Mona Lisa (When The World Comes Down) – All-American Rejects

And there’s another chance Try to learn a lesson But you can’t. If we can burn a city In futures and in past, Without a change our lives will never last. Cause we’re going fast. You can sit beside me when the world comes down, If it doesn’t matter then just turn around. We don’t […]

Fembot – All-American Rejects

Bragged to my friends for a little while. And I wished for another date, to sit with you dazin’. I was in this state of tossing and turning not knowing what to do. Just sitting and waiting for a call from you. I know that it’s real and it’s no surprise. To see that its […]

Girl Of My Dreams – All-American Rejects

Yeah, you I choose I look to the stars For a girl like you And what I lost I have found And, yeah, we’ll wait around For the girl that is you Yeah Maybe a chance I could have with her We shared a glance At least I thought we were And what I have […]

It Ends Tonight – All-American Rejects

They strangle me I can’t explain myself at all. And all that wants And all that needs All I don’t want to need at all. The walls start breathing My minds unweaving Maybe it’s best you leave me alone. A weight is lifted On this evening I give the final blow. When darkness turns to […]

One More Sad Song – All-American Rejects

Time goes by, secrets rise One more, sad song, tears shed, she’s gone She’d take it back, if she only could And all the perfect words they seem so wrong, She’s gone You wish that you could learn to see, The door is closed and you wish you could be Alone with you, alone with […]

Can’t Take It – All-American Rejects

I know this will be temporary You ask to leave, but I can tell you that I’ve had enough I can’t take it This welcome is gone and I’ve waited long enough to make it and if you’re so strong you might as well just do it alone And I’ll watch you go Step up […]

On The Floor (Demo) – All-American Rejects

And in each line I’ll write your love away And you know Say it’s better But sometimes what is honest I can’t say And it’s true I think it’s better than before When I gave you love, you wanted more There’s the door This is useless How can I explain what needs no words But […]

My Paper Heart – All-American Rejects

My paper heart will bleed This wait for destiny won’t do, be with me please i beseech you Simple things, that make you run away, catch you if i can Tears fall down your face, the taste is something new Something that i know, moving on is, easiest when i am around you So bottle […]

Your Star – All-American Rejects

I worry all the time, why worry anymore Now I go, away Now I know, today I picked out your star Turned night to day A simple whisper from your voice And I fade away You wish for love You pushed me away Your love for me was everything I need The air I breath […]

I Wanna – All-American Rejects

I can finally see the truth It’s me for you Tonight you can’t imagine that I’m by your side Cuz it’s never gonna be the truth Too far for you But can you hear me say? Don’t throw me away And there’s no way out I gotta hold you somehow I wanna I wanna I […]

Too Far Gone – All-American Rejects

Things you’re feeling, aren’t normal now. Think you need me It’s not easy, let you go some how. Now we’re too far gone, Hope is such a waste Every breath you take you give me the burdens bitter taste You promise that you’d stay You say you want to go Your lips provide a shelter […]

Move Along – All-American Rejects

When you fall everyone stands Another day and you’ve had your fill of sinking With the life held in your Hands are shaking cold These hands are meant to hold Speak to me, when all you got to keep is strong Move along, move along like I know you do And even when your hope […]

Why Worry – All-American Rejects

It’s killing me, forget about it I whisper, remember what she did Don’t miss her Set me free, she won’t allow it Angry and gone, and the list goes on and on Now I’m letting up, I should be the one who’s letting go She’s lonely, she’s scared, I’m relationship impaired If it’s love, I […]

Swing Swing – All-American Rejects

I’m dreaming of her She’s seeing other guys Emotions they stir The sun is gone. The nights are long And I am left while the tears fall. Did you think that I would cry, on the phone? Do you know what it feels like, being alone? I’ll find someone new [Chorus] (Swing) Swing, Swing from […]

Stab My Back – All-American Rejects

She just wants me to share her It hasn’t been this way before She just wants me to dare her The phone rings And she screams Stab my back It’s better when I bleed for you Walk on me It never was enough to do Can’t get past her Falling faster True. It hasn’t done […]

Change Your Mind – All-American Rejects

when danger is better. Far away where you stock them In cages that tether And all the bridges you’ve burned, leave you trapped off at all sides. And now the tables do turn, and it’s all gone, what’s left for you. And when the sky is falling, don’t look outside the window. Step back and […]

Top Of The World – All-American Rejects

Is there anybody out there? That wakes up with a bitter taste? It’s a king that we put up there And he’s a short way to fall from grace It’s slowly filling upward. You can stand but you have no ground. I hear it from the lost words. They say it’s time that you lost […]

Believe – All-American Rejects

I don’t ever want to believe yeah That when we die We all leave Your innocence is not forgotten I hope you know that where you are I wish you well I hope you sleep in a perfect memory You know it’s hard I tried I could never say goodbye I don’t ever wanna believe […]

Straitjacket Feeling – All-American Rejects

Hold your breath now it’s stacking up Etched with marks, but I can deal And you’re the problem and you can’t feel Try this on, straitjacket feeling so maybe I won’t be alone Take back now, my life you’re stealing Yesterday was hell But today I’m fine without you Run away this time without you […]

The Wind Blows – All-American Rejects

You can’t take that from me Cause it’s all that you left that’s mine You had to leave And that’s all I can see But you told me your love was blind There are times You’re so impossible that I should sign a waiver And you will find Someone worth walking on when you ask […]

Another Heart Calls – All-American Rejects

Do you remember when we didn’t care We were just two kids that took the moment when it was there Do you remember you at all Another heart calls Yeah I remember when we stole the night We’d lie awake but dreaming till the sun would wash the sky Just as soon as I see […]