did something wrong We just burned down the church While the choir within sang religious songs And it’s not like we thought we was right We just played with the wheels of a passenger train That cracked on the tracks one night It’s not like we ain’t on the ball We […]

Raped And Freezing – Alice Cooper

She was a real go-getter She drawled so sweetly, “I think, child, that things’ll get better” “Yes, I read the Bible”, she said, “I wannaknow of you” We pulled off the highway, night black as a window Hey, I think I’ve got a live one Hey, I think I’ve got a live one, Yeah, Yeah […]

Brutal Planet – Alice Cooper

We’re spinning round on this ball of hate There’s no parole, there’s no great escape We’re sentenced here until the end of days And then my brother there’s a price to pay We’re only human, we were born to die Without the benefit of reason why We live for pleasure – to be satisfied And […]

Model Citizen – Alice Cooper

Be a Jew Be a boxing Kangaroo Beat yourself All black and blue I don’t care Be a bleeder Be a Cancer A hemophiliac Romancer Be a crippled disco Dancer Oooh… What a pair He’s a model citizen I think I’ve got them fooled them again He’s an ultra-sweety guy And a master of disguise […]

The Quiet Room – Alice Cooper

The California air Your nightgown on the stairs I remember every night Scenes from home in the Quiet Room How long have I been gone Did winter kill the lawn And all those polaroids you sent Are on the wall in the Quiet Room They’ve got this place Where they’ve been keeping me Where I […]

I’m Alive – Alice Cooper

And the sun was in my eyes So I couldn’t see the truck That was sixty times my size And just seconds off from splattering me Let me tell you I was so scared I couldn’t move Like my boots were full of glue Then I felt a little tug And I thought of good […]

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