Frogs – Alice In Chains

A word so wrongfully abused Are you like me, confused All included but you Alone… The sounds of silence often […]

So Close – Alice In Chains

It’s the same ol’ sit down roll around chewed up pen Nothin’ thrilling me too much, yeah Nothin’ thrilling me […]

God Am – Alice In Chains

I’m not fine, fuck pretending All of this death you’re sending Best throw some free heart mending Invite you in […]

Died – Alice In Chains

Ask around to find out where the junkies applied You just up and left me on this rock all alone […]

Rooster – Alice In Chains

Eyes burn with stinging sweat Seems every path leads me to nowhere Wife and kids household pet Army green was […]

Grind – Alice In Chains

You’d be well advised Not to plan my funeral before the body dies Come the morning light It’s a see-through […]

Sickman – Alice In Chains

Thousand eyes, a fly Lucky then I’d be In one day deceased Sickman, sickman, sickman, sickman I can feel the […]

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