Change Your Mind – All-American Rejects

when danger is better. Far away where you stock them In cages that tether And all the bridges you’ve burned, leave you trapped off at all sides. And now the tables do turn, and it’s all gone, what’s left for you. And when the sky is falling, don’t look outside the window. Step back and […]

Top Of The World – All-American Rejects

Is there anybody out there? That wakes up with a bitter taste? It’s a king that we put up there And he’s a short way to fall from grace It’s slowly filling upward. You can stand but you have no ground. I hear it from the lost words. They say it’s time that you lost […]

Believe – All-American Rejects

I don’t ever want to believe yeah That when we die We all leave Your innocence is not forgotten I hope you know that where you are I wish you well I hope you sleep in a perfect memory You know it’s hard I tried I could never say goodbye I don’t ever wanna believe […]

Straitjacket Feeling – All-American Rejects

Hold your breath now it’s stacking up Etched with marks, but I can deal And you’re the problem and you can’t feel Try this on, straitjacket feeling so maybe I won’t be alone Take back now, my life you’re stealing Yesterday was hell But today I’m fine without you Run away this time without you […]

The Wind Blows – All-American Rejects

You can’t take that from me Cause it’s all that you left that’s mine You had to leave And that’s all I can see But you told me your love was blind There are times You’re so impossible that I should sign a waiver And you will find Someone worth walking on when you ask […]

Another Heart Calls – All-American Rejects

Do you remember when we didn’t care We were just two kids that took the moment when it was there Do you remember you at all Another heart calls Yeah I remember when we stole the night We’d lie awake but dreaming till the sun would wash the sky Just as soon as I see […]