Into The Light – All Living Fear

You open up your eyes Self doubts and ambiguities Reveal unspoken lies Yeah Seeping through the nightmare Loosening the bonds Faces raised in fear and wonder Destiny responds (Chorus) Step out of the darkness Into the light Turning from the madness Into the light You only hurt the ones You love or so they say […]

Tug Of Love – All Living Fear

Don’t mistake the way I feel or you will soon discover That I’m empty, there’s no love in my heart for you. If you trust me, then you should trust another. Consider me a stepping stone and find a different lover. Just deception, I put on a mask for you. The Puppet Master doesn’t pull […]

Natures Land – All Living Fear

with thoughts of bitter days. when everybody used me, in oh so many ways. I think I’m alone now, in a world that doesn’t care. for me there is no reason, with them my life to share. a busy world keeps turning, another year goes by. I feel I’m growing weaker, though not enough to […]

Fortunes Light – All Living Fear

A passport to the horror show A visit from the future past Written word sorrow An end to end beginning Autumn 1962 More intimate than shadow I didn’t have a clue Confusion in a crystal The chair across the room I’d walk the path to fortunes light For freedom from my tomb To rise and […]

Stranger To None – All Living Fear

you dream of me and what might yet be. where nameless things crawl with echoing screams, from them, to me you flee my child. a sinner I shall always be, for death and corruption appeal to me. vengeance ready and mercy gone, so join me now let the dance go on. welcome nice to see […]

Queen Of Delusion – All Living Fear

Believed the confidence she gave as she sang her siren song Her line was overpowering so logical and true When she went I fell from so high it left me feeling blue I followed my nose and it led me astray The favours I granted nearly broke me that day The friends that I made […]

More Than A Woman – All Living Fear

feelings I can do without. no one to hear me shout. looking past my own reflection, pure avarice and greed, my own obsession. when I wished apon a star, she came to me, came from afar. she took my hand, dried my tears, eased my pain shook my fears. made up for all the years […]

Blue Sky – All Living Fear

you know i’d never leave you there on your own. you mean more to me now, as a friend. times were hard, things just seemed to get on top of me. I couldn’t even see my own point of view. did I ask for too much, far too soon. you were the one who gave […]

Game Show Host – All Living Fear

So come on down and pay the price Your hearts desire for a moments thought My winning grin is already bought You can trust in me (Chorus) He’s a living icon The permanent smile upon his face And the ever present tan Feeds the golden times Stamped on to the minds of a million different […]

Evidence – All Living Fear

a new day approaches. they’re ot there, on the streets. plying their evil trade. the money that they’re making, will destroy peoples lives. for this the day of corruption, power and lies. so die if you want to, but I won’t be with you. it’s your decision, you can take what you want. but when […]

Flaming Heart – All Living Fear

I’ve got the feeling I’ve no place to go Holy houses bring me from my bourbon sunshine Beat my brow and interrupt my flow (Chorus) That flaming heart called love Brings me to my knees and I pray That flaming heart called love Leads me to another day The sidewalk slips along beneath my feet […]

The Widows Blame – All Living Fear

enchanted voice holds no surprise. drawn up on the rocks and grounded, flotsam on a ebbing tide. tales are told by sailors smiten, a child like-innocence fills their ears. too late to turn, the tide it draws them. they know the truth they learn by fear. charm me, delight me. siren of the deep you […]