All Life Ends – At The Gates

my visions dim
all that remains
are memories
I remember a time of chaos
time of war
as men began to feed on man
only the scavengers survived
gone now, swept away
for reasons long forgotten
touched of a blase
which engulfed them all
a firestorm of fear
the answer is written in their bones
all life ends
i remember an old man
griping my wrist, he was dying
“imagine”, he said
“looking into the eyes of a nova,
the bursting flames, the roar of it’s energy
frintly echoing down the corridors of time,
whispering: all life ends
“death, he said “is like a bolt of lightning,
Light cast upon every secret,
just for a moment, till the last spark of life fades
and all is dark…”
then he breathed out his last breath into my ear
his gaze already way out among the stars…
among the ruins of the past
i shelter from the storm
my mind is numb from the lonliness
and the rain that never stops
this wasteland, once a beautiful place
where trees and flowers grew
where deer, and squirells had their home
now rotting are their bones
Where raging waters grind the earth
i go to end my days
the sea that witnessed mankinds birth
shall watch us die again
black and deep,
empty of life

Lyric All Life Ends – At The Gates