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Break Out! Break Out! – All Time Low

This four leaf clover’s all but useless now. I’ve got four wheels that say I’m not alone tonight, I’m always looking for a joy ride through the, brightest part of this town. Break out, break out, as we escape through the windows, head for the car, and never look back, singing-singing, “Break out, break out, […]

The Girl’s A Straight Up Hustler – All Time Low

coloring my senses cherry red; at least for this week… Kisses under starry night skies, talked about in song, we play along, so bitter sweet by our design. I’m sick and tired of writing songs about you, This is it, this is the end… Take off your makeup and put down the camera, choke on […]

Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night) – All Time Low

start splitting hairs i’m drinking too much i’m on my way to striking out go to sleep with the pressure of everyone watching and waiting are yours for the taking but i still have my doubts i said before you ask which way to go remember where you’ve been stay awake get a grip and […]

Hit The Lights – All Time Low

I’m waiting for you to tell me that time keeps on passing I’m hoping, I’m asking to stand by your side at least for tonight let’s follow through with this reckless dream that’s tearing me up inside and all the time we’ve been so innocent So don’t you go I’ve got you where I want […]

Poppin’ Champagne – All Time Low

I’m at it again Caught up in the moment But not in the right way I’m falling in between Tearing up at the seams We’re just aiming to please And aesthetics don’t hurt one bit So follow me down Take this all the way Any way you want to Why don’t you say so? I […]

Shameless – All Time Low

Like clockwork, she’s in control Of all the right guys And I’m still waiting Fitting nights with a car alarm Wears high-tops with her favorite stone She’s showing off the way she walks It’s on Take me, show me (Whoa oh, whoa oh) The corners of your empty room The trouble we could get in […]

Let It Roll – All Time Low

I’m wide awake and thinking With my pillow on the floor That maybe I’m just wasting my time dreaming In a harsh reality I don’t wanna wake up just to find out I’ve been deceived… Let it roll Our time is fleeting so we take control From California to my home sweet home Our days […]

Lullabies – All Time Low

“Don’t let yourself get in over your head,” he said. Alone and far from home we’ll find you… Dead – Like a candle you burned out; spill the wax over the spaces left in place of angry words. Scream – To be heard, like you needed any more attention; throw the bottle, break the door, […]